Petrof Upright Piano


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The sound of a beautiful Mediterranean Upright Piano is now at your fingertips thanks to Audio Assembles crafty sample pack.

This library contains each note (A0-G8) of a gorgeous, characterful Petrof piano – made in Barcelona, 1958.

These samples have been used to make creative Ableton live devices for instant piano glory.

This piano has a fantastic upright sound, with rich low end, and a resonant, articulate mid-range.

The samples are recorded with the longest possible tails, to create the most realistic sound possible.

It has a distinct “Mediterranean” sound, as its construction is engineered to withstand hotter climates.

Samples are provided in both Stereo and Mono, for a realistic, full-range sound. The mono samples have more of a retro sound.

Check out the audio demo below!

Contains: 106 files – 24bit, 48kHz.