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7 Best Waves Plugins for Compression in 2024: 40% Off Now

Compression is a vital component of the mixing process. If you want to really make your track pop, you need to make sure each bus shines exactly when it should be shining! 

The intricacy involved in this process, however, can be seemingly never-ending. 

Fortunately, that’s where Waves compression plugins come in. Waves make some of the highest quality, professionally-sounding VST/ RTAS plugins known throughout the mixing world, and their selection of compressors lives up to just that.

This article offers a comprehensive insight into Waves compression plugins available as of 2023. If you want to take your mixing game to the next level, this is the article for you!

7 Best Waves Plugins for Compression in 2023

  1. CLA-2AGet it now
  2. C1 Compressor – Get it now
  3. RCompressor – Get it now
  4. SSL Compressor – Get it now
  5. H-Compressor – Get it now

There are hundreds of different types of Waves plugins out there. A good few of these plugins are dedicated to compression. 

I’ve reviewed all of the compression plugins on offer from Waves as of 2023 and filtered them down to the 7 that I think are the best:

Table Of Contents

1. CLA-2A


This two-knob compressor/limiter is one of the more versatile plugins on the list. It is also, in my opinion, the most complicated one to wrap your head around, but can also be one of the most versatile.

There are not many compressors in my library that sound better on raw instrument and vocal tracks than the CLA-2A. The tube emulators in it help deliver a warm, analog sound that will allow you to really open up the body and depth of most instruments. (Definitely try it on bass & female vox!)

The simple design makes for easy navigation of the plugin interface. The gain knob reflects the output gain of the compressor and the peak reduction knob basically acts as your threshold. There is a VU meter available so you can visibly see your gain reduction as well as switch between input/output volumes. This plugin definitely takes some practice and getting used to, but once you understand the parameters are doing you won’t veer far from using it almost every mix you do!

2. C1 Compressor

C1 Compressor

The Waves C1 Compressor is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a more basic looking compressor; while still wanting all the essential parameters needed. The C1 is a great all-around compressor and I use it on everything from basic drum tracks to sub-mixes and group buses.

This is what your basic compressor plugin is generally going to look like, and a very similar interface to the one I learned while I was first learning. There are three separate digital meters; two for the input and output gains, and one for the gain reduction being done during compression. What makes this compressor useful is that it gives the user control over the attack, threshold, ratio, and release; which in return allows you more total control over the compression being done at hand. There is also a section for makeup gain; so you can increase your volume once you have compressed your audio.

I would definitely recommend this plugin to any novice audio engineer who is first dipping their feet into compression. It’s easy to throw this thing on every track that you think needs it, and practice to help familiarize yourself with the different parameters that make compression work.

3. RCompressor


Another one of my favorite compressors on the list is the RCompressor from the Waves Renaissance bundle. This compressor though simple; packs a huge punch in when trying to control heavy dynamics within a mix.

What makes this plugin so great is what it doesn’t do rather than what it does. There are few meters in it; which allows it to be very hard to make sound bad. It gives you control of all the major parameters (attack, threshold, release, ratio), but also has a few functions that give your sound an extra flair of character which can be nice.

The ARC function is a nice automatic release control feature that when enabled; changes the release time based on the program data. It will adjust your release time depending on the transients of the sound waves traveling through (pretty cool!). It also has optical and electro functions which can be toggled between. The electro function will compress your sound hard, and the optical function will allow sound to breathe and sound more open.

Overall, this plugin is a fantastic option for a bright, clean-sounding compressor. It will leave your dynamics controlled; but also leave them with a sense of character and life, instead of sucking them dry.

4. SSL Compressor

SSL Compressor

Now, this compressor is the real deal, and made a tough run for the number 1 spot on my list! The SSL Compressor from the SSL 4000 bundle is one the best compressors I have ever used, and many who have used it would gladly agree.

Modeled after a top of the line SSL console channel strip, the SSL Compressor delivers that beautiful, textured warm sound that all musicians are seeking to achieve from their mix.

Though some engineers might find this compressor useful on single channels; I tend to find this plugin extremely useful when submixing and mastering! It’s the perfect one to go to when putting final on things in the mix. It adds what I call “a nice shine on top”.

The only thing that I wish the plugin had was total rotary control over the modulation knobs. The threshold and gain makeup are completely controllable; but the attack, release, and ratio have fixed amounts that you have to choose from. It does, however, have an auto release setting, and fade off feature that acts sort of like a knee.

