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Best Guitars: Part 1 – Country Music

Welcome to this installment of the Best Guitar series. This is where we take the chance to pull together a list of some of the best guitars for different genres so you can take a … Read more

Gibson Vs. Epiphone: What’s the Difference?

Gibson Vs Eiphone - Les Paul There are certain rivalries that will always be remembered; King Kong and Godzilla, Macintosh and Microsoft, Marvel and DC, Coke and Pepsi, Pittsburgh Penguins and the Philadelphia Flyers. All great … Read more

Best Schools for Pro Tools Certification

You can get a Pro Tools certification any way you would like because regardless of where it’s from, they all hold the same weight. But if all certifications are created equal, all Experts are … Read more

Best Soundproofing Foam for Home Studios

Are you planning to build a new studio for music production or trying to improve the sound quality of your existing studio? Resonant sound — echoes bouncing off of smooth walls — is one … Read more

Best MIDI Keyboard Controller

Though the same brands that dominated last year will most-likely dominate in 2020, innovation will be the biggest thing to set the MIDI keyboard controllers apart. From newer companies such as ROLI to market leaders … Read more

The 5 Absolute Best Combo Guitar Amps Under $1,000

Like buying most music gear, the consumer is given an ocean of choices, and guitar amplifiers aren’t immune to this phenomenon either. Here, we’ve chosen a handful of amps that cover the spectrum … Read more

Best Synthesizer VST

The foundation of all electronic music is set in the synthesizer. Synthesizers can be used to formulate the sounds required to make an entire song with a wide variation of sounds; all of this … Read more

Pro Tools vs Ableton Live 10 Comparison

There is no such thing as a perfect program. Although it would be nice to have all of your needs covered by a seamless, rock-solid program without any drawbacks, even the best DAW’s have … Read more

Cakewalk by Bandlab Review

For many years, Cakewalk Sonar has been a staple for home recording and professional studios all over the world. The unique layout, combined with a feature-rich set of tools, such as the integration of … Read more

Ableton Live 10 Review

From the day of its inception, Ableton Live has revolutionized the music industry with a true, multipurpose digital audio workstation. As both a capable mixing tool and a high-powered live performance companion, Ableton Live … Read more

Pro Tools 12 Review

Pro Tools   Get PRO TOOLS 12 on Amazon [Online Code]   In the audio world, there are a million different companies, products, and services all vying for your attention (and also your wallet!). Within the last few … Read more

Best Acoustic Bass Guitar

The acoustic bass guitar is a rather unique and somewhat eclectic instrument. Although very similar to the more familiar electric bass guitar, the acoustic bass hasn't worked its way into popular music at nearly … Read more

Best Guitar Books

Few other instruments have been as well documented as the guitar. Thousands of books, endless catalogs of tabs and sheet music, countless hours of video and audio instruction, all of it available to be … Read more

Best Plugin Subscriptions for Audio Engineers

It once was frowned upon to mix strictly “in the box,” but with the ever-growing library of high-fidelity tools being offered to mix-engineers paired with a previously unattainable and equally unaffordable amount of computer … Read more

The Best 32-Key & 37-Key MIDI Keyboard Controllers

The white elephant of the keyboard controllers, 32 and 37 key MIDI controllers are the rarest key configuration. Leading the way in 2019 is the IK Multimedia - iRig Keys Pro as well as … Read more

Best Audio Samples Subscription Services

Sample subscriptions services are nothing new, I personally subscribed to my first sample subscription when I was around 15 years old in the form of Computer Music, before the advent of the age of … Read more

Essential Vocal Production Tools & Techniques

The Engineer’s vocal toolbox is a collection of essential vocal production tools that help with pitch correction, vocal presence, and vocal mixing. So it finally happened, you got your first big gig as a mixing … Read more

Best DAW Control Surface

Flexibility is the trend among the best new digital audio workstation (DAW) control surfaces. While it was once necessary to design your studio around the needs of your DAW surface, you can now buy … Read more

