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10 Of The Best Places to Learn Audio Engineering Online

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Audio engineering is working on the recording, manipulation, mixing, and reproduction of sound. Audio engineering can be done to create synthetic music, record music, create podcasts, background noise for videos, and more. If you are interested in learning about Audio Engineering, it can be hard to take the time out of your day to go and attend classes. Instead, there are many options out there to help you with self-teaching.

1. Udemy is the hands-down best resource for self-learning on the web, especially when it comes to affordability. While there are some amazing professional courses out there, oftentimes they can cost thousands of dollars. Udemy delivers excellent learning resources, at a fraction of the cost, and gives you the ability to learn at your own pace. Once you pay for a course, it’s yours forever to watch when you make time for it.

Recommended Courses:

For Pro Tools Training

Avid Pro Tools 12 Fundamentals

Master Pro Tools 11 – A Definitive Pro Tools Course

Logic Pro Courses

Music + Audio Production in Logic Pro X – The Complete Guide

The Complete Logic Pro X Guide: Go from Beginner to Advanced

Ableton Training

Ultimate Ableton Live COMPLETE: Parts 1, 2, & 3


  • 8 Hours of course lectures
  • Ableton Certified Trainer J. Anthony Allen
  • Discount by bundling course 1,2 and 3

You can also individually get course 1, course 2, or course 3 if you are looking to save some money upfront.

2. Online Universities

Full Sail University

Full Sail is a popular option for students looking to advance their career in the field of audio engineering.  They offer a number of different bachelor degree choices that can be earned 100% online.


  • Music Business: $550 per credit hour
  • Music Production: $700 per credit hour
  • Recording Arts: $700 per credit hour


  • Accelerated curriculum
  • 100% online degrees
  • Availability for on-campus options

Berklee College of Music, or the Berklee College of Music, offers several extensive courses that focus on audio engineering. These courses all last the duration of twelve weeks and are only offered during specific dates. This course can also be taken for college credit if you so choose.

Pricing: To take any of these courses for college credit, the price is $1,249.00 each. If you are not looking for any college credit, each course is $1,099.

Availability: Berklee College of Music has partnered with and has the following courses available that you can start for free with full access for 7 days. Here are the following coursee available:


  • Learn about Ableton, Protools, Logic, Cubase, and other recording software
  • Advanced audio ear training
  • Audio mastering techniques
  • Techniques for sampling

3. offers several courses on audio engineering as well as the specific software than can be used to record and manipulate audio. These courses are only available at specific times and are available at all times. When you complete a course, you earn a certification to go with your new knowledge.

Pricing: The price for any of the courses is $49.00 each.

Recommended Courses:


  • Introduction to electrical circuits
  • Learn about acoustic resonance
  • Techniques for effects analysis
  • Learn about loudspeaker effects

4. Lynda or Linkedin Learning offers a large variety of courses geared towards learning the audio engineering trade. You can choose to learn about audio engineering in general or learn about the specific types of software that are out there and available to do the job. The site has almost 200 courses specifically for learning about audio engineering, with courses for each level of user. They are technically owned by Linkedin, which is now technically owned by Microsoft.

Pricing: There is a free trial available to check out the courses on the site. Afterward, you pay for a membership which gives you access to all of the courses. Membership plans range from $19.99 per month to $34.99 per month.


  • Techniques for music composition
  • Recording live instruments
  • Techniques for music editing
  • Learning about the music business

5. has a variety of courses for those looking to learn more about audio engineering. These courses start out at the very basic level for those who are complete beginners and move up to more advanced topics for those that wish to further their knowledge.

Pricing: All of the courses and tutorials offered on this site are free.


  • Learning about sound and technology
  • Different audio production tools
  • Learn recording techniques
  • Learn about processing and effects
  • Necessary knowledge for mixing

6. offers numerous courses dedicated to learning about audio engineering. These courses go over everything that you would need to know about audio engineering in general, as well as courses for learning about specific components of the craft. If you are interested in learning about a specific audio engineering software, there are also a variety of courses that go in-depth about uses and specifications.

Pricing: You are able to purchase courses individually for $79.95 each. You also have the option of purchasing a membership to the site, which allows you access to all of the available courses. Membership costs $30.00 per month.


  • Learn about Cubase, Ableton, Logic Pro, Adobe Audition, and more
  • Learn the fundamentals of MIDI
  • How to record and edit audio on mobile devices

7. offers courses to learn about a variety of the different types of audio engineering software that is currently available on the market. They also offer a course that talks about the audio engineering market, so you can stay current about what is going on in the craft. Most of these courses are certification programs, meaning that after completing the course you will earn a certificate in that area of study.

Pricing: Most of these courses cost $995.00 each.


  • Courses are broken down into easy schedules
  • Techniques for mixing and mastering
  • Learn all you need to know about MIDI
  • Mentorship for learning about the music business

8. has a large number of courses that would fit the needs for any type of person trying to learn about audio engineering. These courses start out with very basic knowledge, for the beginner user, and end with specific functions for your advanced user looking to expand their current knowledge.

Pricing: To download a single course the cost is $19.50. An alternative is purchasing a membership to the site, which gives you access to all of the available courses. Membership costs $25.00 per month.


  • Learn about music theory
  • All you need to know about MIDI
  • Songwriting and production
  • Software specific instruction

9. has a variety of courses offered. There are general courses that teach about what audio engineering is and how you can begin learning the craft. There are also courses that delve into the specific audio engineering software and how to use them.

Pricing: The prices of these courses ranges from $20.00 to over $200.00, depending on what you are looking for.


  • Guide to sampling
  • Guide to compression
  • Learn about stereo width
  • Techniques for live performances

10. has numerous courses that take a look at all the aspects that comprise audio engineering. There are also courses for specific software so that you can learn how to use audio engineering software effectively and efficiently.

Pricing: The prices of all of these courses vary, but the average is around $3,800.00.


  • Setting up the music foundation
  • Techniques for mixing and mastering
  • Learning about the visual performance
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