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Neoverb by iZotope Review

I seriously can never say enough about iZotope. They have created multiple amazing plugin suites that can boost your production every step of the way and their newest addition Neoverb is no exception. In the past, they have had reverbs built into both Nectar and Neutron. Those reverbs were always able to get the job done but they do not go as in-depth as Neoverb.

Neoverb is an intuitive reverb that can create many different sounds and has built-in parameters that you normally would have to go to a completely different plugin to use. There are aspects of this that tie it into Ozone 9, Neutron 3, and Nectar 3 in similarities. IZotope is great at making plugins that work similarly to help ease your workflow and add fluidity to your editing process. 


How We Reviewed Neoverb 

We pulled together the best aspects of Neoverb to show to everyone and discuss how those features make Nroverb such an amazing plugin to have. 


Best for:

Neoverb is one of the newest reverbs available. It works great with vocals and instruments in many genres. On their website, iZotope has a helpful article regarding using Neoverb in pop. 


Reverb Assistant – Reverb Assistant is the same concept as the assistant in every other iZotope plugin. You choose your settings for the sound you are wanting your reverb to have. Click play, and watch the magic happen.

Presets – If building your reverb from scratch with the reverb assistant, these presets will help you reach your sounds efficiently. With over 100 available presets, you can work with many different sounds right off the bat. Don’t worry about the initial busy work and focus on your fine-tuning.

Fluid EQ – One important part of reverb channels that often gets overlooked, is the use of EQ. I am a huge fan of multiband EQs on reverbs that help to tame any muddy frequencies that mask the main vocal or instrument. One of the best parts of this EQ though is that there are 2 separate EQs. You can change an EQ that is affecting the track before the reverb and an EQ that is coming in after the reverb as well.

Blend Pad – There are 3 separate algorithms with which you can blend your sound as well as do more in-depth edits. The blend pad is perfect for mixing these 3 algorithms that you would otherwise have to use multiple channels to create. Having so many features available in one channel saves you time cutting down on signal routing.


This plugin should be effective in every major DAW. Being compatible and easy to work with is a specialty of iZotope. 

Memory4 GB RAM 
8 GB recommended 
8 GB recommended 
Operating System10.13.6 – 10.15Windows 8 – 10

This plugin comes to you digitally. 


As far as reverbs go, this is probably one of the more expensive options available out there. That being said, iZotope is very detailed with any and all of their plugins and Neoverb is no exception. In my eyes, if you utilize this plugin, it will be well worth it.

A Neo Look 

Finding ways to revitalize your effects can be frustrating. Coming up with new ideas is always a struggle when you are in a slump. New tools or even new versions of tools can reinvigorate your drive and creativity. Neoverb is a perfect example of what a reverb should have. The tools included are perfect additions to what any reverb should hold.

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