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Logic Pro X Review

Logic Pro X at a Glance
Logic Pro X Yes No
Price $199
Free Trial x
Third Party FX x
Film Scoring x
OSx x
PC x
iOS x
Android x

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Of course the tech giant Apple created, or bought and perfected, rather, their own DAW, why wouldn’t they, considering they already dominate in the majority of markets in which they operate. Logic Pro, or Logic as it’s commonly referred to, Apple’s recording pride and joy, has been part of their collection since acquiring the original developer, EMagic, in 2002 and has been very popular among Mac owners since its unveiling. Essentially the big brother to Garageband, Logic Pro X , the 10th generation, offers ease of use and a smooth transition from its sibling into the world of professional recording. Logic is no stranger to the professional world either, having garnered the attention and usage by some very successful artists like Twenty One Pilots, Owl City and Bassnectar to name a few.

1. The Price Point

This program is cheap, not dirt cheap like REAPER, but highly affordable and very well constructed. For $199 you can download this straight from the Apple store and be ready to start recording immediately thereafter, considering you’re already familiar with Garageband or other DAW’s, own an interface, and so and and so forth. There are no other recurring monthly or yearly subscription costs and it comes with free updates for the version you purchased, i.e. Logic Pro X will receive free updates pertaining only to its respective version, when Logic Pro 11 is released, those wanting to upgrade will need to purchase the program at an additional $199.

2. Capabilities and Features

Logic Pro X is exciting for many reasons, so let me trip over myself while I daydream about buying this thing. There were many eye catching nuances about this DAW, so it’s hard to decide where to start; in this case, this list had to begin arbitrarily:

  • Drum Kit Designer (an extensive runthrough of this below in the “What Sets It Apart” section)
  • Alchemy, referred to by Apple as a “synth powerhouse,” is a synthesizer plug-in that comes stocked with an instrument library containing over 3,000 customizable sounds and have been made easily searchable so you can choose exactly what you’re looking for without wasting time. This plug-in has the ability to import and sample EXS24 instruments and is driven by “multiple sound-generating engines, including additive, spectral, formant, granular, and virtual analog.”
  • An effects plug-in suite which hosts vast options for guitar and bass effects pedals and amp modeling, as well as, 1800 patches for a plethora of stringed instruments, brass, woodwinds, vocals and even more. In addition, it houses more than 5,600 urban and electronic loops encompassing everything from hip hop to chillwave
  • Smart Controls, a tool designed for shaping sounds in one convenient location vs having to utilize multiple plug-ins in order to achieve the same effect
  • 250 tracks available for audio and low latency recording, 67 effects plug-ins, options for for auxiliary busses
  • Solid editing features like time stretching instruments and vocals for perfect timing, pitch correction, swift comping of takes and strong automation processing
  • Film scoring and sound editing. The great thing is you can take an existing session from Final Cut Pro, import it directly into Logic, where it automatically identifies transitions in the video and creates locked scene markers, then export it directly into Final Cut when you’re done
  • Logic Remote allows you to control an active session in Logic Pro from your Ipad, which is handy when recording alone
  • Musical Notation for notating a midi performance immediately, in addition to manually notating and tabbing performances of drums, guitars and any other instrument you recorded

3. What Sets It Apart

As mentioned earlier, here’s an in depth analysis of what sets this DAW apart, and trust me, it was difficult to narrow down which option was most noteworthy: Drummer. This drum-suite is so powerful that it rivals other aftermarket creators of similar products, with the exception that it’s included with Logic, thus leaving $150 or more in your pocket you would’ve otherwise had to spend on something similar to achieve the same outcome. Logic’s Drummer is brilliant because it essentially gives you 28 session drummers, on call, who play varying styles, yet alleviating the need to pay session rates. Additionally, you’re able to customize how “human” the drummer plays each hit and fill, varying the intensity to perfectly match each part of the song. Between the Drum Kit Designer , used for modeling acoustic drums and the Drum Machine Designer for emulating electronic drums, which both lend themselves to swapping out each individual drum and adjusting each drum’s sound to taste, the possibilities for achieving the exact tone you’re going for is nearly limitless.


For under $200, the price in itself makes Logic Pro X hard to beat, but add on Drummer, musical notation mapping, solid editing options, FX plug-ins, guitar amp and FX modeling abilities, this DAW is nearly impossible to pass up; it’s main hitches being the exclusivity to Mac users and no free trial.