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Why You Should Avoid Downloading from Torrent Sites

Pro Tools sets the standard for high-quality music production, which means a lot of artists want their hands on it. Unfortunately, this music software has a price that not many people want to pay, and they go through any means necessary to get it and install it on their computers. However, despite any legalities, downloading Pro Tools through any torrent site doesn’t always yield the best results.

Reasons Not to Use A Pro Tools Torrent:

  1. Altered or infected programs
  2. Unreliable sources piecing together the software
  3. Gives hackers access to your IP address
  4. No chance of upgrading without using a newer cracked version
  5. No technical support for problems within the software
  6. Having to download drivers that might bug your system
  7. Using a keygen to generate a serial number that becomes invalid after one use

Downloading a Pro Tools Torrent

Opinions vary when it comes to downloading torrents and whether you should or should not do it. The answer is simple: It depends. If you work for a company that shares files across a network for faster downloading, then it’s never a problem. If you access a website that lets you torrent movies, music and apps that you didn’t pay for, then that’s a no-no. Avid, the creator of Pro Tools, does not share or distribute its software through a peer-to-peer network. Therefore, you need to purchase it in order to have a valid license.

Why You Should Avoid Pro Tools Torrents

Think of Pro Tools as a brand new car that has a beautiful paint job, a new leather interior and a reliable engine that won’t leave you stranded on the side of the road. Now, think of a Pro Tools torrent as the same car but with weathered paint, a busted headlight and a cracked engine block. It doesn’t sound very appealing, and you’re lucky if the car starts. Whereas a licensed copy of Pro Tools starts up just fine and provides dependable service, the Pro Tools cracked software requires a lot of steps to get working, if it even gets past the splash screen.

Torrent software requires a crack, which refers to a patch that lets the software bypass the serial checksum and run without checking for a valid registration. Therefore, you can run the software without any restrictions, but there’s a catch. These cracks typically have trojan horses, malware and adware bundled inside, infecting your computer and sending data back to the creator. The crack also affects how the software runs. It might cause parts of the software to work incorrectly, or the crack makes the software crash altogether. Other problems you can run into include:

  • No chance of upgrading without using a newer cracked version
  • No technical support for problems within the software
  • Having to download drivers that might bug your system
  • Using a keygen to generate a serial number that becomes invalid after one use

In addition, when you download Pro Tools from a P2P network, you’re downloading bits and pieces of the file from different people across the globe. Any one of these people can alter the program and send infected software back through the stream. You also allow people to see your IP address, which means government watchdogs can see you downloading pirated material and report it to your Internet Service Provider. Afterward, your ISP will contact you and give you one warning to cease the illegal downloading or lose your Internet privileges and possibly pay a fine.

Think of Pro Tools as an Investment

Pro Tools comes with all the bells and whistles that make it the leading industry software for creating, mixing and producing music. With that said, excellent software does not make an excellent musician. Just because you’re an aspiring musician doesn’t mean downloading a torrent of Pro Tools will make you better. If anything, it means you now have a garbled, cracked mess that may or may not function properly, and you still lack the funds to buy necessary third-party plug-ins.

So, why should you use a legit copy of Pro Tools?

  • Upgrade to a new version without hassle.
  • Immediate customer support.
  • Protect your PC from patches that contain viruses.
  • You don’t have to break the law and download it illegally.
  • Post your music without fearing that people know you don’t own the software.

Purchased a Licensed copy of Pro Tools

There’s a reason Avid’s Pro Tools costs money; it’s because a lot of hardworking people spend hundreds of hours creating software that fills a need in the studio. Avid offers a 30-day free trial of Pro Tools for people who want to work with the software but may not have the funds right away. Download it, or use a free recording software until you have the money. Otherwise, you’re only hurting your computer, your data and your karma by using a torrent of Pro Tools from the Internet.