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10 Best Guitar for Kids

Choosing an electric or acoustic guitar is never easy, trust me! It’s even harder for children and beginners thanks to the huge number of kids’ guitars available to choose from.

We’ve been exploring the different guitars on the market to help us make this list of the best guitars for kids. Many of these are also great guitars for beginners.

This list includes acoustic guitars, electric guitars, and both nylon string and steel strings.

Use this guide to help you choose your child’s first guitar. The guitars on this list are aimed at young children. We’ve assessed them in terms of guitar size, sound quality, and whether it would be a good guitar for your kid

I tested 10 products and found the 3rd Avenue Junior Electric to be the best electric guitar for your child. I also found the Dawoo ¾ classical acoustic guitar to be the best acoustic guitar for children.

I’ve been playing guitar since I was a little kid myself. I remember playing my teacher’s full-size guitar during guitar lessons and struggling to reach the strings and chords. Thankfully I got a ¾ sized classical guitar for my 8th birthday. The rest is history!

I chose the 3rd Avenue Junior Electric as our top choice of electric guitar, thanks to its incredibly affordable price tag, decent quality, and a large selection of bundled accessories. This is an ideal first electric guitar for children because it’s durable, inexpensive, but features all the parts of a real guitar. This is ¼ sized so it suits even the youngest of children.

I also chose the Dawoo ¾ classical as our top acoustic. This is just an all-rounder starter instrument. Ideal to let your child explore music and discover their favorite instrument. They might not enjoy the guitar, so starting with an inexpensive one like this is less risky.

Finding the right guitar: Acoustic Guitar VS Electric Guitar.

Finding the right instrument depends if your child wants an electric or acoustic guitar. 

Electric guitars also need an amplifier to work, making them louder than acoustics. You’ll also need to buy a guitar cable.
Although electric guitars can be used with headphones which makes them quieter than acoustic guitars.
Acoustic guitars work on their own, they are quieter than amps, Its for left-handed but still produce some noise which may be annoying if they play at night. Acoustics are also more portable and less hassle to set up.

When I was a kid I used to play guitar all night.
I used to use an electric guitar with headphones as my parents would complain about the volume of an acoustic guitar.

This should be something you consider when choosing a guitar for your child. If a guitar doesn’t have the right feel it may impact your child’s interest in playing.

It might be worth buying them a toy guitar, and then get them an actual guitar if they still play it.

Keep reading for our 10 best guitars for kids!

Best Guitar for Kids in our tests

10 Best Guitar for Kids Reviewed in Detail

Best Acoustic Guitars:

#1 No products found. – £40

No products found.

This ¾ sized acoustic guitar is the perfect starter instrument for kids and new guitarists. My first guitar was very similar to this.
This classical design features nylon strings, a satin slim comfortable neck, and a solid tied bridge. It even has a lower strap pin for attaching a strap which is an uncommon bonus. Using the strap secures it for the child and prevents damage. 

The body shape is ambidextrous so it can be swapped if the child is left-handed.
The bundled accessories include everything you need: a bag, extra strings, picks, strap, a pitch pipe, and a clip-on tuner.

Product Specifications:

  • Size: ¾ 
  • Weight: 2 kg
  • Body Depth: 3 ⅜” 
  • Scale Length: 22 ¾”
  • Fret Count: 19

Advantages & Disadvantages:

  • Super low price
  • Good quality for the price
  • All accessories included
  • Squeaky finish on the body
  • Quality low compared to most guitars


For the price, this guitar is actually ok. The sound quality is not terrible, but it did sound like a toy guitar.

 For most strings, they held tuning surprisingly well. Except for the low E string which was prone to slipping. The lacquer finish felt a bit squeaky around the body, but the satin neck felt great. 

This would be a good starting point for most children wanting to learn guitar. This acoustic guitar is a step up from most toy guitars and is a good instrument to practice music at a basic level.

This guitar is also great for finger style!

This is one of those budget acoustic guitars for kids which is sure to put a smile on their face!

#2 No products found. – £350 / $379

No products found.

Taylor is a brand that makes very high-quality musical instruments. The Baby Taylor is a more expensive model but the build quality is superb. 

With a slim neck and ebony fingerboard, children (and adults) will find this a joy to play with.

The ¾ sized dreadnaught body is crafted from layered walnut, giving the guitar a rich warm tone. This is paired with a solid spruce top, a versatile wood that provides a wide dynamic range. Now, this is a real guitar!

