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Audio Assemble is a web site that was created so that people can easily and quickly learn how to use all types of recording software and everything that comes along with it. It was founded in 2008 and will continue to serve as your one-stop audio engineering learning center for aspiring musicians and audio engineers.

This web site is not just for Pro Tools LE and Pro Tools users – it is for all lovers of music. The site will take many different approaches on delivering what you need as a producer, musician, and overall music lover to help you understand the recording and the music industry and how it plays an important factor in our lives whether you are a professional or amateur music producer, or whether you are just someone that is interested!

There are three main goals for Audio Assemble.

  1. Help all levels of music products to understand their industry better.
  2. Help educate musicians and producers on the best types of equipment to use
  3. Help musicians and producers have the edge in their career by providing a free avenue of information directly relevant to their career and passion

Are you thinking of becoming a Producer?

Then this is the site for you. You will be able to gain extensive knowledge on how to use your tools as a producer (if you have already bought them).

Stick around if you are interested in learning, and if you are interested in learning for free. If you are interested in helping us then please visit our contact page where you will learn how you can help and potentially join us in our quest to bring the best Pro Tools Tutorial website come to life.

Philip Rudy – Writer, Founder
Philip had the founding vision for Audio Assemble, previously known as Pro Tools Tutorial. In 2008 Philip began recording and producing songs and had a hard time finding free and accurate information on Pro Tools software. From there the website was born. Philip currently works as a Software Engineer for Amazon and handles the editorial strategy as well as much of the technical aspects of Audio Assemble’s website.
Sean Davis – Editor, Instructor, Music Producer
Sean serves as our industry expert for music production. He holds a BS in Music Business and Marketing from Full Sail University and works as a Producer in New York City. You will find him writing amazingly detailed gear reviews, interviewing artists, and providing invaluable insight for our Audio Engineering learners.
Jarrett Moses – Writer, Guitarist, Audio Engineer
Jarrett is a hardcore Lover-Jazz Lover-Rock Lover-Blues Lover-just a music lover. He has the hair to match — Jarrett and provides in-depth insight into all things guitar and music engineering.
Eric TerBush – Editor, Writer
Eric has been working with music production and instrument experimentation since his younger youth. He has a fond appreciation for a wide variety of music and is an enthusiastic practitioner. Catch him at a local concert in Ann Arbor, MI.
Collin Dwarski – Musician, Audio Engineer
Collin Stanley is a musician, and producer. He currently lives in New York City. He got his start in his native Detroit, where his solid musicianship and outsized personality allowed him to meld into the city’s thriving garage rock scene. He performed with numerous bands and collaborated with some of Detroit’s world-class musicians before relocating to New York City.
Thomas Rudy – Editor, Writer
Thomas began helping out back in 2010 with the first few iterations of the website. He has helped to produce much of the content, formed partnerships with Audio Engineering institutions, and created the latest version of the website. Thomas handles many of the artist interviews as well as guitar content.
Chris Agar – Musician, Audio Engineer
Chris is a NYC-based bassist and producer with roots in Metro Detroit. Although formally trained in the jazz idiom, Chris’ skillful musicianship and collaborative approach have allowed him to forge artistic relationships spanning multiple genres. In addition to subbing on Broadway, he currently records music at the Pencil Factory Recording Studio and collaborates on numerous projects.
Cedric Alvarez – Writer, Editor
Cedric is a producer/composer residing in Seattle, Washington. Born and raised in the northwest of Washington. Cedric has always been an advocate for creativity and expression, and music has always been his particular way of showing just that. He began writing songs at the age of ten years old and was heavily involved in his school band through middle school. In his senior year of high school at the age of 17, he released his first studio demo project titled, Redrikulous. He is an Art Institute of Seattle Alum; where he attended from 2011 to 2013 for audio production.
Brandon Shaver – Contributor, Musician
Brandon is a singer/song writer based in Seattle Washington. You can find him writing on the music scene in Seattle, as well as performing there too. He is our Reaper DAW expert and he often contributes to artist interviews, music news, and gear updates.
Lindsey Widener – Editor, Writer
Lindsey grew up in the theater and has always been drawn to the arts. She loves a variety of music ranging from musicals, 2000’s hip hop, and everything in between. When traveling she makes it a point to see as many venues and theaters as possible.
Marie Sorenson – Contributor, Music Producer, Musician
Marie has some of our most viewed content for video tutorials. She is extremely knowledgeable working with pro tools and is a talented musician to match. This about section wasn’t enough for her, so we gave her an interview as well.
Dan Spencer – Contributor, Music Producer
Dan has provided most of the free tutorials on this website early on. His work has been seen as has helped hundreds of thousands of early learners looking to record using pro tools software. After graduating from the Art Institute of Washington with a BA in audio engineering, Dan has gone on to become a Grammy Nominating voter, as well as gathered over 1 million listens for his Album “Back Track” on Spotify.