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Soundtrap Alternatives

Learning a new skill is always a great way to improve yourself. Audio and audio editing is a lot more useful as a skill than many would think. With a program like Soundtrap, you can learn how to edit audio and work with it on the go. You don’t need an iLok or license, just an internet connection. This DAW is all about simplifying audio for the user. Below are some amazing Soundtrap Alternatives that can help you not only learn new skills but become proficient in however you want to use a DAW. 


Soundtrap Quick Review


Soundtrap is built with new users in mind. With all of the tutorials and walkthroughs available, you can learn the ins and outs of audio when it comes to the basics of how it all works. Not only do you get to use it to produce podcasts and music, but you can also release any of your songs or episodes directly to Spotify.

Why Users Like Soundtrap :

  • Subscription – Soundtrap is a subscription based DAW that gives you access to everything you need in a DAW. 
  • Loops – Depending on which subscription you have, you are able to access over 8000 loops to use in your music and recordings. If you are on one of the music plans, you will also have over 720 digital instruments to choose from as well.
  • Collaboration – With Soundtrap only accessible through a web browser, you can collaborate with other music makers around the world! Work together with your favorite musicians to all record your parts and then mix them in the same session. 
  • Devices – You can use this product on pretty much any device. Beatmaking on the go is super simple with the application available on both Apple and Android.
  • Effects – Soundtrap comes with 25 effects for you to use on your tracks. You even have an Auto-Tune effect for your vocals that is powered by Antares! They sound great and allow for even more unique creativity.


  • Works on any Computer with an updated web browser
  • Available as an App on Apple and Google Play Stores


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Best Soundtrap Alternatives

1. Acid Pro

From the creators at Magix comes Acid Pro. Another DAW perfect for beat makers and beginners in the digital audio world. This DAW is geared towards work with loops and sampling. Acid Pro has the option to break apart entire songs into each individual instrument and vocal track for you to sample. 

Features Like Soundtrap:

  • Subscription – With Acid Pro 365 you can get the full version of this DAW for a monthly subscription fee instead of the full up front fee. 
  • Loop Based – Like mentioned above, Acid is based around working with loops and virtual instruments. It has creative ways to play samples like a MIDI instrument in the DAW. 
  • Plugins – When you get Acid Pro you get access to their amazing suite of plugins. You also get a copy of Melodyne Essential for your pitch correction needs!


  • Windows


2. Pro Tools

Pro Tools is always one of the best options for producers and engineers alike. It may not be very intuitive for beginners, but it comes with almost every tool you need for producing a song right off the bat. From the plugins, to professional sound and editing, you can be sure that you are working with the best. 

Click here for a more in depth look at Pro Tools

Features Like Soundtrap:

  • Subscription – Instead of paying the large cost of Pro Tools for a perpetual license that only allows for updates for so long, you can use a monthly or yearly subscription method to afford the DAW. 
  • Plugins – Stock Pro Tools Plugins are some of the best plugins out there. There are countless videos that show how to create a successful mix with just stock plugins in Pro Tools. Not to mention the amazing virtual instruments that come with it. 
  • Collaboration – Avid has worked to improve the collaborative abilities of Pro Tools for the past few updates. With their cloud, you can work with other engineers and evenwork with users in Ableton Live.


  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Application Available on Apple and Google Play Stores




3. Cakewalk

Cakewalk is a completely free to use DAW available for download online. It is only available for Windows, but I have no other complaints about it. It is an award-winning program for its interface, and beyond coming with its own amazing plugins, it is one of the only free DAWs that is compatible with third-party plugins. 

Features Like Soundtrap:

  • Plugins – The incredible library of plugins is pretty much all you could need to produce a song of any genre. 
  • Post Production – While Cakewalk does not offer a major platform to upload to, their site offers a free online mastering service to help you make your tracks ready for release. 
  • Collaboration – Work in real time with other creators on projects, all while storing a history of changes and revisions that you can always restore to. 


  • Windows
  • Application Available on Apple and Google Play Stores


4. Soundation

Just like Soundtrap, Soundation is a completely online DAW that works in your browser. You can record directly into the DAW or use loops and virtual instruments to make sounds you want. The built in metronome is super helpful to create a cohesive and in time project.

Features Like Soundtrap:

  • Collaboration – In Soundation, you can easily collab online with others to create the track you imagined in your head. 
  • Effects – Soundation offers 16 effects to improve your tracks, and more are available with one of the paid subscriptions. 
  • Sound Library – Through Soundation, you have access to samples and loops as well as virtual instruments. You can even connect your Splice account to include any samples you have purchased in your projects. 


  • Works on any Computer with an updated web browser


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Soundtrap easy to use?

Soundtrap is a favorite among teachers as well as students! It is easy to navigate and explore what each piece does.

Can I use plugins other than what Soundtrap has?

Unfortunately you cannot use any third party plugins with Soundtrap. This probably will never be an option unless a company makes a special deal with Soundtrap like Antares did for the Auto-Tune.

Learning Skills for Success

Take advantage of any opportunities you get to try all of these DAWs out. They are full of creative and intuitive tools to help you grow as an engineer. Soundtrap is considered one of the best spaces for learning audio in person and online, even offering some nice discounts for schools and students. With the collaborative options that Soundtrap has, it makes it easier than ever for teachers to check students’ work and help them learn new skills

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