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VocalSynth 2 Review, A Must Have Plugin For Producers

iZotope is one of those names I don’t get tired of hearing. They push over and over again to create the best possible outcome they can. And it shows. With VocalSynth 2 you get some extremely easy to use, and creative avenues to create a phenomenal vocal effect.

Producers and artists like David Guetta praise this plugin for its ease of use when it comes to vocal manipulation and layering. 

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Bonus & Extras9

How We Reviewed VocalSynth 2 

Looking at VocalSynth 2, we wanted to pull out where it excels and if there are any spots that might cause you trouble. This product created by iZotope has some amazing and complex features that are easy to fall in love with. 


Right off the bat, this program is built to handle vocals. I’m sure it was obvious because of the name “VOCALSynth.” But looking at it this program completely kills the game when it comes to how it treats vocal modulations. It builds in vocoders, talkboxes, and all of these other modulators that will boost your vocals to a new ethereal level, or bring them down into a gritty pocket to punch through. 


The VocalSynth 2 contains a lot of regular factors that you will see across the board as an industry standard. What sets it apart though it the key pieces they integrated to make your editing process a smoother and easily understood process. 

Interactive Visualizations 

I am very much a visual person (which is odd considering I work with sound). But I love to see the layouts and how things are going to work and with audio it is difficult to have avenues in which to visualize everything.

In VocalSynth, they have an overhead visual guide that shows where each effect of the vocals is sitting in relation to the panning.

This helps you decide how to build your mix, and recognize where each component needs to hit you from.



With Biovox, you can change some of the most difficult characteristics and change the overall sound of the voice within this effect.

What I mean is that you can make this voicing sound more nasally, or have a breathy/whispering sound to it. Overall it can add a lot of dynamic to your vocals with just one factor.


There are 3 modes in which to control your vocals with VocalSynth. Auto mode is just the standard voice through the plugin.

Midi mode allows you to control the pitch and notes with midi notes.

And lastly Sidechain mode gives you a way to shape and flex the sound with any other track. Say you want the vocals to have a guitar sound to them. Record a guitar pass, setup the sidechain route, and you can create a voicing unique to your own song.


So this is not necessarily a part of the program itself, and I would normally consider it a bonus rather than deature, but there is a free addition available. I know it can take a long time to figure out what sounds you want, and how to build them in the plugin itself.

To save time, you can use the presets that iZotope has available on their website. It has fantastic build outs from both KillaGraham and Jonny Hawkins that you can use yourself. For the free download just head to iZotope’s website here


This can be used with the majority of the major DAW’s that are found in the industry. This plugin, however, is built for more electronic and pop styles of music so it will work fairly easily with DAW’s that are formatted for that style, DAW’s such as Ableton, Reason, and even Logic. 

As most other products from iZotope, this will come to you in a digital format. 

If you would like to learn more about DAW’s and what they are all good for, we’ve got some great info for you right here


When it comes to pricing, similar programs from competitors such as Waves, come in a bit lower in pricing but don’t hold as many capabilities within the plugin itself.

  • Rent-to-own price: $9.99/ month for 20 months, pause or cancel at anytime
  • Total Price: $199.80

If you are looking to get a full package for editing and enhancing your vocals, iZotope offers an option for their vocal bundle which contains both Nectar 3 and VocalSynth 2 for $299. That saves you around $150. If you are looking for a great way to clean up your vocals and boost the harmonies and modulations, this is the best avenue. 

Bonus & Extras

On top of the unique modulations, there is a long list of effects to add on top of all of the voicings you will create. You can use the modules to create a layering of harmonies, or you could build a robotic voice for a chorus, you could even have a talkbox throughout the entire song if you wanted to. This plugin provides a multitude of sounds and avenues for creativity that have been used in the professional world to create some of the best music today. 

VocalSynth Can Give You Pro Quality Vocal Production

I have had the chances to play around with similar plugins but none of them have everything that VocalSynth has in one package. I love the ease of use that is in here as well as all that can be done. The abilities to just affect the voicing with any side chained track is fantastic. You can use this to blow away your clients and help bring them and yourself to the next level of production when you use it properly. 

If you would like to learn more about similar plugins as well as more from iZotope we have a whole section available just for that here