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Top 7 Wearable Bluetooth Speakers of 2024: Comprehensive Reviews

Top Pick
ANCwear Portable speaker (with watch mount
Avantree Torus Neck Speaker
GELETE Smart Glasses
ANCwear Portable Bluetooth Speakers Wireless Mini Speaker with Enhanced Bass, HD Sound, Wearable Speaker with Microphone, 9.5H Playtime, IPX6 Waterproof for Sports, Outdoor Travel
Avantree Torus Wearable Wireless Neck Speaker, Bluetooth 5.0, aptX HD, Low Latency, Personal Neckband Speakers with Retractable Earbuds, Superb Audio Quality, 3D Surround Stereo for Music TV (NB05)
Smart Glasses Bluetooth Sunglasses for Men Wireless Bluetooth Headset IPX4 Waterproof Compatible with Smart Phones Easy to Make Phone Calls and Listen to Music Polarized Lenses
Top Pick
ANCwear Portable speaker (with watch mount
ANCwear Portable Bluetooth Speakers Wireless Mini Speaker with Enhanced Bass, HD Sound, Wearable Speaker with Microphone, 9.5H Playtime, IPX6 Waterproof for Sports, Outdoor Travel
Avantree Torus Neck Speaker
Avantree Torus Wearable Wireless Neck Speaker, Bluetooth 5.0, aptX HD, Low Latency, Personal Neckband Speakers with Retractable Earbuds, Superb Audio Quality, 3D Surround Stereo for Music TV (NB05)
GELETE Smart Glasses
Smart Glasses Bluetooth Sunglasses for Men Wireless Bluetooth Headset IPX4 Waterproof Compatible with Smart Phones Easy to Make Phone Calls and Listen to Music Polarized Lenses

Today we are investigating the best wearable Bluetooth speakers on the market. 

Wearable speakers are an interesting form of Bluetooth audio equipment. 

A Bluetooth wearable speaker is designed to act as a portable loudspeaker that is easily and comfortably attached to your body or clothes.

These differ from your average Bluetooth speaker, in that they are specifically designed to be worn, rather than carried. 

For this reason, we see some interesting designs in the wearable speaker category. Some use a wristwatch style system, others are mounted around the neck, and some are even worn like glasses.

There are several reasons why people buy wearable speakers. The main one is for sports activities, like running or jogging. Using speakers can be safer than headphones, as it allows you to still hear everything around you. Speakers also make it easier to share what you are listening to with a running partner for example.

We’ve written this guide exploring the different wearable speakers available. Hopefully this helps you to find what you’re looking for!

I tested 7 products and found the JBL Clip 3 to be the best wearable speaker.

JBL Clip 3

We loved this speaker because it has fantastic sound quality, feels incredibly durable, it’s light, and comes with a built-in clip. This makes one of the best wearable speakers we’ve seen, the speaker itself is impressive, and built with the reliable quality of JBL products. 

I love speakers and music. I think Bluetooth speakers are one of the best inventions of the last 100 years.

I’ve always been a fan of listening to music, and speakers are a huge part of that. Having a decent Bluetooth speaker means you can enjoy your favorite tunes wherever you go.

These wearable Bluetooth speakers will free up your hands for other activities, whilst letting you listen to your favorite music, podcasts or videos. Hey, it doesn’t even have to be outside, I use a similar product when I’m cooking or doing housework,

We loved the JBL Clip 3 speakers because they’re light, secure, easy to use, and sound great!

These wearable speakers are fantastic and beat the quality of many other products at the same, or even higher prices. They also have a great waterproof and shockproof rating, making them safe for wet or dirty exercise sessions.

Best Wearable Bluetooth Speaker

​​There are many wearable speakers out there, and picking the perfect one isn’t as easy as you might think.

We’ve written this article to help you understand what features are important in wearable speakers. 

The main points are sound quality, battery, size and weight, attachment, and control system. 

We explain these considerations in full depth in the last section of this page.

