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Best Electric Guitars with P90s – 2024’s Top Models Reviewed

Mastering the electric guitar is so rewarding, but it can be extremely frustrating when you can’t seem to get the sound you want!

The P90 has been used consistently by people who shaped rock and blues as we know it. 

It’s surprisingly versatile and adds such a warm tone to your music – never failing to elevate your overall performance.

The beauty of the P90 is that it sounds great for a vast array of techniques, adding a unique bluesy or rock sound to your style. 

If you’re looking to get into the electric guitar (or are already a master of it) or just interested in the P90 in its own right, I’ve compiled a list here of the best electric guitars with P90s right here in this article!

We’ll discuss:

  • What a P90 is
  • The top 5 electric guitars with P90s and their specific advantages.

Let’s dive in! 

Understanding P90 Pickups

The P90 Pickup has been around since the 1940s. It’s a single-coil electric guitar pickup, with a wider, shorter bobbin. 

The composition of the P90 pickups makes for a brighter, warmer tone when played, and this has been used to shape genres such as blues, punk rock, and other offshoots of rock such as progressive or psychedelic. 

The P90 was one of the developments of the Gibson’s pickup production. As such, there are of course other variations of the pickup such as the humbucker or the single-coil. 

In comparison to the humbucker, the P90 produces a grittier, more old-school sound. However, it provides the characteristic hum that the humbucker does not. 

Top 5 P90 Electric Guitars for 2024

Now, onto the list!

Here, you’ll find a variation of the best P90 guitars to suit any need when getting into (or expanding) your expertise in electric guitar. These are all the top models of electric guitars with P90, for any budget or skill level:

D’Angelico Premier Bob Weir Bedford

D’Angelico Premier Bob Weir Bedford

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At a glance:

  • Price: US$999
  • Body Type: Solidbody
  • Frets: 22
  • Body Material: Basswood
  • Neck Material: Maple Scarf
  • Bridge Type: 6-point Tremolo
  • Shop: D’Angelico
  • Best For: An excellent all-round guitar with P90

This guitar nails down easy playability. Not only does this guitar look great, with a classy vintage-style black pearl pickguard, but it combines good looks with function at a killer price!

The D’Angelico has a unique combo of pickups, with 2 stack P90s and a SC101 in the middle. This gives the signature P90 tone, with a dash of extra brightness from the pickup combination. 

This electric guitar also features a 5-way pickup selector, with a ‘blend’ control for more customization of the type of sound you can get from your guitar. 

This guitar shines in blues, psychedelic, or jazz, but its versatility should not be understated. The wiring system in this guitar is incredibly flexible, meaning it delivers a massive display of tones. 

The body shape is classic and allows easy access to the whole fingerboard, making it super easy to play. 

It’s a very comfortable P90 guitar overall and an all-round winner for a guitar that’s just under a thousand dollars. 

Squier Classic Vibe 60s Jazzmaster

B07N25VX1X Classic Vibe 60s Jazzmaster

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At a glance:

  • Price: US$430
  • Body Type: Jazzmaster
  • Frets: 21
  • Body Material: Poplar
  • Neck Material: Maple
  • Bridge Type: Tremolo
  • Shop: Fender
  • Best For: Budget-conscious buyers with a vintage flair

Firstly, it’s important to note that this guitar model does not have standard P90 pickups. 

At least, it doesn’t call them that! 

Instead, it has two single-coil Fender-designed pickups which provide the same effect as a P90 pickup without using the name of the Gibson-designed tech. 

Another vintage-inspired model, this guitar has lots to offer for its price tag. Its value for money can’t be beat, and it’s a really fun guitar to play with that P90 tone. 

The fingerboard has a comfortable 9.5” radius and allows for extremely expressive playing with the tremolo system. 

The Squier offers loads of versatility with the sound you can get from them; for instance, they have a really clear, clean sound but can also give a muddier sound with heavier fuzz depending on how you play it. 

These particular sound qualities make it perfect for alternative, garage, or shoegazey-type music.

Guild Guitars Starfire I Jet 90 

Guild Guitars Starfire I Jet 90

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At a glance:

  • Price: US$700
  • Body Type: Semi-hollow; single cutaway
  • Frets: 20
  • Body Material: Maple
  • Neck Material: Mahogany
  • Bridge Type: Guild Tune-O-Matic
  • Shop: Guild Guitars
  • Best For: P90 hum is optional!

This guitar truly shows off how underrated Guild guitars are!

For a price of under a thousand dollars, this electric guitar delivers a lot and does so while looking super slick with that distinctive semi-hollow body. 

It also comes in a number of different color combinations, adding much-appreciated customizability. 

The Starfire has a six-way rotary switch to allow you to choose your preferred P90 combination. 

