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Roku TV Sound Bar Review: Built-in Streaming at It’s Finest

Almost everyone in today’s day and age uses at least one form of streaming for TV, movies, sports, whatever. However, to get every single piece you need to have great sound, great picture, great streaming devices, can run you into the thousands between every device you need. Now some people thought ahead and have a smart TV and just need to connect a speaker. There are a lot of TVs, however, that are not smart TVs and still need a separate device for streaming or cable, let alone sound. That’s where Roku comes in.

Roku has made a name for itself as an amazing streaming provider and connection. They have made their way into having their own line of TVs and even some fantastic speakers which you can learn more about here. Now those speakers were great in their own right. However, they only worked with a Roku tv. You could not connect them with other TVs. That is, until recently.

Roku just came out with the Roku Smart Soundbar.

Roku Smart Soundbar









Sound Modes

2.8” X 32.2” X 3.9”
5.5 lb.
  • Normal
  • Reduce Bass
  • Bass Boost
  • Bass off


Now this is not like the wireless speakers. You can use this with any device that simply has an HDMI input or optical output. I know what you’re thinking, “HDMI input is not how you send out sound to a speaker.” That is because it is not simply for audio output. With the Roku Wireless Speaker, you can actually stream onto any TV without needing a smart TV or seperate streaming device.

Inputs and Buttons on the back of the soundbar

I love this because I could get great sound as well wonderful streaming quality. Because, this sound bar can stream in 4K (or whatever the best picture quality you have is). It comes with its own remote with voice control options on it to help streamline anything you would like to do. It can stream with all of the top platforms and even does music as well. You can even connect via bluetooth.

The largest complaint I have about this is that soundbars in general do not have great low end response. However, Roku fixed that before I could even get upset. When they released the soundbar, they also put out a wireless subwoofer that has as easy a setup as the soundbar. Now this is not only compatible with the soundbar, it also works with the Wireless Speakers that we mentioned earlier.

Roku Wireless Subwoofer

Roku Wireless Subwoofer





Frequency Response





40-200 Hz
11.8” X 11.8” X 11.8”
17.15 lb.

So the great thing about this is that you can place the sub anywhere in the room so you can place it in the most optimal position in the room for the best sound quality and room response. It connects with bluetooth to the source and will have to be plugged in for power and can not be left unplugged. It connects to the soundbar by itself or a Roku TV and wireless speakers but will not connect to the TV alone. This somewhat limits the compatibility but at the same time, if you are buying a Roku subwoofer, you would want it to be connected with other Roku devices.


Honestly, I have no major drawbacks in mind for either of the devices other than the fact that you cannot use the subwoofer with just the TV. The price is fair enough, I think that a combination purchase of the two could come with some sort of combo discount but even so the price is fair for the high level of quality that it is.

What will Roku come up with next?

I love the new ideas that Roku is coming out with. I think they have expanded their audience immensely with the release of this soundbar and subwoofer in combination and have stepped up the game of home audio and streaming.

With all of these new innovations, One can only imagine what Rokue will come up with next!

If you preorder now, everything is expected to ship out by 10/13/2019. I hope you all found this informative and take advantage of this wonderful product.