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Schecter Hellraiser Reviews – Is this the best guitar for metal?

Hello rockers. 

Today we are examining the Schecter Hellraiser guitar line. 

This article explores the key features of the Schecter Hellraiser C1

We rate this range of high octane guitars as professional instruments.

 If you are looking for a premium quality guitar for heavy tones the Schecter Hellraiser could be the perfect match for you.

Keep reading for our full exploration of this instrument!

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Table of Content

Schecter Hellraiser: Product Overview

The Schecter Hellraiser is a heavy style of guitar, originally designed and released by Schecter in 2006.

These are typical metal guitars and are great guitars for players who like a heavy style.

Famous guitarists who have been known to wield a Schecter Hellraiser include Nikki Stringfield, Synyster Gates, and Paul Wiley.

The Hellraiser is one of Schecter’s most popular guitars. It was designed to be a high-end metal guitar and is now considered one of the best heavy metal guitars ever made. The Hellraiser was originally produced in three different models: the Hellraiser C-1, with a mahogany body and set neck; the Hellraiser S-1, with an ash body and set neck; and the Hellraiser X-1, with an ash body and bolt-on neck.

Originally released as a high-end guitar for players looking for something more than just your standard metal guitar. There are many different models within the Hellraiser range, even coming in 7, 8, and 9 stringed variations.

The company is based in Southern California and was founded in 1976 by David Schecter. Ever since, they have been making electric guitars, basses, and amplifiers for professional musicians all over the world. They are part of the Music Group division of Schecter Guitar Research which also includes brands like Parker Guitars, G&L Guitars, Dr. Z Amplification, and Kiesel Guitars.

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Schecter Hellraiser Specifications

  • Scale Length: 25.5”
  • Pickups: EMG Active Pickups (81TW/89R)
  • Electronics: 2xTone, 1xVolume, 3-way selector.
  • Fret Count: 24
  • Fret Style: Jumbo
  • Woods: Body & Neck = Mahogany, Top = Quilted Maple
  • Floyd Rose Tremolo Bridge ( Tune-o-matic available)
  • Weight: 4.54 KG
Schecter Hellraiser Specifications

Feature 1 – Overall Build Quality

The Schecter Hellraiser is a high-quality guitar. You can instantly tell that this isn’t from the budget range. 

This is a perfect guitar choice for heavy metal players.  

From the Locking Tuners to the pickups, everything feels well made, with a good choice of materials. You can see the level of attention to detail is high in this guitar. It feels like Schecter has really gone out of their way to make a playable, comfortable guitar that performs well in high-gain conditions. 

The black pearl binding is a nice aesthetic touch and has been installed smoothly with no issues. Hellraiser models come in a number of colored finishes, with an attractive high-gloss touch. These guitars feel incredibly sturdy thanks to the mostly mahogany construction. 

Thanks to the locking tuners, this versatile guitar has excellent tuning stability. Even using the stock strings, the Schecter Hellraiser C-1 holds its tune for a long time and has extra stability over other guitars.

The Schecter hellraiser will be able to stand the test of time, and the life of a touring heavy metal guitarist! 

Overall Build Quality

Feature 2 – Body Shape and Size

The Hellraiser’s Mahogany Body is a typical Schecter Design. 

It uses the standard super-strat silhouette, with a deep double-cutaway and an arched top. 

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The contouring of the guitar’s body makes it comfortable to hold. The overall shape and size of the guitar are well balanced, without any awkward areas. 

The resonant characteristics of the body are amplified by the curved top, creating a warm and full tone with detailed highs. We also loved the 3 different finishes this guitar comes in: Black, Cherry, and Deep Purple.


The guitar weighs around 4.5kilograms, which is slightly heavier than your average electric guitar. For comparison, a Fender Stratocaster weighs around 3.6 kg. The weight comes from the use of dense mahogany, but it’s worth it for the tone. 

Schecter Hellraiser Reviews

Feature 3 – Neck, Fretboard, and feel

The neck and fretboard of the Schecter Hellraiser are high quality. The neck itself is made from Mahogany (for the C-1), which has a smooth and rich feel. The neck is relatively thin, which is a common design feature from Schecter. This thin design makes it easier to reach the upper frets and increases playing speed. 

The rosewood fretboard features 24 frets, which is a nice increase above most electric guitars. This will be particularly advantageous for playing guitar in a metal style, as it increases the range of higher notes for soloing and shredding. It also makes this metal guitar a great choice for players with smaller hands.

The fretboard uses a 14” radius, giving it a slight curve which helps for pitch bending and holding complex chords. The frets are completed with gothic cross inlays, completing the heavy metal look. 

