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How To Make a Travis Scott Type Beat

For our inaugural beat tutorial, we teamed up with Noiiz to go over the basics of how to make a Travis Scott type beat.

For this tutorial we’ll be taking inspiration Travis’ work ... watch the video

Recording Modes-Edits

In this video, we’ll learn every Pro Tools Recording Mode.

The first mode is the same Linear Recording Mode that you would find in any major ... watch the video

Creating a Session

We’re going to go over how to make a new session.

If you’re just opening up Pro Tools, it will give you a dialog box.

... watch the video

Edit Modes

For this next section, I’ll use a tempo logged loop; That way you can see all of Pro Tools Edit Modes, and how different they are from each other.

Pro Tools has four ... watch the video

The Pro Tools Tool Box

Now let’s look at our toolbox.

There are three main tools that you will always use in Pro Tools: There’s the Trim Tool, the Selector Tool, and ... watch the video

The Transport

In this video, we’re going to dive into three main components of the Edit Window: The Transport, The Big Counter, and the Grid ... watch the video

Importing in Pro Tools

In this video we’re going to go over importing into Pro Tools.

Importing into Pro Tools can be used for an array of things: If you need specific tracks from a specific session, if you ... watch the video