Product Specifications

  • Size: ¾ 
  • Weight: 2 kg
  • Body Depth: 3 ⅜” 
  • Scale Length: 22 ¾”
  • Fret Count: 19

Advantages & Disadvantages:

  • Fantastic build quality.
  • Decent Sound
  • Expensive


The Baby Taylor is a high-quality guitar – it could even be used as a travel guitar by a professional guitarist. This is one of the best guitars for kids showing a serious dedication to music. It’s pricey, but this is an instrument that will last longer than childhood.

#3 Yamaha JR2 TBS ¾ – £230

Yamaha JR2 TBS ¾

This is a reliable ¾ sized acoustic guitar. With bronze or steel strings, mahogany sides, and spruce top, the tone and projection of this model are superb. Featuring a rosewood fingerboard, nato neck,  spruce top, and mahogany sides, this compact junior acoustic guitar carries a decent sound.

Product Specifications

  • Size: ¾
  • Weight: 2.4 kg
  • Body Depth: 3 ⅜” 
  • Scale Length: 21 ¼ ”
  • Fret Count: 21

Advantages & Disadvantages

  • Solid construction
  • Above-average sound quality
  • Average tuning pegs


In the mid-price range, this is one of the best guitars for kids. It’s a solid investment, a step up from the cheap toy guitars.

#4 Rogue Starter Acoustic Guitar – £44 / $60

Rogue Starter Acoustic Guitar

This is an entry-level nylon string guitar. This is one of the best acoustic guitars for kids who are just starting. It includes all the accessories: a strap, tuner, gig bag, guitar picks, and spare strings.

The guitar has a compact body, ¾ sized clocking in at 38”. The rosewood fingerboard is durable and easy to maintain. 

This would be a good instrument to learn on and is the standard style for most beginners.

The body construction felt decent and would withstand the adventures of a child’s activities.

This is a small guitar that will start a lifetime of playing!

Product Specifications

  • Size: ¾ 
  • Weight: 2.7 kg
  • Body Depth: 4 ¾” 
  • Scale Length: 22 ¾”
  • Fret Count: 20

Advantages & Disadvantages

  • Affordable acoustic guitar
  • Includes accessories
  • Low quality
  • Tuning pegs prone to slipping


As far as entry-level guitars go, the Rogue Starter Acoustic Guitar is of great value. It includes all the extra gear, which will last for at least a couple of years. This is a standard guitar for children to learn with. If the rogue brand is out of stock there are many similar models. The 3rd Avenue model is in stock more often.

The quality isn’t amazing – this is a cheap guitar! But at this price there it’s a great first guitar. If the kid gets bored it doesn’t cost the earth. 

#5 Martin LX1E Little Acoustic

Martin LX1E Little Acoustic

Martin & Co are known to make some of the best acoustic guitars around. The LX1 or “Little Martin” range are some of their premier smaller models and is favored by Ed Sheeran.

The LX1E is an electrified model, it has pickups. This means it can be plugged into amplifiers or recording gear. 

Unlike most small guitars, the LX models sacrifice no build or sound quality, and their intonation is perfect.

With a mahogany body and East Indian rosewood fretboard, you can be assured Martin’s experienced luthiers will have hand-selected only the finest tonewoods. The top is a solid Sitka spruce.

This is a well-designed, high-quality instrument. This is not some cheap, factory-made, run-of-the-mill piece. These are nearly professional instruments.

Product Specifications

  • Size: ¾ 
  • Weight: 3.76 kg
  • Body Depth: 6”
  • Scale Length: 23”
  • Fret Count: 20

Advantages & Disadvantages

  • Pickups can be used with amps
  • Beautiful sound quality
  • Best build construction
  • No fret inlays
  • Pricey!


Isn’t this just a perfect guitar? The LX1E is the electro-acoustic version of the LX1. The LX1 will cost around $100 less but doesn’t have an electric circuit.
This is a truly fantastic guitar, and could easily be enjoyed by adult guitarists of all skill levels.

It might be a bit expensive for most kids, but this would be a real treat if you wanted the best quality acoustic guitar that would be comfortable for children to play.

Best Electric Guitars:

#6 Squire Mini Strat – £119 / $160

Squire Mini Strat

The infamous Stratocaster model is one of the best-selling guitars of all time. No wonder! This style of electric guitar plays very smoothly and has a broad range of tones thanks to their flexible electronic circuits.

The Squire Mini Strat takes the classic design and packs it into a child-friendly guitar size.

This is a Poplar solid wood guitar so it weighs a little more than the acoustics. The maple neck and laurel fingerboard are smooth and compact for those little fingers, the C shape is perfect.

Product Specifications

  • Size: ¾
  • Weight: 1kg
  • Body Depth: 2 3/16”
  • Scale Length: 22.75”
  • Fret Count: 20

Advantages & Disadvantages

  • Familiar Strat Design
  • Range of electric tones
  • Lots of starter kits
  • average sounding pickups
  • Cheap feeling neck compared to other models.


