Moog Sub 37 Synth Pack


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Say hello to the Moog Sub 37, a modern synth classic.

This sample pack contains an extensive library of raw Moog Sub 37 samples.

Containing each and every note from C1 to C8, with 3 wave shapes.

You own the raw waveforms of the synth, the only thing that’s missing is the knobs and keys.

These samples have been packaged into Ableton Live 11 Devices, to work instantly as a versatile synthesizer patch.

It includes macros for switching between different oscillators.

You can recreate almost any sounds that a real Moog Sub37 can but at less than 1% of the price!

This pack is ideal for synth enthusiasts, sound designers, and electronic musicians.

Contains: over 150 Files – 24bit, 48kHz.

– Triangle Oscillator (C1-C8)

– Saw Oscillator (C1-C8)

– Square Oscillator (C1-C8)

Ableton Project Included.

+ 5x Ableton Devices

+ Ableton Moog Sub37 Rack

+ Instrument Device Racks for flexible and powerful sound design.

The .alp (Ableton live pack) contains each oscillator as its own sample device

(a sample recorded per note, tuned and looped to sustain as smooth as possible.)