Keep reading for our full lineup of the best wearable speakers on the market today!

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Best wearable Bluetooth speaker in our tests

  1. ANCwear Portable speaker (with watch mount)
  2. Avantree Torus Neck Speaker
  3. GELETE Smart Glasses
  4. Tech-Life BoomBand
  5. Bluedio Neckband Portable Speakers
  7. JBL Clip 3

7 Best wearable Bluetooth speakers reviewed in Details

1. ANCwear Portable speaker (with watch mount)

ANCwear Portable speaker

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Product info

This wearable speaker is as cunning as it is affordable. 

It has 3 wearing methods – a watch-style wrist strap, a pocket clip, and a clothing clip. So you’ll be able to take it anywhere, and this clip-on speaker is ultra-light too, at less than 50g.

The clip attachments are easy to install, the watch strap is adjustable, so it can be tightened to fit any wrist.

The ANCwear wearable speaker has a clear, loud sound using a 3W circuit. The sound quality isn’t stunning, but you won’t complain about the price. It isn’t muffled, so you can hear voices well, but it does lack some bass.

The rechargeable battery can survive up to 9.5 hours of playtime, which is plenty for exercise and outdoor activities. The wireless speaker also automatically turns off when the Bluetooth disconnects to save the battery. It charges in around 1.5 hours which is fast.

This wireless speaker is measured with an IPX6 waterproof rating. This shows it’s protected from a decent amount of liquid exposure, but not full submersion. It’s not rated for protection against dust or sand either. This makes it safe to take outside in a rainstorm though, so it’s good enough for most outdoor situations. 

The construction felt very durable and sturdy. The rubber exterior creates a decent amount of shockproofing, so this can survive being dropped, or falling off a high surface.

It also allows hands-free phone calls thanks to its built-in microphone. There are buttons for play/pause and volume, they felt a little flimsy but got the job done. 

Overall, this is a flexible and affordable wearable speaker. It’s in more of a traditional style, unlike other designs like neckbandshands-free and glasses, but with extra features to make it more wearable. If you want to listen to music on the go, without breaking the bank, this could be the right speaker for you!

Weight: 50g

Pros and Cons

  • Multiple attachment styles (watch, clip-on).
  • Incredibly affordable.
  • Shockproof and sturdy.
  • Weatherproof.
  • Quick charging battery. 

– – –

2. Avantree Torus Neck Speaker

Avantree Torus Neck Speaker

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Product info:

Neck speakers are futuristic audio devices that make it easy to listen to music whilst you’re running or doing physical activities. 

The Avantree Torus is a premium set of neckband speakers with excellent audio performance. 

This neckband speaker provides fantastic audio quality, and an immersive sound experience wherever you are. The speakers did lack some low frequencies, but this was made up for in the retractable headphones. 

The Torus neck speaker is excellent for music, using proprietary DSP processing to preserve the quality of the sounds as it’s passed through the Bluetooth waves. This advanced Bluetooth capability creates a cleaner listening experience than many other devices. It also has lower latency, so there is less of a delay between the audio and a video (if you’re watching one). They’ve been measured with a Bluetooth connectivity range of up to 30ft.

Designed with ergonomics in mind, this neck speaker is light and comfortable, being barely noticeable around your neck. With a compact design, the shape and material make it feel securely attached to your neck, without any issues of it coming loose. 

These have a decent rechargeable battery, lasting for around 8 hours of playtime in speaker mode, and around 48 hours in headphone mode. They fully charge in 3 hours, making these great for wearing when jogging or running.

The built-in microphone gives users access to voice tools like Google Assistant and hands-free calling. The mic has a good sound quality and makes for clear calls on the receiving end.

A cool feature of this product is the inclusion of headphones. There are optional retractable headphones that can be pulled out of the body of the device to use instead of the speakers. This is perfect for those moments where you want more privacy, and don’t want to share whatever you’re listening to with people around you. It also helps to prevent disturbing other people.

