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Best Pro Tools Books

Books are great for supplemental learning as well as getting your foot in the door. Ultimately it is on you to learn but you can take a book around with you anywhere you go and you can use it as a reference. Reading is succeeding, so check out the best book on Pro Tools according to Check out our picks for the best audio engineering books too.

Pro Tools 101: An Introduction to Pro Tools 11 (with DVD) (Avid Learning)

by Frank D. Cook



This is the definitive authority on Pro Tools – straight from Avid. Learn through hands on tutorials with this Pro Tools 11 updated version.


  • Easy to read
  • Color Photos for visual learners
  • Each chapter is detailed and the book is laid out logically
  • Teaches evolution of Pro Tools, basic digital audio concepts, and software fundamentals
  • Review and discussion questions at the end of each section


  • May seem to wander all over the place (for some)

Pro Tools 11: IGNITE! The Visual Guide for New Users (Book & CD-ROM)

by Andrew Hagerman



A great book for the visual learner.

If you are new to Pro Tools and have just started, then you know that the user interface is one of the most extreme interfaces out there. There are just so many buttons on the screen and navigating the software can be an extremely daunting task to the new comer. This book helps you get through this by being extremely visual and using pictures to depict exactly where everything is and what you should be doing while going through the lesson. If you need to download the files for the eBook version, you can do so here.


  • Visual guides to handle a complex UI
  • Extra large format making it easy on the eyes
  • Step by step instructions
  • When “short mentioning” it states that the topic will be covered later in the book
  • Included DVD with session files


  • Some have mentioned not be the best organized book out there, while others say it is very logically organized
  • The pictures are in black in white.

Pro Tools All-in-One For Dummies

by Jeff Strong



This is a thick book and is actually the book that the videos section of this website is based off in terms of orginizaton. Many people suggest starting with this book if you are an absolute beginner and then moving to the two books listed above after getting through this one.


  • Simplified version for those that are trying to avoid book “wandering”
  • Great intro to Pro Tools (Perfect Beginner Book)


  • Might not be the best choice for people with some familiarity with Pro Tools
  • May have to purchase the other two books listed above at some time
  • Screen shots will not be as in depth
  • Will not be updated as much

The Musician’s Guide to Pro Tools

by John Keanes



This is a more tailored version of the book, and it has been said that it is almost like having your own personal tutor take you through the learning steps of the software. People that have read the book exclaim things like “This should have been the first Pro Tools Book I Bought!”


  • Clear, concise, and well organized
  • Takes you by the hand and walks you through the program logically
  • Informative & Entertaining
  • Information is right where you think it ought to be
  • Really geared towards the musician


  • Outdated – although still might be helpful