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Free Beginner Pro Tools 101 Course – 19 Tutorials

We put together a free course available to everyone interested in learning how to use Pro Tools. This 20 lesson course will take you through a number of practical applications for using Pro Tools, from setup … Read more

Best Electric Violins

Violins are one of those instruments that transcend genre and time. It is one of the earliest folk and classical instruments going back through time all the way to the 1500s when the first 4 … Read more

Best Piano Samples & Sample Packs

The piano holds a special place in the hearts of most musicians. Omni-genre in its utility, the keyboard has been used in every style of music created (after the caveman era). The ability to develop … Read more

Best Female Vocal Samples

A quick brief: female vocal samples are a subset of vocal samples, composed predominantly of digital audio clips of female voices. These samples can take on many forms, such as loops, four-bar melodies, clips, and … Read more

Best MIDI Controllers for Cakewalk by Bandlab

We all look for that perfect combo between DAW and controller to up our mixing and editing efficiency. Going through the information provided below, we will be looking through some of the best options for … Read more

Best Guitars for Players with Small Hands

Music is the one thing that can unite people of every kind. I have friends that I would have no association with whatsoever without sharing similar music interests. With that same thought, playing music together … Read more

10 Of The Best Places to Learn Audio Engineering Online

Audio engineering is working on the recording, manipulation, mixing, and reproduction of sound. Audio engineering can be done to create synthetic music, record music, create podcasts, background noise for videos, and more. If you are … Read more

Best Jazz Guitars

Welcome to a new series of articles where we are looking into the best guitars in many different genres. Many choices of the best guitars are based on the popularity amongst professional musicians and even … Read more

Best Studio Desk for Music Production

For producing music, the individual hardware demands of each producer vary dramatically. For those who only use a keyboard and headphones, a coffee table could do. Producers with hardware will need something more specialized. Generally … Read more