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List Of Every Online Music School Offering Bachelor And Master’s Degrees

Traditionally music education universities and their curriculums have always required on-campus programs to earn a degree.

Liberty University – 100% online programs at associate, bachelor's, master's, and doctoral level.

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Online education has become more familiar with higher education, and schools like Full Sail University have paved the way to allow for completely online degree programs.

7 Music Schools With 100% Online Degree Paths

Today, more universities are adopting an online education platform allowing for more flexibility with student schedules, as well as providing access to their degree programs to a wider geographic audience.

Here are your current options in 2024 for online music schools.

1. Full Sail University

Full Sail is consistently mentioned in our education-based content. They have always been the front runner in online education as it relates to the arts.

Our very own music producer and Full Sail graduate provides an in-depth review of Full Sail with a student perspective, including their curriculum and what your expectations should be.

They rank in our top 25 music schools in the united states overall, without online degree offerings as a major consideration factor.

Bachelors Degrees

  • Audio Production: Focused on entrepreneurial students looking to gain a solid foundation of music fundamentals and training on how to approach music as a business.
  • Music Business: Provided both online and on-campus, DAWs are accessible from anywhere, and this path provides you the necessary training for a career as a music producer.

Master’s Degrees

No online master’s degrees at this time. They are available on-campus.


  • Audio Arts (Online Certificate)


Tuition is competitive with other reputable top schools for music degrees. An interesting note is that their online programs can lean more affordable than their on-campus options, and for the same degree.

DegreeDegree TypePrice Per Credit HourTution Annually (Estimated*)
Audio ProductionBachelor’s$475 $14,250
Music Business (Online)Bachelor’s$475$14,250
Music Production (Online)Bachelor’s$475$14,250
Music Business (On-Campus)Bachelor’s$585$15,750
Music Production (On-Campus)Bachelor’s$675$20,250
* Based on 15 credit hours per semester.

Distinguished Grads

  • Sebastian Krys – Music Producer with ties to Shakira, Gloria Estefan, Carlos Vives, Ricky Martin, & more. 15 time Latin Grammy Winner.
  • Gary Rizzo — Film industry with a focus in audio engineering. He’s worked on over 200 films including the coveted children’s soon to be classic The Incredibles.
  • Sean Davis — Yes he is our own, yes we do love him. That’s as much bragging as we will do. His work speaks for itself.

2. Berklee Online

Berklee is a sought after name for the industry that has left a lasting impression across the music industry, and they’ve made significant strides toward online education. They provide a complete undergraduate music program, and additionally offer short form online courses online through their own website and additionally on

Bachelors Degrees

Berklee’s degree options cast a wider spectrum for prospective students, providing more specialized areas of study. There is even the possibility to create your own major with their Interdisciplinary Music Studies degree (more on that later).

  • Music Production: Standard degree option, that you’d expect.
  • Guitar: An online offering for a guitar focus is special, and will provide expert technical guidance to expand your skillset.
  • Music Business: Important for a music career, there’s a lot that goes into it.
  • Songwriting: Songwriting is always challenging, for some it comes easier. Gaining insights into successful practices from others can push you forward.
  • Interdisciplinary Music Studies (Create Your Own Major): Unprecedented option for an online music degree.
  • Songwriting and Producing Music: The same songwriting experience, paired with music production.
  • Electronic Music Production and Sound Design: Growing in popularity.
  • Music Composition for Film, TV, and Games: Streaming services have increased the demand for this discipline.

Masters Degrees

  • Master of Music in Music Production: A total of 36 credit hours.
  • Master of Arts in Music Business: A deeper dive into the law and overarching financial aspects of the music industry.
  • Master of Music in Film Scoring: This is new, highlighting insight from Sean McMahon, who holds impressive credits in the film industry.


Tuition is competitive with other reputable top schools for music degrees. An interesting note is that their online programs can lean more affordable than their on-campus options, and for the same degree.

DegreeDegree TypePrice Per Credit HourTution Annually (Estimated*)
Music ProductionBachelor’s$499 $14,970
Music BusinessBachelor’s$499 $14,970
Interdisciplinary Music StudiesBachelor’s$499 $14,970
Songwriting and Producing MusicBachelor’s$499 $14,970
Electronic Music Production and Sound DesignBachelor$499$14,970
Master of Music in Music ProductionMaster’s$920$33,120
Master of Arts in Music Business Master’s$920$33,120
Master of Music in Film Scoring Master’s$920$33,120
* Based on 15 credit hours per semester or 16 for master's.

Distinguished Grads

Part of their prowess is their expanding list of distinguished grads. Dozens of grammy-winning awards amongst the group, and obviously more nominations.

3. Academy Of Art University

Academy Of Art University, with its campus in San Francisco, is making an increasingly larger footprint throughout education for the arts.

Their footprint extends to otherwise overlooked aspects of music schools, including a competitive athletic department that competes collegiately in the NCAA, as a division II school.

AOA’s degree offerings range from 2-year associates, all the way to MFAs, and all available online.

Associate Degrees

  • Music Production: 4 semesters, credits earned can be attributed toward a bachelor’s degree.
  • Sound Design: As an associate’s degree, this area of study if also offered all the way up to an MFA by Academy of Art University.

Bachelors Degrees

  • Music Production: The annual estimates (not just credit hours) is just over $26,000 per year.
  • Music Scoring & Composition: A focus for those with ambitions of working in the film industry.
  • Sound Design: A deeper dive into what was learned in the AA for the sound design area of study.

Masters Degrees

  • Music Scoring & Composition: Options for both MA and MFA.
  • Sound Design: Similarly an MA and MFA are obtainable.