Creating Sounds for Electronic Music: Coursera Course Review

What Coursera has to offer: Degrees Bachelors Masters Free Classes Paid Classes Testing Certifications Interactions with real teachers digitally We all want to grow in our own skills and fields. I have wanted to take … Read more

Best Overdrive Pedals For Guitarists

In the early days of amplification, the goal was to simply make something (a guitar or voice) louder while maintaining the original sound quality. However, when guitarists raised their volumes on those tube amps, … Read more

Best Piano VST Plugins

The piano has enjoyed a position as one of the most in-demand instruments for hundreds of years. Despite that, they remain one of the bulkiest and most expensive instruments around. Thankfully, modern producers have access … Read more

Best Pitch Correction & Autotune Software

It’s been a long time since Cher introduced the world to Autotune, but from the moment she believed in love the world became enamored with the tool turned production toy, but we've come a … Read more

Best Vocal FX Plugins

If you have read our guide on vocal production tools that all happen in earlier stages of the mixing process, it’s time to dive into the best vocal effects plugins. Though many multi-effects plugins can … Read more

Best Synthesizer

No instrument offers as much control over its sonic profile as the synthesizer. Abandoning the constraints of acoustic instruments and their troublesome ties to real world physics, synthesizers create sound through entirely electronic means. Experimentation with … Read more

Best Music Production Software

In 2019, music production software has become more mobile than ever. This updated list of the best recording software includes packages that automatically scale to fit any screen size. New technologies in modern DAWs … Read more

Best Budget Studio Monitors

Everyone has those speakers that they love to listen to music through. It could be for casual listening or you could be heavily involved in editing your own music or a client’s project. With … Read more

Best MIDI Foot Controller

A MIDI foot controller gives you the freedom to switch back and forth between preprogrammed effects while leaving your hands free to play your instrument. Using signals known as continuous controller (CC) messages and … Read more

Strymon Volante Pedal Review

Introduction What do Elvis Presley’s Heartbreak Hotel, Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon and Radiohead’s Subterranean Homesick Alien have in common? They all used mechanical echo units to create their signature luscious, interesting guitar … Read more

Best Desktops For Music Production

Modern music production is truly mind bogglingly amazing. You can fit an entire studio worth of equipment into nothing more than the software on a home computer. You can create an entire album just about … Read more

How to Build a Podcasting Setup: Part 3- Interfaces

Previously, we have talked about key components in building your own podcasting setup, and we will be continuing that in this third installment of the series. In the past two articles we discussed what … Read more

How to Build a Podcasting Setup: Part 1- DAWs and Stands

Podcasts have risen almost to the pinnacle of the talk show medium. There are podcasts about basically everything, gaming, paranormal activity, self love, productivity, self motivation, and audio engineering. If you name a topic, … Read more

Acoustica Mixcraft 8 Review

Mixcraft, developed by Acoustica, is a fully-featured digital audio workstation packed with over 7,800 samples. At the low price of $49 for the basic version and $99 for the Pro Studio version, it immediately becomes … Read more

Choosing the Maschine that’s Right for You

Native Instruments has toyed with hardware over the years, but it wasn't until 2009 when they introduced the critically acclaimed Maschine that they gained a traction for their game-changing groovebox. Both making something digitally … Read more

Best Voice Recorder

Voice recorders have been important for keeping notes for meetings, recording interviews, and even in some cases, recording audio for videos. They have progressed from recording onto small cassettes that only could get … Read more

Best Bongos

Hand drums are found in the heart of any latin music. It is an easy instrument to learn and there is almost always a place for one in a song. But which part of … Read more

Best Harmonica Holder and Mic

There are a few instruments that do not always fit into a song or style, and even when they do, you have to be careful not to overdo it. Instruments like accordions, bagpipes, and … Read more

Best Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth has come a long way. When I think of bluetooth technology I think of fairly recent technology, but the fact is, the original patent for bluetooth technology was filed in September of 1997. … Read more

Choosing the best Speaker Wire for Your Needs

Everyone in audio is affected by the cables they choose. We worry about having the best instrument cables and xlr’s to get the best sound from our instruments and microphones. One thing that slips … Read more

Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker

So while I was in college me and friends would hang out in the little coffee shop on campus. We would sit, do homework, watch videos, procrastinate, the normal stuff. Every now and then … Read more

Best Bass Headphones

Songs that make you move the most are the ones with a booming kick drum rocking the beat steady. Alongside that comes the bone shaking bass grooving along with the kick. We all have … Read more

Best 25 Audio Engineering Schools in the U.S.A

This widget requires JavaScript to run. <a href="//widgets.quinstreet.com/termsAndConditions">Visit Site for more</a>... There is an endless amount of ways a student can get educated in audio engineering and music production in 2019. It is a growing field … Read more

Best Recording Microphones – Part 6: Piano and Organ

Welcome to Part 6 of the Best Recording Microphones Series. In the past 5 articles, we have looked at microphones for vocals, snares, overheads, toms, kicks, and electric and acoustic guitars. Throughout all of … Read more

Best Recording Microphones – Part 1: Vocal Mics

When you walk into a studio, there are certain microphones that you always will see. Mics such as a U47, C414, SM7B, and many more. But how do you know which ones to use … Read more

Best Harmonicas

The harmonica may well be the easiest instrument to just pick up and play. You don’t have to worry about here to put your fingers or your feet. You don’t even have to make a … Read more

Best Desk for Music Producers

Everyone has a best environment that the creative juices just flow in. For some, it’s in the privacy of their room, some people need a separate room specifically for working, others love to be … Read more

Best Laptops for Music Production

Not that long ago, the idea of a laptop capable of music production was a pipe dream. After all, music production can require some serious hardware. It takes some hefty processing power, huge amounts of … Read more

Best Violins

The darling of classical composers, the wailing wonder of bluegrass wizardry, the mythically famed favorite instrument of the Devil himself, the violin has no shortage of pedigree. First invented way back in 16th century Italy, … Read more

Best Mandolins

The mandolin is an instrument with a rich history. An eight-string member of the lute family, what we know today as a modern mandolin was first developed in Italy in the 17th and 18th … Read more

Best Electronic Drum Kits

No instrument has had an impact on modern music like the drums. Quite literally providing us with the backbeat of our everyday existence, drums are integral to pretty much every type of music. The … Read more

Best Electric Guitars

Without a doubt, the electric guitar is the most iconic instrument of the 20th century. Few instruments have ever experienced such a rapid rise to fame or enjoyed such ubiquity across countless genres of music. Given … Read more

Best Ukuleles

The ukulele is a simple instrument with a lot of potential. Although much smaller in total size and having less frets than many comparable stringed instruments, the little ukulele is capable of producing quite a … Read more

Best Acoustic Guitar

The guitar is second only to the piano as the most popular instrument in the world. Across the developed world, it seems like almost every household has at least one acoustic guitar sitting about … Read more

Best Metronomes for Acoustic Guitar

The number one issue I have ever had with guitarists in the studio is their ability (or lack thereof) to play in time with a click track. The ability to keep time will either … Read more

Best Guitar Amp

Choosing a guitar amplifier can be a big decision. It's not only an investment, it's also something that has the potential to define your guitar tone for months or years to come. Whether you're a … Read more

Best Pedalboard for Electric Guitar

Guitarists are always obsessing over pedals. Every one of those little boxes can contain its own unique magic and it's little surprise that some electric guitarist just can't get enough. As much fun as it … Read more

Best Noise Cancelling Headphones

So imagine you’re on a plane, a nice relaxing ride. You have your complimentary bag of peanuts and everything is going great. Then all of a sudden, a couple rows back a baby starts … Read more

Best Gaming Headsets

Whenever you need some down time to unwind, relax, or just clear your head, gaming has become an outlet for getting out the daily stress. Whenever I get back from work, I know I … Read more

Best Gifts for Musicians

You ever have trouble knowing what to say when your family or friends ask, “What do you want for Christmas?” Or perhaps you are on the other end not knowing what to get someone … Read more

Best Cheap Earbuds

We all wanna enjoy our music in the best way possible but we don’t always have the money to drop on a pair of Sol Republics or Beats. Or you just want a cheap … Read more

