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7 Best EDM Vocal Samples for 2024: A Comprehensive Review

Want to jump straight to the answer? Our choice for the best EDM Vocal Samples is Sounds of KSHMR Vol. 3!

Electronic music has become one of the biggest styles out there and most styles of electronic music are branches coming out from EDM. It’s easy to find samples for 808’s and synths and to even make your own sounds for those instruments. The biggest struggle producers will have is getting the perfect vocal track that can tie the entire song together. Whether that be a simple one-shot before a drop or if you’re looking for a melody line to drive the song. With these choices of the Best EDM Vocal Samples, you are going to be opened up to a whole new world of possibilities. 

Quicklook: Best EDM Vocal Samples

  1. Sounds of KSHMR Vol. 3
  2. Fortune by Amy Kirkpatrick
  3. KARRA Presents: Dylan Matthew Vocal Pack
  4. EDM Drop Vocals – Hooks, Screams And Shouts
  5. Roniit Silk Vocal Samples
  6. Micky Blue Vocal Sample Pack
  7. VOX – The Vocal Toolkit Vol. 1

What To Look For When Choosing an EDM Vocal Sample

Depending on the vibe of the edm you are working with, you can search for many different sounds. Generally what you want to look for is a fairly basic vocal line. It’s not very often that you hear a lot of natural vibrato on a voice. Generally, you want a strong solid vocal line to fit in with your track that you can manipulate later. There are a few other factors that are important for picking samples so look through them before you begin. 


Especially in these current times, you cannot afford to just throw money around like it’s no big deal. You want to make sure you get the best return for your purchase, especially looking for EDM vocal samples. Luckily samples are easy to come by, whether you go through a subscription, like Splice or Loopcloud, which allows the purchasing of individual samples, or if you want to outright purchase an entire pack. 

Frequency of Use

With vocal lines, you have a lower chance of reusing them than say a kick or guitar riff. That is not to say that you cannot reuse a vocal take. When you have a vocal samples it can be chopped up and manipulated to create new sounds beyond just a basic melody. 

Skill Level

Inserting a vocal sample into a pre existing song can take a lot of practice and patience. You might need to change the timing of your song or even the vocal itself to get them to match up. Many engineers will want to have the vocal line first then build the song around it to make sure it all lines up correctly. With that in mind, any skill level can do this if only to practice and get better at it. 

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7 Best EDM Vocal Samples

1. Sounds of KSHMR Vol. 3

Sounds of KSHMR Vol. 3
Sounds of KSHMR Vol. 3

For EDM artists that are looking to add international vocals and instruments to their set. This pack has over 3,000 samples including 439 vocal samples. KSHMR 1 & 2 are two of the highest-selling packs on Splice and the 3rd volume featured here is quickly joining its preceding sample packs. 

Niles Hollowell-Dhar known as the EDM artist and producer KSHMR is the maker of this sample pack. KSHMR’s Indian heritage has always been an influence in his music career. 

You’ve probably heard some of this in hits he has produced while he was in the group The Cataracs and Far East Movement. Songs like  Like a G6 and Bass Down Low rocked the clubs in the early 10’s. You can now find Niles Hollowell-Dhar performing solo under his name KSHMR in the studio and on stages around the world including Coachella Music Festival in California. 

KSHMR is known to use the music software Ableton Live. Check out our review of Ableton Live here

With this vocal sample pack, you can blend traditional chants, multiple languages, shouts, and phrases with your favorite big room house beats. 

Who’s it for? EDM music makers looking to add an ethnic vibe to their tracks. 

Price: View on Splice

Favorites in this pack:

  • KSHMR_Breathing_Loop_02_128
  • KSHMR_Latin_Vocal_25_Male_Melody_133_Em
  • KSHMR_Vocal_Awakening_02_Em
  • KSHMR_Indian_Vocal_06_Ayva_D_to_B
  • KSHMR_Indian_Freestyle_Vocal_12_Fm

What’s in this pack: 

  • 252 fx vocal samples
  • 147 chants
  • Multiple languages: Indian, Arabic, Spanish
  • 57 adlibs
  • 49 phrases
  • 439 total vocal samples

2. Fortune by Amy Kirkpatrick

Fortune by Amy Kirkpatrick
Fortune by Amy Kirkpatrick

Thanks to her amazing history in electronic music, Amy Kirkpatrick was able to put together this absolutely fantastic sample pack with all the vocals you would need for a top 10 EDM song. There are over 300 samples all of which are Amy’s vocals from spoken word to chorus and glitches. 

Her influential vocal sounds work perfectly for garage, drum and bass, and especially EDM. Any producer would have a field day using these samples and never run out of inspiration.

Who’s it for? EDM Artists looking to add chorus and spoken word to their tracks

Price: See it on Splice

Favorites in this pack:

  • AK_VocalAtmosphere_Fm_03
  • AK_G#m_128BPM_LikeLove_Chorus_Full
  • AK_GlitchFXLoop_Fm_156BPM_ForYour_Chorus_Full _GLITCH
  • AK_G#m_120BPM_SummerWaves_PreChorus_LowOctave
  • AK_VocalAtmposphere_Ab_01

What’s in this pack: 

  • 366 Total Samples
  • 107 FX
  • 73 Spoken Word
  • 44 Glitch
  • 35 Leads
  • 33 Atmospheres

3. KARRA Presents: Dylan Matthew Vocal Pack

KARRA Presents: Dylan Matthew Vocal Pack
KARRA Presents: Dylan Matthew Vocal Pack

As the producer for this pack, KARRA worked with Dylan Matthew to create the best possible pack for him to release. She herself has built up an impressive career working with the likes of KSHMR, Steve Aoki, Timbaland, and many more. This pack is full of useful samples from wet and dry phrases to adlibs to spice up an instrumental section. This pack is the perfect mix of pop and EDM with Dylan Matthew’s vocals perfectly fitting in either style. 