This wireless wearable speaker is sensitive, and it could be fairly easily broken if you aren’t careful with them. They don’t have the sturdy design that other models do. For this reason, they aren’t recommended for high-impact sport or vigorous exercise activities. They also do not have a waterproofing rating, so they may be more prone to water damage. Remain aware that this makes them potentially unsuitable for outdoor activities in wet weather.

In summary, this is a high-quality set of wearable speakers. Whilst they may not be the toughest, they have a much better sound quality than other models. The inclusion of both headphone and speaker modes makes this a unique and desirable product.

Weight: 260g

Pros and Cons

  • High-quality sound.
  • Reliable wireless connectivity.
  • 2-in-1 speakers and headphones.
  • Not suitable for water.
  • Not shockproof. 

– – –

3. GELETE Smart Glasses

GELETE Smart Glasses

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Product info

This wearable speaker comes straight from a Sci-Fi film.

This epic device combines the best of stylish sunglasses with wearable speakers, to make a truly unique product. 

Sunglasses that look like this are cool enough on their own, but when you put speakers in them it takes it to the next level. If you want to listen to music in style, then read on…

The speakers themselves are decent, loud, and clear enough to compete with a car engine, or the loud volume experienced on a bike. They also have detachable earbuds if you want more privacy or a more direct sound. The quality isn’t fantastic, but good enough for the price.

If you want a better quality model, the Bose Frames smart glasses are a good place to look. Although they are pretty expensive. 

An awesome feature of these wearable speakers is their internal AI voice system.
This lets users control their maps, music, phone calls, and voice assistance simply by talking to their speakers. 

Yes, you might look crazy to the unknowing, but you can rest assured that you’re packing some secret technology swagger in your spectacles.

These wearable speakers are also designed for water resistance. Measured with an IPX7 waterproof rating, these groovy goggles are rainproof and sweatproof, so no fear of damage when outside. (Although, who wears sunglasses in the rain?).

The battery life is a little limiting on this product, with only 3, 3.5 hours playback time on a fully charged battery. This is a byproduct of their relatively small size. These glasses also feature a 30ft Bluetooth connectivity range.

I’m no optician, but the polarised lenses will keep your eyes protected from the sun and are rated with 100% UV400 protection.

There are more expensive speaker glasses out there, but we chose these thanks to their low price and high quality.

If you’re looking for a stylish pair of affordable wearable speakers, this futuristic product could be ideal for you. As far as wearable speakers come, these are some of the coolest, most forward-thinking products we’ve seen. And what a price!

Bose Frames smart glasses

Weight: 1.34 oz

Pros and Cons

  • Cool glasses design protects eyes from the sun.
  • Comes with detachable earbuds.
  • Discrete and futuristic style.
  • Weak bass.
  • Short battery life.

– – –

4. Tech-Life BoomBand

Tech-Life BoomBand

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Product info

The Techlife Boomband is an affordable wearable speaker watch. 

Speaker watches are perfect for outdoor activities and exercise, and this model has everything it needs to perform well. 

With the Tech-Life BoomBand speaker watch, you can enjoy life on the go without being tied down to your mobile device. Connect wirelessly with up to 200ft range, and impressively loud volume that’s heard up 120ft away. 

For the affordable price and small size of the speaker, the audio quality is pretty good. It won’t compete with more expensive models but is a big step up compared to built-in phone speakers.
It has a very wide, immersive sound projection that isn’t overly directional like some models. It has a much wider, broader sound than neckband speakers. 

The wrist strap is adjustable and secure, and smoothly designed to avoid chafing or skin irritation. Although there doesn’t look to be a way to easily replace the strap if it breaks, which is something to be aware of. 

The speaker watch design is also sleek and lightweight, giving you the freedom to be hands-free. With up to 10 hours of battery life, you can listen to anything for hours with no worries about the device dying on you. For the size, the battery life is very impressive, it charges quickly too!

An IP68 protection rating means it’s dust and dirt-proof and can be fully submerged in water. This is a very high rating for products in its price range and makes this suitable for muddy and wet outdoor activities. 