Best Guitar Capo

Table of Contents: I. Famous songs played with capo II. How to Make Your Own Capo III. Over clamp a. G7th Nashville Capo b. Kyser Quick Change Capo c. Kyser Short-Cut Partial Capo IV. Under … Read more

Best Guitar Stands

We all want the best for our instruments, we don’t want them to get knocked over, scratched, or damaged in any way. Ultimately, the best way to avoid anything hurting your guitar, is to … Read more

Best Record Player

Records are one of the oldest forms of enjoying music that is making a comeback today. It’s an advanced version of the original wax cylinders that Thomas Edison used to record sound. One of … Read more

Best Guitar Straps

Guitar players have spent countless hours sitting on the edge of their bed learning the sickest licks, not wanting to miss a beat in the song. Eventually, we all graduated from sitting to practice, … Read more

Best Bass Guitar

The bass guitar is a cornerstone in the foundation of modern music. Whether it is creating powerful grooves that form the backbone of the music or creating fireworks with solos and unique effects, the … Read more

Best Waterproof Headphones

During the first 2 summer breaks while I was in college, I would go home and work at a local summer camp doing groundskeeping for some income to have over the next year in … Read more

Best Guitar Slide Brands

The sound of slide guitar is an experience like no other. It can be a raunchy blues solo, or a gentle and soulful slide accompaniment, or even a psychedelically infused voyage into the unexplored. Slide … Read more

Best Headphone Amp

Headphones are the way we all listen to music when we want to escape from the world. They block out everything around us and let us focus on the moment. The emotions that come … Read more

Best Guitar Cables

Guitar cables are the lifeblood of every electric player, any size, any variance of cable. As long as it carries the signal well, you’ll take it. But if instead of bumming a couple cables … Read more

Best Chorus Pedal

The chorus pedal is one of the most common items in an electric guitar player's arsenal of effects. As the name implies, chorus pedals create the effect of multiplying your guitar signal to create … Read more

Best Delay Pedal

Looking for the best delay pedal? If you want something impressive yet affordable, try the Electro-Harmonix Canyon Delay and Looper Pedal. If it's the crème dela crème you're after and don't mind dropping some … Read more

Best Audio Interface

Table of Contents: I. Best 2 Channel Interfaces a. Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 b. Presonus Audiobox 96 c. Universal Audio Arrow II. Best 8 Channel Interface a. Presonus Studio 192 b. Tascam US 16x08 c. Scarlett … Read more

The Best Pop Filter

You always want to get the best quality sound right from the source, and using a Pop Filter can be the make or break point on recording your vocals. Not only does it prevent … Read more

Best 49-Key MIDI Controllers

In the world of keyboard controllers, 49 key MIDI controllers are the new standard. Check out the Alesis VI49 and the Novation LaunchKey, two of our favorites! How did 49 become the new 61? … Read more

Best 61-Key MIDI Keyboard Controllers

The 61 key MIDI controller is the most common configuration of all MIDI controllers, check out what makes these 5 controllers uncommon, from the Novation Impulse 61 key to the Akai MPK2 Most producers … Read more

Best Acoustic Guitar Strings

Table of Contents Basics Must Know Details Light strings Nylon strings Guitar Variance Gauge Types String Construction Wound Strings Roundwound Flatwound Halfwound Coated Strings Top Picks Elixir Martin Audio Sample D’Addario Cleartone 2018 Updates For 2018 … Read more

A Guide to the Best Reverb Pedals for Guitarists

For as long as humans have been playing music, we have utilized the natural sound of different spaces, whether that’s a cathedral, concert hall, or even a cave. This natural sound is called reverberation, … Read more

Essential Pedals for Electric Guitar

If you are a beginning guitarist, you might be feeling overwhelmed thinking about pedals. With so many options on the market where do you start? We've broken down the top factors of what you need … Read more

Best PA Systems for a Large Venue

The cutting edge of live sound consoles is evolving and changing at an astonishing rate. Every few years, leading manufacturers will design new consoles that outstrip their older counterparts in all respects including channel … Read more

