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Status Audio CB-1 Review: One of the Best Pair of Closed-Back Headphones Under $100


The STATUS AUDIO CB-1S’s are a very intriguing pair of headphones. At the price point of $79 (they’re on Amazon for $63) you are pretty much guaranteed to not be dissapointed. They are a great pair of headphones to have in your repertoire and The Verge touted them as the best headphones under $100. They also have great customer reviews.

With the CB-1s, our mission is to offer reference-grade sound to musicians, producers, audiophile etc. who previously thought they were priced out of this level of quality.

– James Bertuzzi, Founder of Status Audio.

Breakdown: Review of the Status Audio CB-1

Product Specs

Status Audio CB1 Product

Over Ear
32 Ohms
50 mm Driver
15 Hz – 30 kHz
97 db +/- 3 db
1/4″ Adapter
3.5 mm Plug
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I have been using different pairs of studio monitors that are pretty expensive headphones for quite some time now, and when I got the chance to review the over ear sm-cb1’s and actually put them on I immediately did a double take and found myself asking myself a question: “Wait, what supposed to make these headphones that I spent 3x as much money on better again?”

The company aims to change the game with this price point. Their motto is “No logos, no celebrities, just sound,” and it seems very fitting. They sell directly to the consumer, and they focus on what really matters.

Reference grade sound.

The headphones are easy to drive (32ohms, so you don’t need an amp), and have a relatively neutral sound compared to other headphones at the same price point (although the bass can be a little weighty at times).

The comfort.

The memory foam ear pads are extremely comfortable. You can wear them all day long without any fatigue. They feel weightless, and you can literally forget that you are wearing them.

CB1 Closed Back Headphones - Comfort
Status CB1 Closed Back Headphones – Comfort

The amount amount of hardware you get along with the headphones.

You get 2 cables. 1x coiled, and 1x straight. They are both detachable.

One of my qualms with the cable is that it falls out of the plug quite often. This can almost render it useless at a coffee shop sometimes. Hadn’t had this problem with some of the more expensive headphones out there.


The headphones fold up really nicely, and are really easy to put in a bag and carry around. It’s a small thing, but is nice when you have a lot of things to carry around. The coiled cable also suffices for plugging into a phone and listening on the go.

Some bleeding.

The isolation isn’t bad, but the earbuds make them look like there would be a tad bit less bleeding. Of course, you are always going to get a little bit of bleeding when you crank the volume up.


There are some definite positives about the design. The gold rims on the give them a sleek look, and the brand-less feel is a change of pace for the headphone market – it can be either a pro or a con depending on your taste.

The one thing that sticks out as a potential negative is the retro look that can leave you looking a little bit like Hey Arnold!

The headphones do come with hand indicators on sizing, and the cable comes out of the left earphone.

Closing thoughts.

Overall, it’s a great pair of headphones to invest in. The company takes customer feedback seriously and is known to make adjustments based off that feedback so be sure to bookmark them and visit their website to check and see what the “Status” of the headphone market is.

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