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Our Splice Sounds 2024 Review – Is Splice Worth It?

Overall we rate Splice a 9.3 out of 10. It’s a recommended tool for producers and musicians looking to enhance and streamline the production process. Great value, and start with a free trial.

In the world of music, there is always some type of hub where musicians and creative minds come together to produce. They feed off of each other; helping one another get their ideas built to fruition. Leading up to this point in time, it would always be a physical place. There is Nashville, LA, New York, New Orleans. All of them epicenters in their own right. Now in the age of the internet, people can come together without actually meeting.



Splice Sounds has become that new epicenter, specifically for the electronic artists and beatmakers. 

What is Splice?

I talk all of this game regarding Splice, but in reality, you may not even know what it is. Splice is a website that has blogs, interviews, and other forms of learning such as tutorials for new and experienced producers alike. Beyond that, it is also a host for competitions where you will be asked to remix a song in a certain style or genre. 


One thing that always has troubled me when approaching a new song idea, is how am I going to get sounds to build off of. Splice has solved my problems by having their own Splice loops and samples. By that, I mean that they have all of the sounds that you could ever need available. Whether that be a certain keys patch, or kick drum, or even a vocal run that you just fell in love with, there is something for every type of sound on this platform. 

Plugins and DAW’s

After finding the sounds you want, you need to be able to edit or tweak them a bit. On Splice, they have a multitude of plugins that all of the pros are using to hone their sounds in for themselves. Now there are different ways to get the plugins. Some are free right off the bat; they have rent to own where you slowly pay off the plugin for you to use for yourself. There is just renting in general that you can do if you know that you only need it for this one track. Or you could even flat out buy it, the choice is yours. 

Ways to get plugins on Splice: 

  • Some plugins are offered for free
  • Rent to own, pay a monthly charge until you pay off your plugin
  • Rent for one time use
  • Buy the plugin outright

Also available on Splice is a listing of DAW’s (digital audio workstations) that they suggest and offer for you to use for your creativity. A great way to learn the DAW’s you might find would be to use the methods listed in our Best Ways to Learn DAW’s Guide


Once you finish your masterpiece, there is one last step which is the release. With your free Splice account, you can upload all of your beats and songs for others to hear. Who knows, you might just get a few followers along the way. “But what if I make it big and there is a royalty fee? I don’t know how all that works, man!” Don’t worry about it. When you buy a sample with Splice credits, you have a license to use that sample and tweak it in any creation of your own. As long as you don’t try to pass off that Splice loop or sample as your own personal creation, you’re good. And besides, no one here wants to get ripped off, why would you do it to anyone else?

How Much Does Splice Cost?

There are 3 different types of account on Splice. The basic free version where you can upload, listen to other’s tracks, read articles, and buy plugins. You can also choose from 4 additional paid account types. Now splice credits are important because they give you access to Splice samples and loops. You do not have a way to purchase them without these credits. However, you do not have the option of using these credits on any plugins or any other items that can be purchased on the site.

Splice Account Types:

All accounts include the following: 

  • Upload music,
  • Listen to community tracks
  • Read articles
  • Upgrade anytime
  • Use your allocated credits to purchase plugins
Free0 Monthly Credits
$7.99100 Monthly Credits
$13.99300 Monthly Credits
$21.99600 Monthly Credits
$29.991,000 Monthly Credits

Is Splice Worth It?

I think for any use, a Splice account is definitely worth having. Whether you already have a sample library you love and want to stick to, looking to grow your library, another place to upload, or even just somewhere to learn, Splice is the place for you. It has so many opportunities for you to explore and grow your own craft, that there is no reason for you to pass it up. 

How to Get Started

Coming right down to it, you want to build the best products you can with your work and Splice is just another tool to help you climb to that destination. Even if you have absolutely no experience in EDM and beat making, but you want to break into it, this is the platform for you. Splice offers ways of learning for beginners and ways of honing your skills for the more experienced. To get started, create your own free account here. From there you can choose to use the $7.99 or $29.99 account types, or go with a free account if you are just wanting to get a feel for Splice before diving right in. I hope you all optimize Splice for yourselves and get to create some excellent music with it. 

Open a free Splice account today. 

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