Neck, Fretboard, and feel

Feature 4 – Pickups & Electronics

Ideal for metal and heavy amplifiers, the Schecter Hellraiser C-1 uses active EMG pickups for maximum tone and sustain. Using an 81TW as a bridge pickup and an 89R for the neck pickup, these active pickups have a more powerful sound than any humbucker pickups we’ve heard. 

Because they use separate preamps, you will need to power the EMG’s with a 9V battery. This also requires changing from time to time. The electronics are a key reason as to why this is such a great guitar metal.

The neck pickup has a smoother sound, which sounded great with some reverb. The bridge position pickup is a little brighter and more aggressive. The electronics include volume controls and tone control for each pickup. The volume knobs had a good response and weren’t overly sensitive. You can also find replacement parts for these fairly easily if they ever get broken.

The Schecter Hellraiser C-1’s EMG pickups even come with a coil-split feature. This lets players switch between a single-coil and humbucker setting. This dual-mode design gives players even more versatility, letting them dial in exactly what tone they need. They even sound like authentic single coils!

Feature 5 – Sound

As mentioned, this guitar uses EMG active pickups, which have a louder, more sustained, and aggressive sound. The mahogany construction brings extra warmth and fullness. This guitar sound isn’t particularly thin, although it can be thinned out with the electronics. 

The pick-ups provide a fantastic dynamic range, and the tone and sound of this guitar are incredibly versatile. It is very articulate and has a lot of definition to the sound. There are no issues with the sound. The only area of concern could be that you’d need to use an amp that is suitable to use with EMG pickups.

It does sound better distorted than clean, so it may be more suited to heavy music than lighter styles.

The tone of this guitar is perfect for those who play metal and heavier styles. The sound of this successful instrument has landed it as a go-to guitar for many guitarists.


Feature 6 – Additional Features

There are a few other interesting features of this guitar. There are a few different bridge choices, my favorite would be the Floyd rose tremolo, as this allows for cool pitch diving effects. Although there are also tune-o-matic variations available that may have more stable tuning. 

The Hellraiser also comes in expanded string formats, which can add an extra edge to a performance. They are available in 7, 8, and 9 string variations. 

Schecter Hellraiser: Things I Like

  • An excellent guitar for heavy metal, punk, and other heavy genres.
  • Fantastic look, feel, and design.
  • Premium electronics and hardware.
  • High playability, comfort, and durability.
  • Wide range of finishes

Schecter Hellraiser: Things I Don’t Like

  • Required some setup and adjustment
  • Not suitable for all styles of music.


Is the Schecter Hellraiser good?

The Hellraiser is an incredibly well-designed instrument. These are not bog-standard guitars, the level of quality craftsmanship in these instruments is immediately apparent.
They may not be suitable for all genres, but for heavy styles like rock, metal, and punk music, a Schecter Hellraiser is an ideal companion.

Not only is the craftsmanship superb, but the materials used are also second to none.
The design of these instruments is fantastic, they’re versatile, have a sweet sound, and feel incredibly smooth to play. Provided the style is right for you, you will not be disappointed with the quality of these instruments.

Are Schecter Guitars good for beginners?

These guitars are so well made that really they would be good for anybody.

Schecter guitars could be good for beginners, as they wouldn’t face as many issues or hurdles as they might find with a cheaper instrument. However, these are probably going to be too expensive for a beginner player to commit to. It might be a bit risky buying one of these for a beginner, as you may not want to splash out $1000+ for an instrument they end up not wanting to play. For this reason, I’d recommend saving the Schecters for committed players. 

In the meantime, why not check out our post about the best electric guitars for beginners.

Are Schecter Guitars good for blues?

The versatility of these guitars means they can pull off a decent tone for just about any genre.

I would say that Schecter guitars are generally better for heavier genres like rock and metal than they are for blues, however not explicitly. These guitars are great for creating crunchy lead tones that are heard in some styles of blues music. Schecters may be too modern looking and sounding for more traditional blues music, but are just about appropriate enough to be used in a modern blues setting. These may be more suitable for hard rock.

Schecter Hellraiser Review Bottom Line: Is Schecter Hellraiser Worth it?

The Schecter Hellraiser C-1 is a fantastic metal guitar with a high-quality sound at an affordable price.

The build quality is superb, every element feels well designed and polished. You can tell that no corners have been cut on the Schecter Hellraiser C-1. 

It is comparable in price to a Gibson Les Paul, which might be a better choice if you are looking for a guitar that isn’t so metal-specific. You can find Les Paul guitars with passive pickups too if the active pickup style isn’t your thing. 

One of the key differences of this guitar is the use of active pickups. These get great reviews from all heavy guitarists and bring an exciting new tone to the stage.

Overall the Schecter Hellraiser C-1 could be the best guitar for metal. It’s great with high gain, it has a fast-playing response, it looks badass and the tone puts other great guitars to shame.

You can get it with or without a tremolo system, and it even has coil-tapping. What more can you ask for?

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