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SoundSport Wireless vs Powerbeats3 Wireless

SoundSport Wireless vs. Powerbeats3: Comparison Table

Bose Soundsport Wireless Headphones Apple Powerbeats Wireless Headphones
Bose Soundsport Wireless Apple Powerbeats 3 Wireless
Typical Pricing $99.95 $199.95
Battery Type Rechargeable lithium-ion battery Rechargeable lithium-ion battery with W1 Chip
Charge Time 2 hours 5 minutes
Battery Indicator Color Coded LED lights + Tells users what their batter percentage is at when it is turned on Color Coded LED lights to show general percentage
Battery Life 6 hours per full charge 12 hours per full charge
Remote Standard remote Standard remote
Microphone No Microphone Integrated Microphone
App Seamless pairing + Bose Connect App Enabled< No, but seamless pairing with Apple devices.
Earbuds 3 different sizes of Bose’s StayHear+ Sport tips 4 different sizes of ear tips
USB USB charging cable USB charging cable
Case Yes Yes

If fitness is your focus, then you need to grab the right sports headphones.

Picture this: You’re up in the gym, just working on your fitness and instead of the beat dropping to give you that extra push, your headphones do. Now you’re in the market for some new fitness-focused phones, but where do you start your search? Some of the best and readily available sports headphones on the market are made by Bose and Apple’s Beats by Dre.

Bose has been a longtime favorite of prosumer audiophiles and cemented their place in headphone history long-ago with their patented noise canceling technology that changed the personal audio industry (and in-flight entertainment) forever. Though Bose may have the legacy, Beats by Dre has brand-awareness like no other audio company in the world which allows them to mass produce a product line that ranges from the insipid to the inventive. When it comes to the two headphone behemoths latest offerings in sports headphones the two run a close gauntlet with the winner being decided by the wearer’s own preference.

Wireless Headphones Comparison: Table of Contents

Comfort & Design

When it comes to the build of the of the SoundSport Wireless they are built tough and ready for the elements. With their specially shaped earbud tips, these sports headphones a crafted to gently create a seal in your ear that keeps noise out and the SoundSport in. Also adding to the secure fit of the earbuds are adjustable “wings” that allow you to comfortably lock the earbuds in your ears. The rubberized headphones and the connective band are both sweat and waterproof allowing you to workout to your full potential or go through a quick run through the rain. Don’t get too attached to that clip though, it will definitely be lost in the shuffle.

The build of the Powerbeats3 isn’t the flashy branded ear wear that we’ve come to expect from Beats, but in its place comes functionality. Like Bose’s SoundSport series, the Powerbeats3 are both sweat and weather-resistant. The bulbs on the tips of the earbuds will shield the wearer from outside noise while the ear-fit cuffs will physically keep them in your ears, these ear cuffs are also fully adjustable.

Verdict: Which is more comfortable?

This is easily a tie, Bose’s placement of the extra wing is a physical learning curve that you might not be used to, but it can help with the stability of the fit of the headphone. That being said, I, my editors and earbud-wearers the world over have all lost our fair share of ear bud tips from the Beats line.

Best Sound Quality

Even with the difference in quality when coming wireless headphones to their wired counterparts, the SoundSport Wireless puts out the same Bose quality sound that consumers have come to expect and love, but Bose’s problem has never been sound quality, it’s always been the lack of innovation in the build quality, which is pretty minimal in this design.

When it comes to audio fidelity, Beats doesn’t have the world’s best track record, but they do have a sound and it sounds pretty good.

Verdict: Which has the better sound?

Gone are the days of Bluetooth audio being spotty even if the bass isn’t in its full glory, but Bose’s SoundSport is heads (and ears) above the competition when it comes to sound quality.

Best Battery Life

If you’re thinking about using the SoundSport Wireless as your go-to versatile sports headphones for daily use outside of the gym and for things like your commute, you might want to think again. The downfall of the SoundSport Wireless lays within its battery. At a max capacity of 6 hours runtime and a 2-hour charging cycle that immediately puts the headphones to sleep while charging, the SoundSport Wireless may leave you untethered, but it needs a healthy amount of rest.

When it comes to battery life, Beats beats out the competition. With twice the battery life and less than half the charging time is due to the power of the W1 chip, there’s really no competition. Aside from giving users amazing battery life and charging time, the new chipset allows for a 5-minute fast charge that gives a user an hour of operating time,

Verdict: Which has the better battery life?

Beats by FAR. At a full charge, the Powerbeats3 can run for 12-hours.

The Pairing Process

The latest incarnation of Bose’s popular sports headphone is the SoundSport Wireless. The newest version of the popular workout headphones allows for both Bluetooth and NFC connectivity, giving it the upper hand over some of the other wireless sports headphone alternatives. Not only do the SoundSport Wireless headphones have 2 different wireless pairing options, they also work with Bose’s iOS and Android ready Bose Connect app which allows you to easily swap between and control your wireless Bose devices.

With Beat’s third foray into their Powerbeats line, the company brought a wireless technology that only could have been developed in coordination with a tech giant such as Apple itself due to their phone technology. This new technology is Apple’s W1 chipset. The W1 chipset leaves Bose in the dust as far as connectivity and range on Apple devices goes, though it connects just like every other wireless headset on non-Apple devices.

Who has the best pairing?

Bose is the clear winner with its concise pairing mechanism and cross-platform app UNLESS you are only using Apple devices in which case pairing is seamless. One thing to note, the SoundSport will audibly let you know when you’re device is paired.

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