Best Portable PA Systems

With the increasing demand on artists and audio engineers to supply their own PA systems, investing in a reliable and great-sounding portable PA is important for gigging musicians. Portable PAs are a great solution … Read more

Best Recording Microphone For Vocals in 2018

Choosing the right vocal microphone for your studio recordings is a major up-front factor in the quality of your end-result. Barring the pop filter, your microphone is the first thing your voice  "touches" in … Read more

Pass the Mic: Best Vocal Mic for Rappers

There may not be a genre where microphone choice is more important in relation to the human voice when it comes to clarity beyond the dynamic range than rap and hiphop. Though not all … Read more

Best MIDI Keyboard for Beginners

A MIDI keyboard is essential for anyone looking to produce music and break into audio engineering. What can be confusing is where to start when first choosing one. For a quick look at our … Read more

How to Build a Home Recording Studio on a Budget

Building a home recording studio can be a daunting task for beginners. This is especially true if you are trying to get it done for close to under $1,000. Fortunately for you, we've done … Read more

The Top “Mumble” Rappers in 2018

This list of mumble rappers could literally change every week. The amount of music that is being put out on a daily basis (especially in rap music) is unprecedented. If you feel like someone should … Read more

Full Sail University Review

Editors Note: Below is a Full Sail review and opinion piece from former student Sean Davis. Sean graduated from Full Sail University and is currently working in the music industry. All opinions and experiences … Read more

Best Music Schools in Washington

If location is one of the factors you are taking into heavy consideration when choosing a music school, know that there has never been a better time to live in the Pacific Northwest (PNW). … Read more

The Best 25-Key MIDI Keyboard Controllers

As the smallest of the keyboard controllers, the best 25 key MIDI controllers need to be as compact as they are feature-packed. We view the Akai MPK Mini II and the Akai LPK25 as … Read more

Best Portable Audio Interfaces

In the untethered world of recording the best portable audio interfaces come from big names and unexpected ones too. A good audio interface is generally the first step in realizing a song after the … Read more

Music Degrees

You'd like to land a high-paying job in music, and you're willing to do what it takes to make that happen. You're thinking about getting a music degree, but you wonder if the expense … Read more

Best Guitar Pick Punch

Making guitar picks has never been easier than it is now. Guitar players have an abundance of options when it comes to tools for creating your own picks. One of these tools is the … Read more

FL Studio 12 Review

FL Studio 12 at a glance FL Studio 12 Yes No Price $99-$899 Free Trial x Third Party FX x Film Scoring x OSx x PC x iOS x Android x See on Amazon Brandon Shaver 4/5 stars Formerly known as Fruity Loops, FL Studio began making waves in the beat making community in 1998 when it … Read more

Akai MPC Live Review

If Akai's MPC X replaces your laptop and Maschine, the MPC Live is coming for Ableton Live. With the leak that kept on giving, the second item from the MPC 2.0 family goes a bit sleeker, … Read more

Best Drum Machine 2017

Updates for 2017 This is a great time to be in the market for a new drum machine. For 2017, we've added two products to our list of the best drum machines. Each one has … Read more


Update: We recently updated our review to include a star rating and gave it 4.5 start based on its extensive features, plugins, compatibility, and of course Reapers incredible price point. REAPER at a Glance REAPER Pro 9 Yes No Price $60 Free … Read more

A List of Our Favorite SoundCloud Alternatives

Though reports of SoundCloud’s death may be greatly exaggerated when was the last time that you willingly removed 40% of your body and were still living to tell about it? So with the latest round … Read more

SoundSport Wireless vs Powerbeats3 Wireless

Comparison Table Full Review Pricing PowerBeats SoundSport PowerBeats Pricing $199 on Guitar Center $199 on Amazon $87 used - Amazon $198 - B&H (lowest price and variety) SoundSport Pricing $149 on Guitar Center $149 … Read more

Best Electric Guitar Strings of 2018

Table of Contents Basics Must Know Details String Compobillysition String Gauge String Winding Roundwound Flatwound Halfwound String Coating Top Picks Ernie Ball Elixir NANOWEB D’Addario DR Tite-Fit Experimenting with new gear is one of the most fun … Read more

