Pro Percussion [Bundle]


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This wallet-saving bundle includes all the individual instruments from our upcoming professional percussion range.

These samples come with 2 mic choices, either a tasty Neuman U87 or a luxurious Coles 4038. Each mic has a slightly different sound, so this is super helpful for mixing and experimentation.If you know anything about Microphones, I won’t have to explain why this choice is a good thing!Each instrument has been sampled multiple times at different velocities, allowing you to replay the instrument however you want. These sounds are great for making percussion loops.This pack includes a box full of percussive instruments, from shakers and tambourines to prayer bells, and of course, the faithful triangle…

These high-quality samples are designed to be layered in with your tracks. They give you clean percussion one-shots to create your own loops and instruments. They’re excellent for sounds design and production thanks to the clean, versatile sound.Over 800 .wav files!

Included Percussion Packs:


Cabassa         x 48

Castanets         x 138

Cowbell         High x 18,  Low x 40

Egg Shaker 1        x 30

Jingle Bell        x 44

Maracas (Leather)    x 63

Prayer Bell        x 20

Shaker (Plastic, Small)    x 62

Shaker (Wood, Small)        x 42

Tambourine (Plastic)        x 87

Tambourine (Wood)        x 76

Triangle (Small)        x 26

Wood Frog            x 68

Wooden Scraper        x 86

Woodblock / Clave        x 14