This is easily one of the best electric guitars for kids of all time. Sturdy and fun to play, these will last a child up to their adult years.
Look out for starter bundles which include all the accessories like amps and guitar cables.

You may need to buy an amplifier if you don’t own one already. These are great guitars for children, teenagers, and adults.

#7 No products found. – £140

No products found.

The Gibson Maestro is a full-sized student electric guitar. With a poplar body, maple neck, and single humbucker pickup, this electric guitar is recommended for any children or young teenagers looking to rock!

The chrome hardware, 2 control knobs, and pickup are all decent quality, Gibson doesn’t cut any corners. Although, this guitar has a single cutaway, making it easier to reach the high notes.

This is also bundled with an amplifier, cables, strap, picks, and educational DVD.

Product Specifications

  • Size: Full size
  • Weight: 
  • Body Depth: 2.5”
  • Scale Length:  22.5”
  • Fret Count: 22

Advantages & Disadvantages

  • Warm Tone
  • Humbucker Pickup
  • Gibson Build Quality
  • Too large for some children


The Gibson Maestro may suit older kids better than the young ones as it is full size. This electric guitar is well featured and is one of the best electric guitars for kids in its price range. It sounds fantastic. This will keep them happy throughout their childhood, student years, up to the professional age.

These are in a similar price range to squire Stratocaster models. They compare to Squire Stratocasters in tone but overall have higher quality as they are manufactured by Gibson. The Maestro has a slightly warmer, heavier tone in comparison to a Stratocaster.

#8 Jackson Dinky Minion £139

A fierce-looking short-scale electric guitar for those tiny terrors. This axe will suit any mini rock star looking to learn the ways of the stage (or even grown-ups).

Featuring a ⅔ sized design, this boasts a bolt-on maple neck, poplar body, and 24 jumbo frets.

Its high-output humbucking pickups are sure to get the neighbors knocking on your door!

Product Specifications

  • Size: 2/3
  • Weight: 
  • Body Depth: 
  • Scale Length: 
  • Fret Count: 24

Advantages & Disadvantages:

  • High output pickups
  • Great neck and fretboard
  • Not to everyone’s tastes


One of the best electric guitars for rock kids with an attitude! 

This compact electric guitar features a larger fretboard than most in its size range and some killer pickups. 

This is the best guitar for kids with an interest in heavy metal and rock, as the large fretboard allows the associated techniques.

The Jackson Dinky Series comes in many finishes, including Metallic Blue, Neon Green, Black Gloss, Purple 

#9 No products found. Starter Bundle – £70

No products found.

This is a fantastic budget electric guitar kit for youngsters.
The 3rd Avenue Junior is a ¼ sized electric guitar perfect for children around 7 years old. This kit bundles in everything they need to start rocking, including an amp, cables, strap, picks, and gig bag.

This electric guitar is the smallest on the list, making it ideal for younger children. It’s lightweight and slim, but still features a realistic fret count on a playable fretboard. 

It’s built with a single pickup and volume knob, easy and uncomplicated for children to understand. There are 5 finish colors to choose from – we loved the blue camo!

Product Specifications

  • Size: 1/4
  • Weight:  3.3 kg (total package weight – guitar weighs around 1kg)
  • Body Depth: 1”
  • Scale Length: 16”
  • Fret Count: 22

Advantages & Disadvantages

  • Includes amp and accessories
  • Inexpensive
  • Very small size
  • Low quality


This is the most affordable electric guitar kit we could find on the web. Quality is decent for the price. It doesn’t compare well to other models, but for a beginner’s guitar, you can’t go wrong here.

This would be a great choice for a child’s first inexpensive electric guitar. The packaged amplifier is small, not too loud, and can be packed away easily. However it’s powered by No products found. rather than a mains supply, so make sure to stock up!

You will struggle to find a new guitar with all this kit for the same price. This bundle also includes 6 months of free online guitar lessons!

#10 No products found. – £120

No products found.

Another 3rd Avenue starter kit, this guitar is larger than the previous Junior model – clocking in at ¾ size. A full-sized option is available.

The Stratocaster style design features 2 pickups with volume, tone, and selector switch. It even includes a whammy bar like the originals.

With a solid alder body, rosewood fretboard, and fixed bridge, this guitar is easy for children to hold and play. 

The guitar is bundled with a 10-watt practice amp, cables, stand, capo, strap, tuner, and extra strings. You won’t need to buy any additional accessories.

The mains-powered amp has a headphone connection which enables silent practice. This bundle also offers 6 months of free online music lessons with Gigajam music school.

