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Tekturon by D16 Group Review

Being able to use a delay such as Tekturon effectively is an important ability in any mixing situation. Whether you are in a live environment and need to establish the tempo of the delay with every song or in a studio where you can sync it to the session. Knowing when and how a delay will be a good addition is not always obvious. There are plenty of tracks where only one verse needs delay or only the bridge. Occasionally, a track will come along where you need more than one delay tempo.

That being said, the Tekturon from D16 Group allows for amazing creativity when it comes to your effects. D16 has an amazing line up of plugins that absolutely kill the game and all have some sort of retro design that gives you unique and creative vibes.

Bonus &Extras9.9

How We Reviewed Tekturon from D16 Group

With our review, we looked at what D16 Group had to say about their own product as well as what actual users were saying. Then we combined what they had to say and pulled the best aspects that stuck out. 


Best for:

This plugin can honestly be used for any style. The pure versatility makes it a useful tool for any studio to use for their recordings and mixes. 

Tekturon Features

These features are all some of the points that were pinpointed by D16 Group as well as users as favorites. 

Time Grid – With the time grid that comes with the Tekturon, you can control the feedback levels of each individual delay loop. This means if you want a louder iteration on every third delay, you can.

Time Grid
Time Grid

16 Delay Lines – There are 16 lines of delay that all have their own customizable parameters to create a unique delay for each one of your tracks.

16 Delay Lines
16 Delay Lines

Overall Controls – Although you can control each individual delay line, you also have general controls to change the parameters of the general out. This lets you control the levels and effect of the delay lines as a whole.

Overall Controls
Overall Controls

Mute Buttons – The ways you can audition different ideas with Tekturon is one of the reasons I love this plugin. You can mute individual delay lines and bring them back in to either try out new ideas or add a whole new level of dynamic. 


As with other plugins from the D16 Group, Tekturon works with all major DAWs. Many plugins of this style from D16 Group work well specifically in electronic music environments, but I could see this easily blending in a wide variety of genres. 

Memory4 GB RAM
8 GB recommended 
8 GB recommended 
Operating System10.7 – 10.14Windows 7, 8, or 10

This plugin comes to you digitally.


This is a little on the high end of prices, especially when talking about delays. That being said, the Tekturon is capable of doing so many unique sounds and has many customizable components.

  • Rent-to-own price: $4.99 month for 14 months, pause or cancel at anytime
  • Total Price: $70.75

Tekturon Bonus & Extras

Tekturon has midi connection capabilities which opens up a whole new level of creativity within live environments. You can connect to a midi device to use at front of house or even use it on stage for small shows. Being able to use plugins live is not a new concept, but it is one that often gets overlooked. 

Delaying the Inevitable

There is a lot to learn about the world of delays and what all is possible with them. Stacking reverbs and filters can create new and unique sounds that could be massive. How you build your tracks is always up to you and being able to enhance it in any way possible is always important. You can always improve your knowledge whether it be about delays or a new method of recording. Searching for new methods could show you a new way of working or even inspire you to try your own new method. 

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