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Listen To Womxn

Virtual Music Festival

LISTEN TO WOMXN provides a platform for womxn and non-binary artists to be seen, heard and celebrated.

JUNE 26th - 27th

Each festival performance receives $250, plus opportunities to win prizes.

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What It Is

LISTEN TO WOMXN is a digital music festival equipped with an interactive voting component that allows friends, family, fans, and community the opportunity to support their favorite artists. For artists, this is a paid performance opportunity amidst a time in which live performances (and their income stream) have come to a halt.


How It Works

Outlined below is the timeline & schedule for the event.

May 15

Artist Submissions Open. Click here to apply.

May 29

Artist submissions are closed.

May 30

Internal judging begins to select regional semifinalists (8 semifinalists selected from each region: Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Southwest, West and International).

June 9

June 9th - Semi finalists announced public voting opens.

June 15

Public voting closes

Jun 16

Official LISTEN TO WOMXN festival lineup announced!

Jun 26

Day one of the festival. Voting is open to vote for your favorite artists.

Jun 27

Day two of the festival. Voting is open to vote for your favorite artists.

Jul 1

Voting is closed and winner is announced.

How Artists Can Apply

We Are Looking for Womxn and GNC Musicians Who Meet The Following Criteria.

  • You depend on gig income from public live performances
  • Your music career has been directly impacted by COVID-19
  • You have the ability to live stream & record a 20-30 minute set
Apply Now

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Your sponsorship support goes directly towards supporting womxn artists! Sponsorship funds will be allocated to facilitating the LISTEN TO WOMXN Music Festival, compensating the artists performing, and providing relief during the COVID-19 Crisis.


Stage Sponsorship

Premier placement during festival live stream for 1 artist, on one day.


Venue Sponsorship

Premier Placement During Live Stream For All Artists, On One Day.


Arena Sponsorship

Premier placement above the live stream for entire festival - 2 days, 8 total artists


Why Is This Important

In 2018 just 19% of music festival lineups were womxn. LISTEN TO WOMXN is tipping the scales and advancing gender equality - highlighting womxn and gnc artists to level the playing field of opportunities in the male dominated music industry.