Overall this affordable speaker watch model is a great choice for people looking for a durable, wearable speaker solution. The audio quality isn’t comparable to more premium models, but this product has all the features you need for a decent wearable speaker. People looking for an upgrade in this model may be worth looking at the Bose wearable speaker and other Bose products. 

Weight: 1.58 oz

Pros and Cons

  • Decent sound quality at an affordable price.
  • Impressive connection range (200ft).
  • Loud volume up to 120ft away; hear it loud and clear even in busy or noisy environments
  • Sleek and lightweight design; take it with you everywhere without any hassle.
  • Up to 10hrs of battery life; long enough for you to enjoy your music all day.

– – –

5. Bluedio Neckband Portable Speakers

Bluedio Neckband Portable Speakers

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Product info

This feature-packed neckband speaker from Bluedio manufacturing is priced incredibly affordable for the number of tools it packs in.

Featuring a whopping 4 built-in upward-facing speakers, these wearable Bluetooth speakers are an excellent piece of audio equipment for the outdoor enthusiast. This wireless speaker creates a great stereo field, which feels much wider and more immersive than most phone’s internal speakers.

The speakers themselves are of average quality, but the combination of 4 together provides a decent sound with a good amount of amplification. The upwards-facing design creates a private listening field. Meaning the sound is focused on your ears, so you get more, and other people around you get less.

The Bluetooth 5.0 connection was decent and had no interference or disconnections. It could stay connected up to around 50ft from the paired device.

These wearable Bluetooth speakers are packed with additional features. An SD card slot is a particularly useful one, as you can load the speakers with tunes and not have to worry about connecting a phone. These portable speakers also contain all the onboard controls you could need, with a multifunction power button, volume, play/pause, and track skipping buttons.

This Bluetooth speaker also includes an FM radio function, which is great for tuning in on the go.

If you’re looking for an affordable, hands-free wireless speaker, this is a great entry-level model. For people looking at the budget category, these could be some of the best wearable speakers thanks to their extensive feature set and competitive design.

Easy to play

Weight: 50g

Pros and Cons

  • Most affordable on this list.
  • Internal SD card slot for music memory cards.
  • All the buttons and controls you need.
  • 4 internal speakers for a wide, immersive soundstage. 
  • Quick charging and 

– – –



Check Price on Amazon

Product info

Introducing the  Boompods Sound Clip, with a rugged, waterproof design and the ability to play your favorite song via voice control, this is one speaker that’s perfect for any environment. 

Whether you’re entertaining friends at home or on the go with the family, this Bluetooth speaker has got you covered.

These wearable Bluetooth speakers are another fantastic clip model.

This comes in more of a traditional Bluetooth speaker design compared to the watch, neckband, and glasses variations.

The attachment system is a simple clip. It’s not as sturdy as other models, but definitely adequate for most situations and physical sport.

The Boompods company is all about the outdoors, they design their products to withstand the test of harsh weather conditions and vigorous sports activities. The team tests all their products in the field to ensure they live up to their design brief.

The speaker quality itself is actually pretty impressive. The bass is decent for a speaker with such a small size, and the treble is crisp and clear. These speakers are ideal for people living an active lifestyle – with a very rigid body despite weighing only 5.4oz.

The Soundclip is designed with an IPX6 waterproof rating, so it can go anywhere your adventures may take you. It has a decent battery life clocking in around 10-12 hours. We were very impressed with the battery life of this product for its price.

It doesn’t have any button controls but works perfectly with voice assistant software like Google Assistant thanks to the built-in mic. It also enables hands free calling, which is great when you’re out for a run.

There are no volume controls on the unit itself, which some people might not like, but it can always be controlled from the phone. 

Overall, this is a fantastic affordable clip-on speaker that is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.

Check out some of the other Boompods speakers including the Aquablaster, Rokpod, and Blockblaster!