Even with those minor critiques; this plugin is far superior over so many other compressors in my opinion. Artists fly from all around the world to record their music through SSL consoles, and now you have that same power of a compressor channel strip in your DAW.

5. H-Compressor


Alright; we’ve talked about a lot of great compressors. All could easily probably get the job done for anybody doing basic mixing and editing. You’ve been patient with me long enough, and now it’s time for my all-time favorite compressor found within the Waves bundles…(drumroll please)

Introducing the H-Series H-Compressor! This plugin has a vast variety of knobs and parameters, and does an excellent job at gluing the different parts of our mixing together!

The first thing to highlight in this plugin is the analog knob. It has four different output transformers or, sounds, it can give to whatever you’re compressing at the time. This is an awesome way to get more character out of your mixes and instruments.

It has your standard attack, threshold, ratio, and release knobs. The release portion is unique because you can link the release of the compressor to the bpm of the song. Definitely a useful feature for drums and rhythm tracks. It also has a mix knob on the far right which allows you to control how much compression you are actually hearing. I usually keep this set at 100 percent, but experiment around and see what you like.

The H-Compressor also comes with a punch feature, which allows you to give an extra boost to the lox end of your signal. I use this feature all the time on my kick drums to get more fullness.

No matter if it’s vocals or heavy instrumentation; the H-Compressor is powerful and versatile enough to help with all your dynamic processing needs!

The important thing to remember is that in the end, this list is not “gospel”. When it comes to mixing music there is no one master plugin that rules over all others.

You can manage to achieve what you are wanting with any one of these five great plugins. Just remember to trust your ears, and keep experimenting with the plugins features themselves. Listen to see what happens when you combine a fast attack with a large ratio or a slow threshold with long release time, and soon enough you’ll have an ear for compression. I hope this steers you in a helpful direction the next time you may be wondering what to use for a compressor.

Keep on mixing! Read our guide on all types of Waves vocal plugins.

6. SSL-G Bus Compressor 

The G Bus compressor is a tried and true staple for countless pro engineers. It is equally effective when strapped across master busses as it is drum and backing vocal busses; it works well for solo instruments, too.

Hundreds of hits have been produced using the SSL G-Bus compressor. 

I’ve discovered from a bit of testing that it works especially well when mixing drums; the crispy snare sound you can achieve with some compression and a slightly slower attack is seriously good.

Various online forums suggest a 4:1, 30-ms attack and auto release alongside a 60-100 HPF (High Pass Filter) is generally considered a pretty foolproof setting – and I definitely tend to agree! 

A word of caution, however: when dealing with a GR (Gain Reduction) of over 4dB it can start to feel a bit rugged.

7. MV2 Compressor

Waves’ MV2 Compressor has incredibly seamless high-level and low-level compression capabilities. 

This is quite remarkable. While high-level compression with automatic gain makeup and output level control is your standard compressor setup, having the ability to compress upwards with the same plug-in makes the MV2 compressor a seriously versatile piece of kit! 

This capacity for low-level compression can be implemented to great effect when mixing to bring out room sounds (i.e. for drums). 

The MV2 compressor offers you the capability to add a depth of sound to your project that will not only change the way listeners hear it but also how they feel it.

Another tour de force of this plugin is its sheer usability! After all, there are only 3 controls. 

Whether you’re a pro audio engineer or you’re just starting to get the hang of things, Waves’ MV2 compressor will drastically simplify and enhance your workflow.

Final Words 

Waves is a brand renowned for making some of the highest quality, professionally-sounding VST/ RTAS plugins known throughout the mixing world – and their selection of compressors lives up to just that. 

While there are thousands (if not tens of thousands) of different plugins available across DAWs these days, it can be hard to cut through the junk to find the real gems. 

I hope this article has informed your exploration of all these plugins and given you valuable insight into the quality of Waves’ products!


Why choose Waves plugins for compression?

Waves compression plugins are extremely powerful and versatile, giving you the ability to add amazing depth and color to your project.

Are Waves plugins actually good?

Yes, Waves’ plugins are actually good. They faithfully emulate tried and true analog gear to give producers at every level the ability to mix their songs like the pros.

Are Waves plugins industry standard?

Waves plugins are phenomenally popular and have been used on countless hit tracks. In some regards, their plugins are definitely the industry standard.

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