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Top 10 Highest Paid Musicians of this Century

Dr. Dre

Dr Dre

Dr. Dre’s fortune may have started behind the mic, but an unrivaled business savvy is responsible for a large portion of his wealth. Co-founding music label Aftermath, responsible for bringing talent like Eminem to the forefront, Dre later sold his share in the label. Since then, he’s introduced Beats headphones, and lent the name to a music streaming service, rivaling big names such as Spotify.

Beyoncé Knowles


It’s no surprise that the global powerhouse that is Beyoncé has made it onto the list. This year alone, The Formation world tour has sold out in several countries, raking in up to $1.5 million per date.

As if that wasn’t impressive enough, deals with brands like Pepsi, and personal fashion and perfume lines, have continued to pull in major earnings, over the years.

Beyoncé has set the bar high, her hard work and dedication to music is common knowledge in the industry. She’s come a long way from the early days of Destiny’s Child.

Justin Bieber


Endorsing products like perfume, and even a line of exclusive nail polishes, have only served to increase Bieber Fever – and his fortune. In 2011, the Canadian pop sensation released Never Say Never, a movie that pulled in a whopping $73 million dollars in the box office.

One Direction


When the band’s name is on the lips of pretty much every teenaged girl on the planet, it’s not hard to imagine how that translates to their earnings. Endorsement deals with brands like Nabisco, Pepsi, Toyota, and even Colgate, have earned the boys a truck load, on top of over $56 million in record sales, during 2015.

Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris

Since 2012, Harris has managed to score himself a place on the Top 100, at least once a year. Tours have earned him the majority of his wealth, but in 2015, he became the face of the Emporio Armani men’s underwear line – a move that earned him $10 million.

Toby Keith

Toby Keith

Despite only playing a couple dozen shows in 2015, he still out sold others in his genre, and continued to bring in millions from his restaurant chain, I Love This Bar and Grill – named for his top 100 hit from 2003. Campaigns with a brand of Mezcal liquor called Wild Shot, and Ford have kept the money coming, for Keith.

Taylor Swift


Extensive appearances, and even risky moves like pulling her music from music streaming service Spotify have all served to keep Taylor in the public’s eye, almost constantly, over the years.

Endorsements that range from Covergirl, to Diet Coke, have added to the pop star’s bank account, but most of her wealth is reported to come from her own merchandise..

Jay Z


Jay Z has scored a huge list of chart toppers, during his career. Lending his name and face to products like Hewlett-Packard, Budweiser, and Reebok were only the start, for legendary producer and performer. In 2015, be bought Tidal, a new name in music streaming. While the service might have had a rocky start, it seems to be coming up in the ranks, lately.

Sean Combs



Perhaps better known as P. Diddy, and all the variations that he used over the years, Sean Combs has had amazing success with personal branding. Ciroc, personal fashion line Sean John, and even TV network Revolt have all padded his wallets, over the years.

Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars has been chased by big names like Pepsi, LG, and even Microsoft to endorse their products, but so far, the pop star has yet to sign with any of them.

Investing in e-cigarette company NJOY, claiming he supports their company and mission statement, seemed to be a good move, for Mars, since sales have boosted drastically since.

Did we mention, he is pretty funky too?

Honorable Mentions

Justin Timberlake


Since his solo career took off, Timberlake has kept the ball rolling with chart toppers. An active acting career, added to record sales, and an endorsement with Givenchy, have only made him richer.



Primarily focusing on her career, and stunning concert performances has netted Pink most of her fortune. Over the years, she’s been seen in several Covergirl cosmetic ads, but that remains her sole endorsement.

  • Madonna has been named the top grossing female artist three times this decade alone and in the top 5 the other four years. Beyonce was below her nearly every year.

    If you’re going by the time frame of 2000-2018 she appears at #1 even more often.

    Clearly this list isn’t accurate.