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Accusonus De-Esser Review

Working in both film and spoken recordings, you will soon come to realize that a voice that sounds good in person, can be harsh in a recording. The sounds of the voice can become accentuated, making every word that has an “s” sound in it harsh. A good De-Esser will work wonders on your recordings to make them sound appealing and natural. The Accusonus De-Esser is one such plugin that we will be looking into in this article.


Quicklook at Accusonus Era 5 Bundle

How We Reviewed the De-Esser and De-Esser Pro 

Almost any De-Esser is going to sound fairly similar. They all work around the same narrow goal of reducing sibilance and taming any wild frequencies. What really sets any apart is their ease of use and natural-sounding results. You do not want it to be obvious that you are using a De-Esser on a voice, although sometimes that is inevitable. But for all that it is worth, the De-Esser and De-Esser Pro from Accusonus meet every standard I have for a great plugin. 


Best for:

A De-Esser is such a helpful tool. With it, you can save hours of tiny edits that you would have to do over and over again. You simply attach the plugin and BOOM, complete control over the sibilance. We are going to take a look at key features of both the standard version as well as the pro version that are available in their package deals. Remember that any features that are in the standard version are available in the pro version. 


De-Esser Standard

Accusonus De-Esser Standard
Accusonus De-Esser Standard

Diff – The Diff button is one that can often get overlooked. With the Diff (short for Difference) button, you can listen in on any sounds that you would be removing. It is a great way to hear exactly what is being removed to make sure you are focusing on the right area as well as removing the correct sounds. 

Mode – The mode is the most editing you can do with the basic version. With the Mode, you can choose the band type that the De-Esser applies. You have the 2 options of either normal or broad. Each one has its own benefits depending on the situation you are in.

De-Esser Pro

Accusonus De-Esser Pro
Accusonus De-Esser Pro

Focus – With the Focus feature in the De-Esser Pro, you can change the frequency range that is being adjusted. For a standard voice, the default 4kHz setting works very well, but you can adjust it further to use on instruments and other recordings. 

Shaping – Shaping the De-Esser is almost as important as the Focus. You want to focus on the correct frequency, but if you have too little or too much of the De-Esser pushing, you will not get an effective result. Shaping works almost like the knee in a compressor. It adjusts how harshly the De-Esser grabs the sibilance you hear. 


Accusonus made their product compatible with as many DAWs and video editors as they possibly could. You can use their products on Pro Tools, Davinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere Pro, Reaper, Adobe Audition, Logic, Audacity, and so many more. 

FormatAU, VST, AAX Native (64-bit)VST, AAX Native (64-bit)
Operating System10.2 or laterWindows 10 or later

All Accusonus plugins come to you digitally through their own installer that you can download for free.


Accusonus only offers all of its restoration plugins in bundles. As we have mentioned before there are 2 types of bundles they offer, the Pro Plan, and the Standard Plan. However, they do give you 3 options to purchase them. You can pay for a monthly subscription, prepay for an annual subscription (which saves you money), or purchase the perpetual license. 

Efficient Edits

Working towards your final mix, you should always have a sound in mind that you are shooting for. This could be for a song, video, live mix, whatever. You always need to be focused and goal-oriented with your mix, otherwise, it is easy to go off on tangents trying to reach a different sound every time you sit down to mix. You can speed up your process with the fantastic audio restoration and editing capabilities that Accusonus brings to the table. When you are able to work quickly and efficiently, you help keep yourself focused on the final goal. 

There are many companies that work with audio restoration. Accusonus is relatively new to the scene having been started in 2013, but that does not mean anything in the quality of their work. Their plugins and products go above and beyond what many expect them to do. I myself have relied on them on multiple occasions and will in the future as well. Over time we will be looking at all of the Accusonus Era Bundle components, both Pro and Standard, as well as the Bundle itself. Each review will be linked to each other for easy comparisons and learning so check back to learn more.

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