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Punchbox Review

Everyone thinks pro producers need to be able to build every part of a song from a single synthesizer. While it is important to be able to apply methods to complete this idea, it is not always practical. Time crunches come in, and you can get stuck not being able to quite get the sound you want. Punchbox by D16 Group is the perfect solution to any questions about an electronic kick. Now, this isn’t a copout method by any means. There are artists who start and end with the Punchbox for their kick sounds. It is a perfect build with many aspects that you will learn can help create the best sounds.

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How We Reviewed Punchbox

For our look into Punchbox, we looked to find the key aspects that many people are looking for and answer the questions to start pushing you in the right direction. 


Best for:

The Punchbox works like any other synthesizer plugin. Put it on its own instrument or midi channel strip and simply start playing. What I am thoroughly impressed with is the long list of diverse sounds you can get out of the Punchbox. I talk about it more later but they have 5 different styles of kicks to choose from and so many settings that can change those sounds even further. 

Punchbox Features

5 Kick Styles – There are 5 styles to choose from (as mentioned earlier), and they are sample, 909, 808, 606, and sine. All providing different sounds to match the style you are looking for.

5 Kick Styles
5 Kick Styles

Flexible Effects Routing – The order of processors can change the sound of any instrument or vocal track. The same goes for bass drums. You can change the order of all of your processors (barring the Limiter which is set at the end of the chain) to shape your sound in whatever you want. 

Flexible Effects Routing
Flexible Effects Routing

Samples and Presets – Learning a new plugin, especially a synthesizer, can be slightly daunting especially when you don’t know where to start.  Well Punchbox contains over 1000 samples and 800 presets that can get you started. All of them are organized and separated into different folders to help you find your sound as efficiently as possible. 

Samples and Presets
Samples and Presets

Importing – They made it possible for you to import and use your own samples or third party samples. So if you have a favorite kick sample, you can still use it and play with the settings that are included in Punchbox. 


From what I have read, this should work on all major platforms. They have recommendations of how much RAM your computer should be running (you’ll see that in the box below). I would suggest primarily using this on whatever program you use for electronic music production and writing. For many that would be FL Studio or its alternative, Reason, Logic, or Ableton.

Memory4 GB RAM8 GB recommended 4 GB RAM8 GB recommended 
Operating System10.7 – 10.14Windows 7, 8, or 10

This plugin will come to you digitally. 


Whether you choose a rent-to-own process or outright purchase, Punchbox is a bit higher when it comes to kick and 808 VSTs, but it can be used for a lot more than most basic plugins. This contains kick sounds that can branch into so many other genres.

  • Rent-to-own price on Splice: $5.99 month for 15 months, pause or cancel at anytime
  • Total Price on PlugIn Boutique: $85.00

Bonus & Extras

Awards Punchbox has Received
Awards Punchbox has Received

D16 Group has built a fantastic line of products that have been used by names such as David Guetta and Zedd.They have a long line of plugins that are fantastic for electronic music as well as any other genre. There is a package that contains many of their plugins as a combined deal that you can checkout on their site as well.

King of Kicks

Building a successful career as a music producer can take so much out of a person’s creativity. That’s why I love companies like the D16 Group for making products like the Punchbox. They make it fun and easy to create while still maintaining a professional sound that is recognized for its capabilities. Punchbox alone has received multiple awards and that isn’t even looking at their other fantastic programs.

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