This has the unique added benefit of offering a hum-canceling option, which can enhance the P90 sound depending on what you’re looking for from a P90 guitar!

The tune-o-matic bridge that this guitar is fitted with pumps up the range of tonal expression while remaining super playable, thanks to the tremolo tailpiece. 

This guitar is one of my favorites in terms of look; it’s really classic and sleek with that modern rock vibe. 

Finally, the three P90 pickups this guitar is fitted with give it an edge on other guitars when performing (particularly in classic and even hard rock). 

Epiphone SG Special P90

Epiphone SG Special P90

Check Price on Amazon

At a glance:

  • Price: US$350-496
  • Body Type: Solidbody
  • Frets: 22
  • Body Material: Mahogany
  • Neck Material: Laurel
  • Bridge Type: Lightning Bolt Wraparound Combo
  • Shop: Epiphone
  • Best for: Budget-conscious buyers!

This guitar is inspired by the more pricey original Gibson P90 guitar. 

The price tag is appealing, but it does mean there are a few drawbacks such as the lack of tune-o-matic. 

The wraparound bridge offers comfortable playability but does not allow for intonation pendants.

This guitar offers a great median between classic single-coil and the more popular humbucker and is still a really solid choice for people beginning to find their sound with P90 pickups!

Playing it feels like you’re playing a Gibson, and it has a very similar sound with a pretty advanced P90 setup for its price range.

It does lack a few features of other guitars on this list, but even then it still provides all you’d need from a guitar with P90 pickups. 

This guitar would be perfect for those just playing around with the unique sound of P90 pickups and who don’t necessarily want to invest a whole lot into a guitar with all the features.

You’ll still get a versatile and high-functioning electric guitar that will serve you very well! 

Gibson Les Paul Standard '50s P90

Tannoy GOLD 8 Powered Studio Monitor

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At a glance:

  • Price: US$2,799
  • Body Type: Solid
  • Frets: 22
  • Body Material: Mahogany
  • Neck Material: Rosewood
  • Bridge Type: ABR-1 Tune-O-Matic
  • Shop: Gibson
  • Best For: Top-of-the-line P90 guitar

Last but not least, we come to the creme de la creme of electric guitars with P90 pickups: The Gibson Les Paul! 

This guitar provides all you’d ever need from a P90, with the classic design that originally gave P90’s their name in rock. 

This guitar is solid… really solid. It’s heavy, and you can feel the craftsmanship that has been put into the design of the guitar when playing it. 

Its throwback design pays homage to the original P90 models; it doesn’t try to fix things that aren’t broken. 

This guitar knows what you’re looking for in a P90 and provides that and more. 

Obviously, the price tag is a lot higher than any others on this list, but it wouldn’t be included if it didn’t truly earn its place here!

The tonal range offered by this guitar has a richness and fullness that doesn’t compare to others, and this means it can play literally anything from blues to heavy metal. 

This guitar is recommended for anyone who wants to invest in a guitar that’s going to sound good no matter what. 

It’s great for experts – and even if you’re not quite there yet, this guitar makes it sound like you are. 

Buying Guide: Choosing the Right P90 Electric Guitar

The most important thing to consider when looking for an electric guitar is the budget you’re willing to spend on it, but you should also consider the style of music that you want your guitar to provide. 

Not all guitars are equal in terms of style, and each one has a specific genre that it plays better in. So, be sure to consider this before buying. 

It’s also important to get a guitar that suits your experience level; while there is a lot to be said for learning as you go, you don’t want to be stuck with a guitar that’s out of your league!

Final Words

So, there you have it: these are the top models of electric guitars with P90s for 2024! 

There are a few options here for guitars with P90 pickups, and you can’t really go wrong. However, it’s important to take into account a few things so you get the guitar that will serve you

After all, the key to picking a good guitar is to make sure it’s the best guitar for you!


Can P90 pickups be used for genres other than rock and blues?

Absolutely. It all depends on the guitar. Certain guitars play specific genres better than others, depending on the sound you’re looking for. 

P90 pickups are far more versatile than commonly given credit for, and guitar players who know their guitar can make any genre work well on a P90 pickup.

Are there specific brands known for their quality P90 electric guitars?

Yes – but that doesn’t mean those are the only good brands for P90 pickups!

You’d be surprised by the quality of a P90 electric guitar from an unexpected brand! 

Of course, the most well-known brand for top-quality P90 electric guitars is probably Gibson; they created the P90 pickup, after all.

What price range should I expect for a quality P90 electric guitar?

Prices can go up to $3,000+ for a really quality P90 electric guitar, but you can also get a solid P90 guitar for as low as $400. 

Again, the point of emphasis here is to go with what you’re looking for, but generally, the price range for a solid-quality P90 electric guitar would be between $400-3,000.