Product Specifications

  • Size: ¾
  • Weight: 1kg
  • Body Depth: 2.5”
  • Scale Length: 22.75”
  • Fret Count: 20

Advantages & Disadvantages

  • Larger than Junior model
  • Bundle includes all required accessories
  • Free online music lessons
  • Mediocre sound quality


This is another great starter guitar bundle. We’d recommend choosing this one over the Junior for children older than 8 years old. The Junior could be outgrown quickly, but the ¾ size of this model will give it a longer lifespan.

This 3rd Avenue Rocket Series bundle is well priced and inexpensive. The guitar isn’t as good quality as the Squire Mini Strat, which costs as much as this bundle. But you get all the required accessories and more.

We’d recommend 3rd Avenue for buyers looking for an inexpensive electric guitar starter kit. If you are happy buying the amp and accessories separately, then go for the Squire Mini Strat instead.

Buying Guide

What to look for when buying this type of product

There are several factors to consider when choosing a guitar for your child. 

String material

Strings can be made out of many different materials, either metals, synthetics, or organics.

Metal and Synthetic (plastic) strings are the most popular. 

Nylon strings will be easier to play than steel strings.

String tension is higher in steel strings which may strain a child’s hand when playing. 

Usually, kid’s guitars have nylon strings if they are acoustic. Electric guitars only work with metal strings.

On the topic of strings, it’s worth buying some spares when you buy the guitar. They can snap easily, particularly nylon strings.


Cheap instruments get outgrown quickly if a child dedicates themself to the guitar. 

Although it is advised you buy a cheap kids guitar first because there is less risk of wasting money if the child gets bored and abandons the guitar.

Start on a toy guitar or cheap acoustic guitar for kids. If they play guitar a lot and look like they will continue, it’s worth upgrading.

Buying second-hand instruments:

If you decide to buy a previously owned instrument, make sure to check it first. Listen for things like tuning issues, any annoying buzz, or rattle. These can be signs of faults in a guitar that probably aren’t worth repairing.


You may need to purchase extra accessories for your child’s guitar. 

We always recommend using a gig bag. If your child wants to take the guitar out of the house, they need a bag to carry it in. Most guitars are bundled with a bag but double-check.

An electric guitar will need an amplifier, these can be picked up cheap or bundled. We also recommend buying headphones for silent practice.
Guitar picks are also worth purchasing, they can usually be bought for less than a dollar.


What is the best guitar for a child to learn on?

kids guitar

The ideal guitar for a child to play would be either a short-scale guitar or junior guitar. Having the right sized instrument makes it much easier to play and prevents discomfort and injury.
A solid starter guitar would be a ¾ sized classical guitar or nylon string. These are transportable, easy to maintain and play, and can be inexpensive.

What size guitar should I buy for my child?

Here are some pointers for choosing a guitar size.
Generally, children under the age of 12-14 will struggle to play a full-sized guitar due to their little fingers. 
For this reason, ¾ sized guitars are the best size for children. Start by looking at ¾ entry-level guitars or a starter pack. These can be of great value and will be a great starting point for your child.
Avoid spending too much money on guitars in the early days, particularly if your child is a complete beginner, as they often outgrow them when they become older kids.
See the table below to find the right size for your kid’s guitar.
Guitar Size Age
1/4 ~ 30″ 4-6 years
1/2 ~ 34″ 5-8 years
3/4 ~ 36″ 8-11 years

What size guitar is best for a 6-year-old?

For a 6-year-old child, the best guitar size would either be a ¼ or ½. 
Sometimes a ¾ can be too large for younger children below the age of 8, so a 6-year-old may struggle to play one.
¼ sized guitars are very small and children will quickly outgrow them. ½ sized will last a little bit longer.
It might even be worth considering a ukulele for children younger than 8. Ukes are easier to play than guitars as they only have 4 strings. They are also much smaller. They are a good place for children to start and learn the feeling of an instrument before moving on.


Overall I’ve chosen the 2 best guitars for children – one electric, one acoustic.

The best electric guitar is the 3rd Avenue Junior or Rocket series. These are comparable in price and quality, but the Junior is ¼ sized and the Rocket is ¾ size. If your child is younger than 7, we suggest the Junior, if they are older choose the Rocket.

These starter bundles are great for electrics as they include amps and cables, so your child can start playing straight away.

As for acoustic guitars, the Dawoo ¾  classical acoustic was my favorite for children. This is incredibly affordable, it can be taken out to the park or parties without risk of expensive damage. This is the cheapest product on this list, and the quality is good enough to please most children.

 It includes extra strings, a bag, and a tuner, which are essential for young guitar prodigies.

Many of these products are available on amazon prime, with very short delivery times. 

Check them out!

No products found. Starter Bundle – £70 No products found. – £40