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Best R&B Vocal Samples

Want to jump straight to the answer? Our choice for the best R&B Vocal Sample is Lovesick – R&B Soul from Origin Sound!

Rhythm and Blues are some of the roots that have established much of what modern music is today. Some of the biggest stars in music have their own roots in R&B like Beyonce, Ariana Grande, Sam Smith, and many more. Through this entire list, you will hear influences from the best that the 90s and 2000s have to offer. These samples will fit perfectly as your vocals for many projects to come. 

Quicklook: Best R&B Vocal Samples

  1. Lovesick – R&B Soul – Origin Sound
  2. KARRA Vocal Sample Pack – Splice
  3. Love Me More RNB Vocals – Vocal Roads
  4. Alternative R&B – Sample Magic
  5. Underground Soul Vocals 2 – Loopmasters
  6. Future Soul Acapellas – Vital Vocals

What To Look For When Choosing a RnB Vocal Sample

When you look for the best R&B vocal samples you want to hear the passion and smooth delivery from the vocalists. But beyond the delivery itself, there are many things to keep in consideration when you are looking for your samples.


Pricing is the number 1 thought on every producer or engineer’s mind when they are looking for anything new. Samples are luckily cheaper than any piece of gear you will be searching for. When you take into consideration the option of subscriptions through Loopcloud or Splice, the options are even more attainable. 

Frequency of Use

I say this fairly often when we are looking at vocal samples, but it can be difficult to reuse any vocal sample. Because of the uniqueness of melodies and vocal tones, it can be hard to reuse samples without them being recognized. However, this can be very useful for remixes which are a very different taste of the vocals. 

Skill Level

Working with R&B vocals is no different than working with any other vocals. As long as you have the bpm and keys lined up correctly, you should have no issue from there.

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7 Best R&B Vocal Samples

1. Lovesick – R&B Soul – Origin Sound

Best for: 2000’s R&B

Everything in this pack screams R&B. When I first started flipping through the samples, I could hear sounds that made me think of Rihanna and Beyonce with their early 2000’s sounds. Not only do you have a perfect selection of R&B vocals, but you also have a plethora of other instruments and sounds to work with. 

Price: Available with Splice Subscription

What is included? 53 Vocal Samples also including

  • Drums
  • Synths
  • Bass
  • 808’s

2. KARRA Vocal Sample Pack – Splice

Best for: Generic Vocals

This pack from KARRA is full of well-created vocals that are fluid in what sounds they can be used for. Whether you are trying to go for some sort of pop vocal, or the R&B sound. These samples have layers and harmonies built-in that can create a well-produced track for anyone.

Price: Available with Splice Subscription

What is included? Over 500 Vocal Samples including

  • Adlibs
  • Dry
  • Wet
  • Phrases
  • Hooks

3. Love Me More RNB Vocals – Vocal Roads

Best for: Modern R&B

This pack is based around the abilities and performance of singer Nomeli. She delivers beautiful and stunning performances for you to use. On top of her vocals, you also get chord progressions and drum samples to use that blend with her voice. 


What is included? 54 Vocal Samples also including

  • Synth
  • Claps
  • Cymbals 
  • Drums

4. Alternative R&B – Sample Magic

Best for: Lo-Fi R&B

Moody melodics, lush lo-fi, and soul-tinged production. Mixing the world of electronica, neo-soul, and lo-fi, Alternative R&B offers a collection of hybrid drums, gritty guitars, dreamy synths, reworked vocals, and late-night vibes. Alternative R&B offers an assortment of WAV, MIDI, drum hits, and one-shots to deliver full-track inspiration in a bespoke collection that is sure to ignite your tracks across multiple genres.

Price: Available with Splice Subscription

What is included? 40+ Male and Female Vocal Samples also including

  • Drums
  • Guitars
  • Piano
  • Claps

5. Underground Soul Vocals 2 – Loopmasters

Best for: Classic R&B

This pack comes with over 650 MB worth of unique vocals in many styles, from smooth alluring melodies with gorgeous vibratos for your more downtempo outings right up to soulful, spellbinding and emotive hooks and phrases that are perfect for those euphoric moments on the dancefloors. You’ll be able to use these to add emotion and humanism to your music in all manner of contexts.


What is included? 480 Female Vocal Samples

6. Future Soul Acapellas – Vital Vocals

Best for: Modernized R&B

Inspirations for this collection include Disclosure, Sam Smith, Childish Gambino, Miguel, Jessie Ware, The Internet, Majid Jordan and more. The resulting vibe is futuristic, contemporary sounding soul music – yet also with a hint of nostalgic r&b feel. Within, you’ll find a collection that sounds totally fresh, and that can be used in a multitude of different genres. 


What is included? 225 Male and Female Vocal Samples

Frequently Askes Questions

What time signature does R&B use?

One of the most common time signatures is 3/4. Anything that is in some sort of thirds is easier to dance to (perfect for R&B).

What instruments do I need in an R&B song?

With R&B you of course have the basics of guitar, drums, bass, and keys. Beyond that there are also horns and occasionally sub bass.

New Challenges

Finding ways to implement new themes into your music can be a challenge. On one hand, you are implementing a change that you may not have done before. On the other, you get to be creative and explore new sounds. Personally, I love the creativity that comes with tinkering and experimentation in audio genres. You get to take what you know and apply it in new ways. With the best R&B vocal samples, it’s easier than ever.

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