Who’s it for? EDM- Producers looking for male vocals to change up the vibe

Price: See it on Splice

Favorites in this pack:

  • DYLAN_MATTHEW_vocal_loop_wet_06_128_Eb
  • DYLAN_MATTHEW_vocal_loop_dry_14_105_Emin
  • DYLAN_MATTHEW_vocal_loop_dry_03_150_G
  • DYLAN_MATTHEW_vocal_adlib_wet_lose_100_A
  • DYLAN_MATTHEW_vocal_loop_wet_03_160_D

What’s in this pack: 

  • 468 Total Samples
  • 138 Phrases
  • 74 Chants
  • 124 Adlibs

4. EDM Drop Vocals – Hooks, Screams And Shouts

EDM Drop Vocals - Hooks, Screams And Shouts
EDM Drop Vocals – Hooks, Screams And Shouts

This pack is all about pushing as much energy as possible. With over 600 vocal samples and 60 drum samples, you will have everything you need to push an intense beat into your listener’s ears. This pack has both male to female vocals focusing mainly on one shouts and shouts.

Who’s it for? EDM – Beat makers looking for High Energy Vocals

Price: See it on Loopcloud

Favorites in this pack:

  • EDV_VOX_BLD_001

What’s in this pack: 

  • 691 Total Samples
  • 275 Male Vocals
  • 211 Female Vocals
  • 60 Impacts
  • 16 Choir

5. Roniit Silk Vocal Samples

Roniit Silk Vocal Samples
Roniit Silk Vocal Samples

If you want the voice of smooth yet brooding vocals, this is the pack you have been searching for. Pulling from her own lyrics, Roniit worked with the Splice team to create a top of the line pack that expressed the sounds of Roniit perfectly for all to hear. 

Roniit describes her sound as “Dark pop.” Honestly that is the most accurate description for it. Her music videos take on imagery of dark themes and thought provoking images. I quickly learned to appreciate her unique vocal sound and you can too with her amazing samples. 

Who’s it for? EDM – Perfect for ethereal and atmospheric EDM 

Price: See it on Splice

Favorites in this pack:

  • RNT_vocal_bg_ahh_ooo_05_wet_130_Abm
  • RNT_vocal_phrase_grow_wet_150_Abm
  • RNT_vocal_phrase_save_me_wet_125_Bm
  • RNT_vocal_phrase_Still_need_you_dry_130_Bb

What’s in this pack: 

  • 168 Total Samples
  • 59 Dry Samples
  • 69 Wet Samples
  • 31 Spoken Word

6. Micky Blue Vocal Sample Pack

Micky Blue Vocal Sample Pack
Micky Blue Vocal Sample Pack

Whether it be straight clean vocal lines or gritty filtered takes, Micky Blue delivers it all. Working with producer Joren Van Der Voort and using high-quality mics, Micky produced a fantastic pack with over 200 vocal melodies for producers. Based out of New York City, she is on top of the game when it comes to modern sounds and vocals.

Micky Blue’s vocals are perfecting for both haunting and uplifting music. She has worked with incredible producers in both the UK and Netherlands. Her vocals can be heard on the KSHMR and Crossfade hit “Back to Me” as well as having worked with Tiesto to release 2 singles that were premiered at Tiesto’s sets at Ultra and Tomorrowland.

Who’s it for? EDM – Creators looking for sounds ranging from Clean to Gritty

Price: See it on Splice 

Favorites in this pack:

  • MCKYBLU_vocal_short_phrase_let_me_go
  • MCKYBLU_vocal_pad_moving_organ_chord_progression
  • MCKYBLU_vocal_melody_4xoh_messed_up
  • MCKYBLU_vocal_loop_alright_wet

What’s in this pack: 

  • 202 Total Samples
  • 27 Phrases
  • 109 Dry Samples
  • 74 Wet Samples

7. VOX – The Vocal Toolkit Vol. 1

VOX - The Vocal Toolkit Vol. 1
VOX – The Vocal Toolkit Vol. 1

This is not like the average vocal sample pack in this list. This pack leans more to vocal sounds and less to phrases and hooks. Each has its place in songs, but a pack such as this will be easier to use over and over again. Their vocal lines have been pitched, vocoded, glitched, and beyond to create crazy and interesting new sounds. Not only do these awesome sounds come in so many styles, but they are also offered both with and without reverb and effects, so essentially dry and wet. 

Who’s it for? EDM – Creators looking for melodies without vocals

Price: See it on Splice

Favorites in this pack:

  • CPAVX_VOX_LP_26_125
  • CPAVX_VOX_LP_33_130
  • CPAVX_VOX_LP_98_165
  • CPAVX_VOX_LP_71_150

What’s in this pack:

  • 587 Samples
  • 100 Dry Samples
  • 100 Wet Samples

Frequently Asked Questions

How old is EDM?

EDM has roots leading back to around the late 1970’s. Disco is pretty much credited for starting the interest in electronic music styles.

What time signature and BPM should I be using when I make EDM?

As a general rule of thumb, EDM is in the basic 4/4 time signature, and at least 120 BPM. That isn’t to say you can’t experiment with other time signatures, 4/4 is just an easy to follow beat when it comes to dance and rhythm.

Creating a Spark

Since EDM is such a broad naming of a genre, you are open to so many ideas and ways to create. You are not limited by anything but your own creativity. This is why these EDM vocal samples are so perfect, they all are left open-ended and you can make pretty much anything once you’ve cut them up or tweaked them to how your mind hears them. Make sure you check out the other samples that branch out from EDM into Techno, Garage, and many others here. 

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