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Google Doodle Goes Full Hip Hop

With an ode to hip hop, Google pays homage to the history of the music genre that consistently tops charts in today’s music.

It’s pretty cool, it gives you a brief history lesson on the origins of hip hop, and even gives you your own interactive DJ setup with a guided tutorial.

Admittedly, it’s a little difficult to get some meaningful sound but absolutely showcases how some of the best hip hop songs came from sampling classic records.

Here’s How It Works

First, you get a quick breakdown of how the dual turntable got its start in an after school party set in Brooklyn in the early 70s.

You can skip this portion if you’d like and head right to the turntable. It is interesting, and short,

Next, Walk Through A Tutorial

There is a brief history lesson which you can use as your next interesting fact at a party. From there you’ll enter a guided tutorial on how to start scratching records.

Tap to pick a track.

From there, scroll through some classic records that produced some of the classic hip hop favorites we know today.

After you pick a record you can start listening and experimenting with the sound.

Learn The Basics of a Turntable

You can start by controlling the crossfader. This dial controls which side of the turntable has the loudest output, ideal for scratching and switching records.

Adjust the crossfader

After that, you can even try changing the BPM (beats per minute) slowing down or speeding up the tempo.

Try a different BPM

Go check it out here.