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Accusonus De-Clipper Review

Noticing clipping in a track after you’ve finished recording is the worst possible feeling there is. The emotions I feel when I hear that sound can only be compared to slamming your pinky toe into the coffee table while listening to nails on a chalkboard. Thankfully rather than scrapping the entire project, the Accusonus De-Clipper helps you fix audio takes that have clipping embedded within them. 

There are many companies that work with audio restoration. Accusonus is relatively new to the scene having been started in 2013, but that does not mean anything in the quality of their work. Their plugins and products go above and beyond what many expect them to do. I myself have relied on them on multiple occasions and will in the future as well. Over time we will be looking at all of the Accusonus Era Bundle components, both Pro and Standard, as well as the Bundle itself. Each review will be linked to each other for easy comparisons and learning so check back to learn more.


Quicklook at Accusonus Era 5 Bundle

How We Reviewed Accusonus De-Clipper

I am always skeptical of plugins such as this because I don’t want to get my hopes up for a magical plugin that helps fix tiny mistakes. But I am floored by the abilities of the De-Clipper. I am going to show you the key features that make it perfect for each and every distorted track you may have that needs assistance. 


Best for:

Sometimes you have no control over the recording quality of the tracks you’re editing. A lot of people will run the gain too hot on a recording just because they think more is better, or they just don’t know how to properly handle their equipment. Fixing recordings like this are a great way to not only show your skill as an engineer but also impress a client. 

De-Clipper Features

De-Clip – The biggest difference between the De-Clipper and most other plugins from Accusonus is that the De-Clipper does not have a processing knob. It simply is either on or off. 

Type – There are 2 big options with the Type 1 and Type 2 algorithms. You have the option of a standard brush over of the audio for clipping with Type 1. With Type 2, you get a heavier attack on the clipping, which works best on more distorted and damaged audio. 

Quality – The 2 quality options are the closest thing to the processing knob that is in most Era plugins. Standard is best for when you leave the plugin on and sitting in the signal chain. The High setting requires more processing power from the computer itself and works best if you just simply render it straight in. 


Accusonus made their product compatible with as many DAWs and video editors as they possibly could. You can use their products on Pro Tools, Davinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere Pro, Reaper, Adobe Audition, Logic, Audacity, and so many more. 

FormatAU, VST, AAX Native (64-bit)VST, AAX Native (64-bit)
Operating System10.2 or laterWindows 10 or later

All Accusonus plugins come to you digitally through their own installer that you can download for free. 


Accusonus only offers all of their restoration plugins in bundles. As we have mentioned before there are 2 types of bundles they offer, the Pro Plan, and the Standard Plan. However, they do give you 3 options to purchase them. You can pay for a monthly subscription, prepay for an annual subscription (which saves you money), or purchase the perpetual license.

Fix it First

This is another one of those plugins that you want to keep pretty early in the signal chain, if not render it immediately. Cleaning up your audio before you start using any sort of effect is key to getting the best final product possible. When I was first starting out in audio I tried to throw a compressor on immediately and later, I realized I needed to get rid of background noise but no matter what I tried it was too late. Luckily it was a project I was just doing for fun so there were no clients upset with the final outcome. But learn from my mistakes and fix them before anything else. 

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