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Top 5 Most Popular Gaming Playlists on Spotify

Music and gaming is a love connection that will never die. Similar to how a song can take you back to a time or emotion in life, every now and then a song will take me back to a particular game soundtrack.

Spotify is a great place for gaming-inspired playlists and its the latest kick that I’ve been on to help keep the music fresh.

Take a look at the top 5 most popular gaming playlists on Spotify.

1. Soundscapes For Gaming

Playlist Followers: 124,000

Songs: 59

An aurora of wavey sound made to ambiently amplify your gaming experience.

I’ve also particularly enjoyed this playlist while working online web designing and found it kicks in my extra focus.

Popular Artists Include:

  • Caspian
  • Tycho
  • The American Dollar

I Like It Because:

  • Lighter on lyrics, easy to listen to
  • I find its great for work
  • Introduced a few new artists to me ( Hiatus & DJ Shadow )

Favorite Song on The Playlist: We Can Be Ghosts Now, Hiatus

2. Bass Arcade: Zeds Dead

Playlist Followers: 657,000

Songs: 37

This one hits harder. Bass Arcade is named appropriately, and the sounds reverberate nicely through my beats headphones.

My four-year-old son was really feeling this song.

Popular Artists Include:

  • Zeds Dead (Of Course)
  • DNMO
  • Kaivon

I Like It Because:

  • Upbeat, bass-heavy, and intriguing
  • Apparently popular with 4-year-old boys
  • Reminds me of the EDM tent at (now defunct) Sasquatch

Favorite Song on The Playlist: Griztronics, GRiZ

3. Hip Hop Controller

Playlist Followers: 1,200,000

Songs: 202

Over 1 million followers, and for good reason. That first Mac Miller track sets the tone and is an unpleasant reminder of how much we miss him (RIP Mac).

This playlist might be my favorite on the list considering hip hop is a go-to for me.

The variety of artists is a nice touch too. All the way from mumble rappers to even some underrated talent like Dej Loaf.

Popular Artists Include:

  • Travis Scott
  • Mac Miller
  • Kendrick Lamar

I Like It Because:

  • I love hip hop
  • Appreciate the variety
  • Provides confident vibes you need to take down an opponent while gaming

Favorite Song on The Playlist: Goosebumps, Travis Scott – I just never skip this track.

4. Power Gaming

Playlist Followers: 1,500,000

Songs: 92

Keeping the hip hop relevant with this playlist.

This is another solid rap infused gaming playlist. Potentially even slightly better than Hip Hop Controller — it’s shorter, but I find myself ignoring the skip button with this one.

Popular Artists Include:

  • Drake
  • Post Malone
  • Cardi B

I Like It Because:

  • A powerful list of hip hop
  • J. Cole featured twice
  • Fresh, just over a month old

Favorite Song on The Playlist: I Fall Apart, Post Malone

5. lofi gaming

Playlist Followers: 35,000

Songs: 86

Lofi music and sampling is a topic that is trending more and more. Take a look at the google trends over time.

These trends are there for good reason. This low key music makes me want to dive back into the mind games of Limbo.

Popular Artists Include:

  • freshgoodies – Also the creator of this playlist
  • Mitaka
  • athena

I Like It Because:

  • Relaxing, cool, easy on the ears
  • Fewer words, more beats
  • Lofi makes every occasion chill

Favorite Song on The Playlist: Game, Mitaka

Check Them Out, Let Us Know What You Think

Many of these playlists are also available on YouTube Music and often they are refreshed regularly.

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