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Weiss EQ MP by Softube Review

The hunt for the perfect EQ is never-ending. Whether it is hardware or software, every engineer wants to find one that matches their desired sound. Now that desired sound can be ever-changing, and can even vary from genre to genre. I normally stick to one basic EQ as my go-to, but after trying the Weiss EQ MP, I might be making a swap.

Pricing 9
Bonus & Extras10

How We Reviewed the Weiss EQ MP

Initially, my thoughts were fairly basic on this eq, it would be like any other and just throw it on wherever. After 5 minutes of using this, my mind did a complete 180. The accurate and detailed response of every little aspect made me fall in love immediately. You will see further down the amazing features that are in this plugin and understand a little bit of what I mean. 


Best for:

Overall this EQ works perfectly on busses and master busses, but it can be used on individual channels and instruments. I found that with how detailed it was perfect on vocals and guitars, especially acoustics. It worked well on drums as well, but overall I like the sound of more polyphonic instruments with this EQ. 

Weiss EQ MP Features

Output A & B
Output A & B
Channels 1 & 2
Channels 1 & 2

EQ Channel – They make it really easy to compare different EQs and combinations with 2 different eq outputs with the choices being “A” and “B.” Within each output you have a channel 1 and a channel 2 that you can use consecutively.  Beyond that, if you open the settings menu you can copy the channels and outputs to each other. This makes it so much more convenient to compare different ways of EQing.

Analyzer – I always love an EQ that has the frequency response visible (although this can make you mix by sight rather than by ear). You can turn it on or off, as well as see different types of frequency response. The automatic setting is “Fast” which just shows a real-time sort of response. There are also options for “Slow,” “Hold Average,” and “Hold Peak.” This makes it even easier to identify troublesome frequencies in a mix. 

Frequency Analyzer
Frequency Analyzer

Shortcuts and Key Commands – So rather than hiding any special functions of the Weiss EQ MP in a manual, Softube put this little question mark button on the bottom right that gives you all of the short cuts that they have. It shows you how to reset the gain to 0 with one click, change the slope, solo a single band, and more. When I discovered this part, it streamlined my edits.

Shortcuts and Key Commands Window
Shortcuts and Key Commands Window

Window Size – So this may not be a big deal to most people but I absolutely love being able to resize the screen. It makes tiny adjustments that much easier to pull off. It is just another feature Softube put in to make a better product for the user. 


Softube is all about putting out the highest possible quality with their plugins. That being said, to make it work the way they want it to, the Weiss EQ MP is only compatible with 64-bit hosts. They officially test their plugins with the most recent updates of Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Cubase, Live, Studio One, Digital Performer, Reaper, and Sonar. Beyond that, they cannot guarantee compatibility but as long as it meets the system requirements, it most likely will work. 

Memory8 GB RAM or More
8 GB Hard Disk Space
8 GB RAM or More
8 GB Hard Disk Space
Operating System10.2 – 10.15Windows 7, 8, or 10

This plugin comes to you digitally for download. If you do not already, you will need to make an iLok account to house the license.


Compared to other EQs out there (specifically of this caliber) I was more than pleased with it. It met everything I wanted in an EQ and even had options that I didn’t know I wanted. In terms of price, it is about what you would expect for the level of quality it is. If you compare it to hardware preamps and effects that get a similar sound, the Weiss EQ MP comes in way lower than you would ever pay. 

Bonus & Extras

So there was one thing in particular that I got excited about when I was first learning about this eq, and that was the dark mode. I go crazy for dark mode on everything I can (maybe it’s the emo in me). It is less harsh on the eyes but also just feels very clean and professional. The other feature (that actually affects performance) is the presets. I really did not expect any presets when I downloaded this plugin but when I started scrolling through and trying them out I was impressed. There were presets for every instrument I normally record, and even if they didn’t have the exact sound I wanted, they got me extremely close. 

The Diamond is in the Details

The detailed response and editing that comes with the Weiss EQ MP is something you don’t hear very often in a plugin and I love it. This eq can create a more narrow-band than I have seen in any other digital eq and it is perfect for eliminating a single annoying frequency. When Softube, which is already a fantastic company, teams up with another detailed company like Weiss, you can expect nothing short of excellence and that is what you get with the Weiss EQ MP.

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