There is an estimated $26,147 allocation toward expenses, including fees and materials.

Undergraduate costs for the 2024 fall are $1,011 per unit (3 units per class) while graduate students can expect $1,137 per unit, the same units per class.

Distinguished Grads

Overall their list of graduate’s accomplishments is impressive. Most of the awards and accolades seem to be geared toward Film.

4. Liberty University

Liberty offers a unique value proposition for prospective students as they are a private university, but are also non-profit.

They haven’t increased tuition rates for 4 years and when compared to other private universities they often are much more affordable.

They also have a number of bachelors, masters, and even certificate programs, all available online.

It’s also worth noting that their curriculum is taught from a Christian perspective.

Bachelors Degrees

  • Commercial Music: A broad yet deep enough dive into music performance and production on a commercial level.
  • Worship Studies: This degree is aimed at individuals looking to establish a career rooted in the church, possibly as a church music director, or music teacher at a private school.

Both bachelor’s degrees require 120 credit hours, and you should expect at least 3 and a half years to complete the degree based on student averages.

Masters Degrees

  • Ethnomusicology: Cross-culture curriculum aimed at providing a broader perspective of various ethic music theories and their origin.
  • Music Education: Learn the foundations of music education including how technology has impacted the industry.
  • Music and Worship: Study the tools and techniques of worship practices.

Masters degrees range from 36-42 credit hours and take on average 1.5 to 2 years to complete.


As Liberty is both a private university, but also nonprofit, you can expect lower than usual tuition rates compared to typical private higher education institutions.

For students with qualifying MIlitary experience, credit hours can cost as little as $250 each.

DegreeDegree TypePrice Per Credit HourTution Annually (Estimated*)
Commercial MusicBachelor’sVaries$23,800
Worship StudiesBachelor’sVaries$23,800
Music EducationMaster’s$545$21,255
Music and WorshipMaster’s$545$22,890

* Based on annual tuition and credit hour costs listed here.

Distinguished Grads

  • Meredith Andrews: Winner or two Dove Awards — A Contemporary Christian Music recognition.
  • Hector Cervantes: Former member of Casting Crowns, a Christian group with a Grammy Award.
  • Stephen Christian: The founding member and lead singer for Christian alt-rock & emo band Anberlin.

5. Southern Utah University

SUU provides a wealth of resources online and a fast-tracked way to complete your studies.

At this time they do not have any undergrad music degrees online available, but for graduate students, you can earn your master’s in 12 months, and with total tuition at $12,900.

Bachelor’s Degrees

None available online at this time. There are on-campus options for undergraduate music students.

Master’s Degrees

  • Music Education: SUU boasts an impressive 100% job placement for Music Education graduates in the past 5 years.
  • Music Technology – Performance Technology Emphasis: This education path lays the foundation for a deep understanding of music technology and practical applications of it to help advance your career.
  • Music Technology – Studio and Game Audio Technology Emphasis: Their last Master’s degree program is well suited for gaining the skills necessary to work as an audio engineer for live events.


SUU has a very competitive tuition structure for their Master’s degree offerings. This is especially true because you can complete these degrees in as little as 12 months.

DegreeDegree TypePrice Per Credit HourTotal Tution
Music EducationMaster’s$490$12,900
Worship StudiesMaster’s$490$12,900

Distinguished Grads

  • Keala Settle: Singer and Actress who made her Broadway debut in 2011, and has found a home there, joining in the production of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, Hands on a Hardbody, Les Misérables, and Waitress.

6. The Baptist College of Florida

Similarly to Liberty University, and as you may have already guessed, The Baptist College of Florida is a Christian college, and their classes incorporate those beliefs.

Associate’s Degrees

  • General Music: 66 credit hours with a curriculum outfitted to lay a foundation for continuing education.

Bachelor’s Degrees

  • General Music: A continuation of the associate’s degree, with preparation for music and ministry.
  • Worship Leadership: A strong foundation in music theory and concepts, with a path for Christian singers/songwriters.
  • Music Education: Designed for students seeking a career path of music education in K-12 schools.

Master’s Degree’s

  • Music and Worship Leadership: An advanced degree aimed at providing a path toward Christian music practice.


DegreeDegree TypePrice Per Credit HourTution Annually (Estimated*)
General MusicAssociate’s$360$11,880
General MusicBachelor’s$360$10,800
Worship LeadershipBachelor’s$360$10,800
Music EducationBachelor’s$360$11,970
Music and Worship LeadershipMaster’s$360$10,800

* Based on credit hours for specific degrees as well as completion of AA degrees in 2 years, BA degrees in 4 years, and MA degrees in 1 year — more tuition information listed here.

7. Valley City State University

Valley City State University located in North Dakota on the east side of the state has a single unique online music degree offering.

Their online music degree can be earned as a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science and can be completed online with one exception.

The coursework is delivered in an online format, but you must take lessons or ensembles classes at another university and transfer the credits — or you can certainly take those classes directly at Valley City State.

Bachelor’s Degrees

  • BA or BS degree in Music: Consists of core coursework, performance-based courses, and a capstone project to finish out the degree.


VCSU has a very competitive tuition structure, especially for North Dakota residents. Residents can expect annual tuition to be roughly $5,884.

How To Chose Your School

Each school has unique offerings, and value props for why you may choose to apply.

Applying to an online music school is similar to applying to on-campus programs. You need to weigh the pros and cons of each school and be certain to understand the associated costs with higher education.

For more information reach out to us and we will be happy to help answer any questions you may have.