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Syntronik Free from IK Multimedia Review

Being unsure of a purchase related to gear is a constant in the world of music. Every musician, producer, and gear head has had doubts about a mic, guitar, drum set, keyboard, or preamp. Sometimes trying it out just isn’t possible and you have to go in blind for what you are getting. Don’t worry though because that is not the case with Syntronik Free from IK Multimedia. 

Syntronik Free lets you take a deep dive into Syntronik and you get to work with VSTs of some of the best synths in history such as the Roland Juno 60, ARP 2600, and Minimoog Model D.

Bonus & Extras10

How We Reviewed Syntronik Free 

We wanted to showcase what all is included with Syntronik Free. There is so much available that it still is surprising what all IK Multimedia is just giving away. 


Best for:

Of course, Syntronik Free is best used as a synthesizer; shocker I know. But there are many different styles that can be reached with even just the free version of Syntronik. 


Layering – You can easily layer multiple synths on one channel. These multilayers can have parts split, played simultaneously, and even saved for later use on other tracks.


Presets – The presets that come with the Syntronik Free version open your eyes to a world full of new ideas. There are 50 instrument presets that come with the free version (over 2,000 are available with the full expansions) and you have the ability to customize details within each one.


Effects – There are 38 customizable effects that create some of the best sounds out there when combined with these synths. There are amps, reverbs, delays, distortions, EQs, filters, and even modulators that can be added on and stacked.


Expandable – Syntronik Free is easily expandable for any purchases you would like to make (if you are connected to the internet of course). You can fully unlock synths and presets to get all sorts of additional sounds.



There doesn’t seem to be any specific DAW that is better with it than others. I’ve seen products from IK Multimedia be used in Pro Tools, Logic, Reason, and much more. 

Memory4 GB RAM
8 GB recommended 
8 GB recommended 
Operating System10.9 or laterWindows 7, 8, or 10
Hard Drive Space60 GB60 GB

This plugin comes to you digitally.


You cannot get better than free when it comes to finding a gem like Syntronik. The expansions are extremely helpful and can boost the quality of your sounds immensely. Once you try out free, make sure you look into the expanded versions, Standard and Deluxe

Bonus & Extras

This entire VST is a bonus/extra in itself. The fact that you get as much as you do without having to do anything more than create an account with IK Multimedia is insane. This can help producers and engineers who are starting out get some amazing sounds for their tracks as well as improve the libraries of established engineers. 

Freedom for Clients

If you ever have clients wanting to come into the studio to record but are wanting to put work in at home, the Syntronik Free edition is a great way for them to work out professional sounds that you can use in the studio. This will even aid in the development of their own writing and sound. This can save you a headache as well as time in the studio that you could spend working out other tracks. 

If you found this all helpful and are wanting to learn more about other IK Multimedia plugins or those of other companies click here.

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