Weight: 5.4 oz

Pros and Cons

  • Built-in mic for voice assistant functionality.
  • Designed for the outdoors.
  • Long 12 hour battery life.
  • Rugged design with IPX6 waterproofing.
  • No button controls.
  • Decent clip system, but not as strong as others.

– – –

7. JBL Clip 3

JBL Clip 3

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Product info

The JBL Clip range is a series of fantastic portable Bluetooth speakers. They are designed to have exceptional quality and durability, whilst maintaining portability.

The JBL Clip 3 features a sturdy carabiner style clip for attaching to clothing or bags. It’s securely designed and shows no chance of disconnection, even when running aggressively. It’s very light, weighing just under 8 ounces. It doesn’t drag you down or add unnecessary extra weight. 

This wireless wearable speaker from JBL has an incredible sound quality for its price. JBL is known to be one of the leading brands when it comes to speaker design, and hassub-bass a great reputation throughout history. It’s very clear, with amazing midrange and bass production. It goes pretty loud too!

It has a solid and reliable Bluetooth connection, with an impressive wireless range. This wearable speaker can connect at over 300ft! Which will be more than enough for most situations.

The rechargeable battery supports up to 10 hours of playtime and charges fully within a few hours. This is great for sports and exercise, and will easily last longer than a full session, and charge in time for the next one.

This wearable speaker is rated with an IPX7 proofing rating, meaning that it can survive full water submersion, but isn’t protected from dust. This is ideal for wet outdoor conditions, swimming pools, and open water. It even floats! Although, there is a risk of sand damage, so be careful at the beach.

It has a play/pause button, and volume up/down controls, which is great if you don’t want to get your phone out all the time. It also has a built in-mic, so you can even take calls in the shower if you want to!

There are many excellent wearable speakers in the clip range, but we chose the JBL Clip 3 thanks to its super lightweight design, sturdy clip, and affordability.

This is the lightest and smallest one in the JBL Clip range. It fits in the palm of your hand.

If you fancy some extra volume (and don’t mind the weight) the Clip 4 and Clip 5 are perfect alternatives. 

Weight: 7.84oz

Pros and Cons

  • Fantastic sound and build quality.
  • Massive Bluetooth connection range – over 300ft!
  • Super lightweight.
  • Good battery life for size.
  • Strong carabiner connection system.
  • Quiet compared to some speakers. 

– – –

What to look for in wearable speakers?

Every time you go to a party or a friend’s house, you need to bring your own Bluetooth speaker. These speakers are great because they allow for easy and instant sound anywhere and everywhere. Whether you’re looking for something that can easily connect to your phone, tablet, or computer, or something that can keep up with the power of a high-end speaker system, there’s something for everyone.

When shopping for a Bluetooth speaker it is easy to be overwhelmed with options from brands such as Bose, Sony, B&O Play, and others. There are also reviews on these speakers all over the internet which can help you decide what’s best for your needs. Since there are so many choices out there it is important to have clarity about what features are most important when buying a speaker.

Different speakers are more suitable for certain activities. Some are better for sports, others are better for general use or focus on better sound quality.

A Bluetooth speaker comes with a lot of features. But in order to find the best one, you need to know what to look for in it. Here are some topics for your consideration.

Battery life: 

Make sure you choose a wearable speaker that has a long enough battery life for your needs. In general, an 8-10 hour battery life is enough for wearable speakers, unless you plan on longer adventures. 

The issue with getting a longer battery life is that it increases the size and weight of the device. This can be an issue and an annoyance for wearable speakers. 

A good solution for this can be the use of an additional external power bank. This way you can charge your device without needing mains electricity. 

Sound Quality:

Having speakers with a good sound is also important. Using speakers with an unpleasant audio quality will tire your ears quicker, and make the music you’re listening to sound weak.

Getting fantastic sound quality usually comes at a price. But if you care about sound quality, it’s worth investing in a set of wearable speakers that you’ll enjoy listening to.

Obviously, you can’t test out online products. It can be hard to know whether speakers will sound good just from a web page, but there are some good specifications. 

