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Top 7 Halftime Samples for Music Production in 2024

Want to jump straight to the answer? Our choice for the Best Halftime Samples is Halftime from Zenheiser!

Most of the time, when we think of the start of a genre, our minds jump to 20+ years ago. However, Halftime is a genre that was only born in the last decade with a quick draw of attention. Drum & Bass produced this offshoot of itself which is entirely based on the same sounds but a beat in halftime (if it wasn’t obvious enough). But with the best halftime samples, you can be headbanging in no time. 

Quicklook: Best Halftime Samples

  1. Halftime – Zenheiser
  2. Phantom – Ghost Syndicate
  3. SM White Label – Halftime D&B – Sample Magic
  4. Halftime Neuro Drum & Bass – Urban Toolkit
  5. Loopcloud Drum – Nebulas Halftime – Blind Audio
  6. Future Halftime – EDM Ghost Production
  7. Barra – Ghost Syndicate

What To Look For When Choosing a Halftime Sample

Halftime is full of aggression and energy ready to melt your face at any second. That being said, there is more to think about than the sounds themselves when you first start shopping for samples. Take a look through these elements and you’ll have a better understanding of what you need. 


Beyond outright purchasing an entire pack on Loopmasters, you have the option of working off of a subscription with sample websites such as Loopcloud or Splice to purchase individual samples and entire packs at a discount. 

Frequency of Use

The great part about samples (especially in electronic music) is that things are supposed to be processed to hell. You should take every sample you use and experiment to see what other ways it can be used. If you are inventive enough, you could use a loop into an entire beat.

Skill Level

Once you have listened to Drum & Bass, you’ll start to understand the vibes and then you can pick up on what halftime is really all about. That will make working with these samples that much easier. 

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7 Best Halftime Samples

1. Halftime – Zenheiser

Zenheiser Halftime
Halftime – Zenheiser

Best for: Loop Driven Producers

This pack is focused on providing sounds inspired by the roots of Halftime, which is Trap and Drum&Bass. The pure aggression pushed into these bass lines and drum sounds is enough to rattle anyone’s brain. 

Price: Available with Splice Subscription

What is included? Over 550 Samples including

  • 350 Loops 
  • 203 One-Shots
  • Snares
  • Grooves
  • Leads

2. Phantom – Ghost Syndicate

Ghost Syndicate Phantom
Phantom – Ghost Syndicate

Best for: Twisted Distorted Sounds

Ghost Syndicate’s own description of this pack as, “the essence of the word ‘contortion,’” is the only description I could even think of coming close to this pack. They say its creation was fueled by nightmares of a sewer-dwelling lizard man. With all of the insane sounds that come in this pack, I’m inclined to believe them. 


What is included? 362 Samples including

  • 167 Loops 
  • 195 One-Shots
  • Synth
  • Effects
  • Noise

3. SM White Label – Halftime D&B – Sample Magic

Sample Magic SM White Label - Halftime D&B
SM White Label – Halftime D&B – Sample Magic

Best for: Melodic Halftime

For all the grit and growl you could ever need in an instrument, turn to the SM White Label. This pack is full of rhythmic beats and leads that at any moment can turn into an aggressive monster. Be ready for all of the sounds to make the house jump as soon as you start your track. 

Price: Available with Splice Subscription

What is included? 458 Samples including

  • 347 loops
  • 111 One-shots
  • Drum
  • Hats
  • Snare

4. Halftime Neuro Drum & Bass – Urban Toolkit

Best for: Funky Halftime

From the Loopmasters comes this funky take on halftime and all of its sounds. You’ll find everything in here from drum rolls and kicks to synth vocals and screaming leadlines. Paired with your creativity, this pack can push the limits of any song. 


What is included? 478 Samples including

  • 262 Loops
  • 256 One-Shots
  • Hats
  • Vocals
  • Bass

5. Loopcloud Drum – Nebulas Halftime – Blind Audio

Blind Audio Loopcloud Drum - Nebulas Halftime
Loopcloud Drum – Nebulas Halftime – Blind Audio

Best for: Loopcloud Drum VST Users

This pack from Blind Audio is all about the creators that use the Loopcloud Drum VST. It has built-in presets and one-shots perfect for creating your own patterns and rhythms in the plugin itself. Load them in and start creating.

Price: Available with Loopcloud Subscription

What is included? 51 Files including

  • 3 Drum Kit Presets
  • 48 One-Shots
  • Synth Bass
  • Hats
  • Claps

6. Future Halftime – EDM Ghost Production

EDM Ghost Production Future Halftime
Future Halftime – EDM Ghost Production

Best for: Dark Ambient Sounds

The whole point of this pack was to make halftime sounds that stood out from the norm when it came to halftime samples. EDM Ghost Production more than met that goal with this sick pack full of attacking percussion and synth lines. 


What is included? 829 Samples including

  • 406 Loops
  • 423 One-Shots
  • Risers
  • Glitched
  • Impact

7. Barra – Ghost Syndicate

Ghost Syndicate Barra
Barra – Ghost Syndicate

Best for: Rusty/Industrial Sounds

Here is another fantastic pack from Ghost Syndicate. With this pack you get more than just the average synth and bass sounds. Barra offers a wide variety of sounds and effects as well as atmospheric sounds to keep your listeners entranced till the very end.


What is included? 668 Samples including

  • 297 Loops 
  • 371 One-Shots
  • Foley
  • Downshifters
  • Sub

Half the Time, Double the Effort

Working with these samples can push you to try new sounds and styles that may be out of your comfort zone. This is a great way to grow with how you approach your beats and you may surprise yourself and realize you can put out some real bangers in other styles. Always be willing (especially early in your career) to try new things. There’s nothing wrong circling back to what you know as well but maybe you can try a mashup of the 2.

If you are looking to find more of the best samples out there for many different genres, check out our lists of samples here!

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