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Zone by Audiaire Review

Everyone has their own idea of the “Perfect Synth,” but very few ever get to see one come into existence. Sharooz Raoofi however, took his dream and made it a reality. He has worked with many different synthesizers for over 20 years, and with his experience, he made his idea a reality. There are many unique and creative assets that can be used but we won’t spoil those details yet. Suffice to say, Zone by Arturia is a fantastic plugin that you will be interested to learn about. 

Bonus & Extras9

How We Reviewed Zone

We looked at what the creators of Zone had in mind and looked into how well it was implemented. Then we took a look at what users had to say in the reviews and brought the best features together for you to see. 


Best for:

This is a synth, so naturally, it already has a seat in electronic music. But with the automation and modulation that is built into Zone, you can create beats and arpeggiations that bring your tracks to like with a few clicks of your mouse. 


Grid Automation – The Grid Automation that is in Zone lets you create new patterns and orders to your note. The grid automation can automate everything from mod wheels to effects, allowing for visual representations of what your music is doing.

Grid Automation
Grid Automation

FX – There are 23 different FX types that can be added in and customized. This allows for many combinations to create new and unique sounds. You can also add them to the grid where they can receive their own automation.


3 Modes of Play – There are 3 distinct modes that you can use Zone in, a feature-rich synth with 151 wavetable oscillators, a 32 step note sequencer allowing for pitch, velocity, and gate, or an infinite note and parameter sequencer lanes with tools to modify lane behavior. (There are even more details of what you can do with these that you will find on Arturia’s website)

3 Modes of Play
3 Modes of Play

Waveforms – There are over 150 waveforms that are available in Zone with the ability to import your own custom single cycle waveforms. Don’t forget to save and load in your unique waveforms that you make in the plugin itself.


I would imagine that this appeals mostly to users who like to create electronic music on DAWs geared towards such efforts. DAWs like FL Studio, Reason, and Ableton all fit in perfectly with this style. 

Memory2 GB RAM
8 GB recommended 
8 GB recommended 
Operating System10.9 and above (64-bit only)Windows 7 and above

This plugin comes to you digitally. 


The price of the Zone Synth is average. Not higher than the general market and not lower. This makes it a more than fair offer and for less than most Netflix subscription prices, you can do monthly payments.

Bonus & Extras

Presets and patches can be the difference between inspiration and annihilation. For some people creativity only lasts a short amount of time and you need to get what you can do done as quickly as possible, and you don’t have time to build out an entire synth. Zone comes stocked with 590 presets to get you started as quickly as possible with sounds for bass, drums, synths, pads, and more. 

Zone of Creativity

Plugins made by artists always seem to be the best outcomes. They have a goal in mind and want to be able to be as creative as possible with what they are making. Sharooz knew what he wanted and worked to make it happen, and he made a synth that he as an artist loved and knew others would as well. Take advantage of the free trial and take a look at how great Zone would be for you.

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