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What is the Jammy – A Responsive Guitar?

Every time I open a new tab, I get a quick view of the latest from Product Hunt. Today’s was especially interesting. Jammy is a “responsive” guitar, meaning that the fretboard resizes, and you are able to have a compact, well-designed guitar small enough to fit in your backpack.

I do find this to be slightly awkward at first glance. The play seems as though it is part guitar, and part trombone. It’s like the platypus of musical instruments, similar to the midi keytar.

Key Features

Play Silently

What I do like about it is the fact that it allows you to essentially have a guitar with the ability to jam at any time. You can even play discreetly with its headphone hookup that allows you to use any 1/8 headphone jack.

The Mobile App

I think this feature is awesome, and truly makes it a “mobile instrument”. You can play along and learn your favorite songs. Or, even better, improvise over tracks to practice scaling and guitar solos.

It’s surprising you don’t see more of this instruments nowadays, but I think this is definitely a key feature that makes it worth while.

The Design

I am truly impressed with how well this product was designed. It’s as simple as it is complex, which is great for any level guitarist. It comes in three separate colors – red, slate gray, and yellow.

Where to get it

As far as I know, you can only reserve one through their website now. I have reserved mine, and hope to give a full review of the product when I get it.

Has anyone used/played it?