The key stats to look at are frequency range (Hz)  and decibel output (dB). The width and balance of frequency range will dictate the tone of the speaker. If you want a bassy speaker, make sure it can produce frequencies at 100Hz and below. Speakers with lower top-end frequency ratings also run the risk of sounding muffled. 

The best wearable speakers would have a frequency range of somewhere around 60Hz-20kHz, this would produce a full range, accurate sound with a decent amount of sub bass.

The decibel output will give clues as to how loud the speakers can go. Anywhere between 90 and 110 decibels should be plenty for most wearable speaker models. 


A speaker’s durability is important because it affects how long it can last on your outdoor adventure or at home with kids playing around it. 

There are a few factors within the topic of durability. The construction materials are important, as cheap plastics are prone to breaking. Some speakers are rated as being shockproof, meaning they can withstand moderate amounts of physical impact without damage.

An important factor of durability is the water and dust resistance abilities of the wearable speaker. The IP rating gives information about this measurement. If you want waterproof speakers, look for an IP rating of IPX4 and above. This will ensure the speakers are safe to be used outdoors in rainy conditions. IPX7 and IPX8 devices are protected from full submersion in water, making them ideal for any aquatic activities.

The first number in the IP rating refers to its dust and sand resistance measurements. The beast wearable speakers should have some protection from both.

Weight & Size:

Another important consideration for wearable speakers is their weight and size. We’ve made sure to include speakers we think are suitable for this situation. For wearable Bluetooth speakers, you want to avoid anything too large or heavy. A heavy wearable Bluetooth speaker can cause a lot of annoyance when being used for physical activities.

Avoid speakers over 500g, and certainly anything above 1kg. Speakers under this should have the perfect balance of weight, battery life, and sound quality for use as a wearable device.

Attachment system:

Different Bluetooth wearable speaker models use several attachment systems. 

There are pros and cons for all the styles. The main models include a watch, neck, or clip.

The best style for you ultimately comes down to personal preference and use case. Neckband speakers are great for running and gym exercise. Although, some users may find wearing a neckband speaker interferes with their activities.

The watch design is a great alternative, and can often be a more stable connection than neck speakers. The drawback of the speaker watch design is the sound source is further from your ears, sometimes making it harder to hear clearly.

Clip systems are great because they can be attached to almost anything. Any clothing or bags that have some kind of loop can host a clippable speaker. 

Controls and ease of use:

The final considerations are over the controls of the wearable speaker. Depending on your activities, you may want to control the speaker directly from the unit itself, rather than the phone it’s connected to.

If you’re doing sweaty or messy sporting activities, it can be useful to have built-in button controls on your wearable speaker so you don’t have to use your phone. 

Some wearable speakers include built-in mics, which are great for voice assistants and hands-free calls. If this is a feature you think you’ll use, it’s worth getting a set of wearable speakers with an included mic. Nothing feels more futuristic than asking Siri to change the playlist in the middle of your workout, without putting down the weights. 

Conclusion – The best wearable speaker is…

The best wearable speaker

Overall we thought the best wearable speaker was the JBL Clip 3.

This speaker is the perfect wearable accessory. Any music lovers will be immediately satisfied with this product.

With a rich sound and loud volume, the audio quality of these speakers is excellent. The lightweight and comfortable design of this speaker doesn’t interfere with the great battery life of this compact package.

We chose the JBL Clip 3 as the best wearable for several reasons. Lots of the other products on this list are also excellent wearable speakers, however, the Flip 3 impressed us the most overall. The watch, neck, and glasses designs are cool, but outside of their specific use case situations, they may not be particularly appropriate.

The JBL Clip 3 is great, because not only is it a fantastic, high-quality speaker on its own, but it also acts as a wearable speaker thanks to the included clip. We think customers will be more pleased with the sound quality, durability, and design of these speakers over the others.

If you’re looking for one of the best wearable speakers today, the JBL Clip 3is perfect.
Check out the JBL Clip 3 speaker online today!