Best Keyboard Controllers with Pads

No matter the key configurations, the most popular MIDI controllers are keyboard controllers with pads. As the most popular style of MIDI controllers in the world, keyboard controller with pads cover a wide range … Read more

Best Cloud Collaboration Services for Musicians

As our world becomes more and more wireless, the cloud has become an integral part of both creation and collaboration. From file storage to untethered workflows powered by digital handoff Audio Assemble is here … Read more

Best 88 Key MIDI Controllers

As the large of the keyboard controllers, the best 88 key MIDI controllers are made for pianists or at least a producer who knows their way around a piano. M-Audio reigns in the top … Read more

Best Powered PA Systems

If you're looking to upgrade from a small PA system, then full-featured powered mixers are a great place to start. You won't have to worry about purchasing both a mixer and power amp as … Read more

Best PA Systems in Different Price Ranges

PA systems vary in size, shape, functionality, price, and quality. There are hundreds of models to choose from dozens of manufacturers. With so many options available on the market, it’s often hard to find … Read more

A First Look at the MPC X

Akai's new MPC X could replace your laptop! It's rare that an eighty-year-old company experiences a leak, but on January 9th that's exactly what happened to Akai Pro with an early release of the product photos, … Read more

Best Guitar Pedals in Each Price Range

2017 is shaping up to be a great year for guitar pedals. The industry is showing major growth and is refreshingly innovative. But before we can consider the best, how do we know which … Read more

2018 Best Semi-open Back Headphones

The preferred headphones of mastering engineers and the perfect compromise for artists and tracking engineers, semi-open-back headphones allow for critical listening with minimal bleed. Typically seen as the headphone of compromise for tracking engineers, or … Read more

2018 Best Open Back Headphones

The preferred headphones of mixing engineers and audiophiles, open-back headphones allow for critical listening and real-world perspective. To close off my series about the best studio headphones on the market, let’s talk about the best … Read more

2018 Best Closed-Back Headphones

The savior of a tracking engineer's job and the solace of a music producer's creativity, closed-back headphones are a key component of the music making process. Closed-back headphones are the most-versatile pair of headphones … Read more

Best Digital PA Systems

Digital PA systems are rapidly changing as technology continues to develop more powerful, compact, and faster computer systems. That means there’s a lot to think about when purchasing a digital mixer. However, if you’re … Read more


Reason 9 Standard at a Glance Reason 9 … Read more

Cakewalk SONAR Review

Cakewalk Sonar series at a glance Cakewalk Sonar Pro 9 … Read more

Ableton Live 9 Review

Ableton Live 9 Standard at a Glance Ableton Live 9 … Read more

Best MIDI Pad Controllers

Over the span of a decade fewer people have felt the need to get an MPC or groove box, instead opting for digital step sequencer and a MIDI drum controller. This is due in … Read more

The Best MIDI to USB Cables For Any Computer

Electronic musical instruments and personal computers connect to MIDI keyboards to allow musicians to produce digital music tracks. These devices can also be used as music education tools for aspiring musicians. MIDI to universal … Read more

The Best Audiobooks in Each Major Category

Let's face it: With the hyperactivity of today's busy lifestyles, more people have difficulty finding the time to simply read for pleasure. Between work, school and extracurricular activities, the downtime necessary to enjoy … Read more

4 Best Guitar Chord Books For Beginners

1. “The Ultimate Guitar Chord Chart” by Hal Leonard Coporation Pros: It’s essentially a simple, no-frills quick-reference chart in book form. Because it’s so small and light, you can carry it inside your guitar case. Plus, … Read more

Best Audio Engineering Book

Searching for the best audio engineering books to study, learn, grow, and advance your skills? Look no further, we at Audio Assemble have done the research for you. Below are a list of the best … Read more

Best Pro Tools Books

Books are great for supplemental learning as well as getting your foot in the door. Ultimately it is on you to learn but you can take a book around with you anywhere you go … Read more