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Zenith by Audiaire Review

Want the answer right away? We rated Zenith a 9 out of 10 overall, and is the perfect addition to those looking for a digital MIDI.

Working to be efficient with your beat making and songwriting can be extremely tedious. You can sometimes feel like you are making no headway whatsoever. The automation is difficult with the small knobs that are in the plugin interface, or the different pages feel unorganized, or you simply feel like nothing is synced up. Using a controller to combine all of your parameters into one completely customizable location like Zenith can be a lifesaver. 

To be perfectly honest, I didn’t know a program like that existed beyond a physical midi controller. Little did I know, there was the Zenith by Audiaire. The Zenith is built with engineers and producers in mind to keep the creative flow moving and not at a stand still. To help you understand what exactly we mean, we put together this information just to show how amazing this plugin is.

Bonus & Extras9

How We Reviewed Zenith 

This is one of the most interesting plugins we have taken a look at. We wanted to make sure everyone could understand what all was available, especially the highlights and key features that Audiaire built in. 


Best for:

The Zenith was designed to be used specifically with midi VSTs and synthesizers. It works as a midi controller within the session itself. 


Smart Chord Generator
Smart Chord Generator

Smart Chord Generator – The smart chord generator is a unique tool I have never seen before. It unlocks the world of music theory and chords to those who are less educated. It supports up to 792 different chords with options to even change the interval you are playing. 

Sequencing – The sequencing setup that you can create, makes editing and creating easier than ever. It shows you how the sequences relate to each other within Zenith and lets you control how long of the sequences you want to use. 


Customization – However you work best can be accommodated with the extremely customizable user interface. You can choose to build your own setup for each individual plugin or have a master setup that you use on all programs.


Presets – You can save extensive amounts of time with presets for many popular programs. Audiare built-in presets for the ultimate setup for Serum, Massive, the Yamaha DX7, and many more.


Zenith installs as a VST2 plugin so you must make sure that your DAW of choice is VST2 compatible. The only drawback is that it is specifically not compatible with Propellerhead’s Reason due to, “Lack of MIDI routing functionality.” That being said, this is the perfect plugin for an electronic production-based DAW such as Ableton or Cubase.

Memory2 GB RAM
8 GB recommended 
8 GB recommended 
Operating System10.10 or higherWindows 8 or higher

Your copy of Zenith comes to you digitally.


For what the Zenith can do, I believe this is a fully fair price. I have never seen a digital MIDI processor work like this, the customization aspect alone is worth this price.

Bonus & Extras

Zenith works not only with software instruments, but it also has presets built for hardware. The integration between the 2 is incredible and allows for so much more creativity and ease of use. Zenith helps the user take advantage of every aspect of a plugin or instrument and use it to the fullest extent possible. 

Knowledge is Power

To be able to use Zenith to its full capacity, you must know the plugin that you are using it with. Knowing how the original interface works will help you set up what you need to build out an effective controller interface for yourself and the VST you are using. Once you know your own setup it becomes even easier to integrate new pieces seamlessly. 

Hopefully, this was super informative and helped you figure out your next step in improving your production methods. If you would like to read more about amazing products like this as well as some comparisons, check out all that we have here.

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