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VocAlign Ultra by Synchro Arts Review

Misaligned vocals, whether it be latency or some unknown factor in the world of audio, is eventually going to happen. It cannot be avoided and it will happen to the best of us. Generally, the vocalist cannot redo their vocals exactly perfectly, which is honestly a hard feat to accomplish. Now you start thinking to yourself that you will have to spend even more time adjusting the time alignment and messing around with the Time Compression and Expansion tools. With VocAlign Ultra, that extra time sitting behind the desk gets cut down to mere minutes.

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How We Reviewed Vocalign Ultra 

When I first opened up VocAlign Ultra I was skeptical. I thought, “What would I need this for if I have Revoice Pro?” When I started working with it and learning more about the plugin, my tune changed quickly. I was able to complete all I needed to quickly when it was simply just a time alignment issue rather than loading everything into Revoice and having to adjust a ton more settings. VocAlign was fast, easy, and extremely straight forward. 


Best for:

The primary purpose of VocAlign is to properly line up background vocals with the lead vocal line. This could be used on harmonies or doubles, doesn’t matter which or even what genre it is. Take a look at the features listed here to get a better taste of what there is to use within VocAlign Ultra, and check out our review available on Youtube!


Timing Controls
Timing Controls

Timing Controls – One of the first parameters you see when you open VocAlign Ultra is the Tightness Control. You can adjust it to fit the mood best and settle the vocals perfectly whether you want them perfectly aligned or with a slight difference between the 2.

Match Pitch
Match Pitch

Match Pitch – Never worry about spending time pitch correcting your doubles again. Vocalign Ultra has a new Match Pitch option where you can have the double directly follow the pitch of the primary vocal or “Guide.”


Presets – Presets make the world go round. When you have a session that is getting closer and closer to the deadline, presets can get you set up in an instant. With over 60 Alignment presets, VocAlign gets you setup for success efficiently with presets for almost any situation.

ARA2 Integration
ARA2 Integration

ARA2 Integration (with compatible DAWs) – Sometimes when working with audiosuite plugins, it can take longer than expected (or wanted) to get your audio loaded into the plugin, as well as rendering back into the session. That being said, I was able to almost immediately have my audio available in VocAlign Ultra as well as being placed back in the session. This is all thanks to the new ARA2 integration. 


If you go into the download section for VocAlign Ultra, you have the option to scroll through and see download options for each DAW. They have sessions for you to try VocAlign out on for Cubase, Ableton Live, Logic, Pro Tools, and Studio One. It is compatible with more DAWs than this but those are the examples for you to try. 

Operating System10.8 or higherWindows 10

This plugin comes to you in the form of a digital download. 


Looking at how much this plugin can do with such simplicity is fairly impressive. That being said, it took a lot of time to create that simplicity. Other than Revoice Pro, there is not much of any competition to what VocAlign can do, only showing how worth it this plugin is. 

Bonus & Extras

Hopefully the price hasn’t scared you off. If you are already a user of the previous VocAlign Pro 4 and looking to use VocAlign Ultra instead, you are in luck. You can upgrade your plugin for an extremely discounted price (available here). You also can get discounts if you are a Revoice Pro 4 User, upgrading from VocAlign Project, or a Student!

Perfectly in Order

Being able to pump out a high-quality version of any set of vocals will impress a client. If you can do it at an extremely fast pace, you will blow them away. VocAlign Ultra is ready to not only make your job easier but also help you improve your quality of work and save you time that can be better spent on the overall mix. So now you finally have time to fix that snare. 

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