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Best Audio Interface for Logic Pro X in 2023: Top Picks

Logic Pro X is one of the most popular digital audio workstation out there. The DAW offers the users many possibilities in music recording and editing. However, those looking to record audio or send MIDI data to their computer will need to pair it with an audio interface.

There are countless options of audio interfaces on the market today, from budget-friendly to professional ones. They all offer different features such as instrument inputs and balanced outputs.

Today, we’re bringing a roundup of 7 products to find out what is the best audio interface for Logic Pro X and decide the better option for you.

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We Tested 7 Products and Found the Audient iD4 MKII to be The Overall Best Audio Interface for Logic Pro X.

The Audient iD4 MKII is our top pick for small home studios and self-recording musicians looking for an entry-level audio interface to use with Logic Pro. For producers in need of a larger number of inputs, the Focusrite Clarett OctoPre remains our top pick.

What We’ve Considered for This Roundup

We considered a lot of factors to find what is the best audio interface for Logic Pro X. Some of them are:

  • Build quality
  • Compatibility and ease of use with Logic Pro X
  • Quality of the Microphone Preamps
  • Quality of the AD/DA converters
  • Number of inputs and outputs

Audient iD4 MKII USB-C Audio Interface

Why the Audient iD4 MKII is Our Top Pick

We consider the Audient iD4 MKII to be the overall best audio interface for Logic Pro X due to its quality, portability, and ease of use. Audient preamps are one of the best in the market nowadays and the iD4 MKII will work flawlessly with Logic.

The Best Audio Interface For Logic Pro X May Vary Depending on Your Use Case 

Keep in mind that the ideal audio interface for each user may vary greatly. Some users need more inputs, some users need portability and ease of use, but all of the options reviewed in this article will work flawlessly with Logic Pro X.

Keep reading below to find out more about our top 7 picks for the best audio interface for Logic Pro X.

Best Audio Interface For Logic Pro X – Our Tests

Table of Contents

  1. M-Audio M-Track Solo
  2. M-Audio AIR 192|14
  3. Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
  4. Focusrite Clarett OctoPre
  5. Universal Audio Apollo Twin MKII
  6. Audient iD4 MKII
  7. Solid State Audio SSL 2+

The 7 Best Audio Interface For Logic Pro X Reviewed in Detail

#1 M-Audio M-Track Solo

M-Audio M-Track Solo

M-Audio’s entry-level audio interface, the M-Track Solo caught our attention for offering high portability and high-end characteristics, such as 48V phantom power and premium pre-amps, at the same time.

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Product Specifications

  • 1 Combo Balanced XLR + Line Input
  • 1 Unbalanced Instrument Input
  • Stereo RCA Monitor Output
  • Headphone Output
  • 48V Phantom Power
  • Crystal Preamp
  • USB Ports for Easy Connection

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Great balance between portability and high-end characteristics, such as low latency.
  • Small-sized and lightweight, perfect for those looking to record on the go.
  • Low noise when recording due to its crystalline pre-amp.
  • Easy plug-and-play installation, no need for any drivers.
  • Include a handful of music software that you may use with Logic Pro X, including Air Xpand!2, Eleven Lite Guitar Amp and 20 AVID plugin FX.


  • Weak headphone output may not suit those looking to use it with high-impedance studio headphones such as the Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro. The solution for this would be to use a monitoring preamp.
  • Lots of users related that the equipment had a hiss/static noise when recording. These cases, however, seem to be isolated and are probably due to manufacturing issues.
  • The small number of inputs may limit usability if you’re looking to record more than two instruments at a time.

Conclusion // Verdict

The M-Audio M-Track Solo is a great USB audio interface for those looking for a portable and affordable option. The small size and the lightweight of the equipment will fit any backpacks and purses.

A price tag that small for a package that includes 6 top-notch audio software you can use with Logic Pro X is not something we see every day. You probably won’t easily find something similar.

If you’re a singer-songwriter looking to record ideas on the go, this audio interface will probably serve you well. If you’re a beginner podcaster using Logic Pro, it is worth paying a little more and going with the M-Track DUO, which features 2 mic inputs.

Check the Price on Amazon

#2 M-Audio AIR 192|14

M-Audio AIR 192|14

The M-Audio AIR 192|14 is an audio interface for Logic that sits between a fairly portable solution and premium professional-grade equipment, making it perfect for Logic producers looking to step their game up.

Product Specifications

  • USB and USB-C cable options
  • 4 Combo XLR/Line Inputs
  • 2 Line Input
  • 4 Instances of Dedicated 48V Phantom Power
  • MIDI In/Out Connections
  • Stereo ¼ Speaker Outputs
  • 2 Headphone Monitoring Outputs

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • A great number of inputs and outputs makes it easier to record a small group live.
  • The 2 headphone outs will make it much easier to send monitoring to the artist’s headphones.
  • MIDI In/Out will make you able to connect equipment such as synthesizers directly to your DAW.
  • Bundled with more than 10 professional audio software including plugins and samples you can use with Logic Pro X.


  • A lot of users related problems with AMD-based processors such as audio glitches or not being able to use it at all.
  • Even though it features 4 inputs, you will probably not be able to record larger instruments such as drum sets, and groups of more than 2 artists.

Conclusion // Verdict

The M-Audio AIR 192|14 is surely a step up from simpler, more limited options such as the M-Track Solo, featuring more inputs and an easier setup regarding monitoring if you’re looking to record other artists in your home studio using Logic Pro X.

However, you won’t be able to record instruments such as drumsets and groups of more than 2 artists, as stated before; And if you’re a home studio owner, you will probably encounter this situation someday. So maybe it’s worth spending a little extra for less limited options.

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#3 Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

Yet another portable USB audio interface for Logic, the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 bears some similarities with the previously reviewed M-Track Solo, offering a great deal of portability and high-quality components and features.

Tip: For more portable audio interface options, please refer to our Best Portable Audio Interfaces article. 

Product Specifications

  • 2 Preamps
  • 2 Combo XLR/Line Inputs
  • 48V Phantom Power
  • 1 Headphone Output
  • Stereo Line Output Ports
  • USB Connectivity

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Bundled with an impressive collection of great music software for use with Logic Pro X, the Focusrite Creative Pack. The pack includes Focusrite Red Plugin Suite and Softube Time and a 3-month Splice subscription.
  • Many people state that Focusrite preamps sound brighter and superior to other manufacturers. However, this is largely subjective and up to debate. As Focusrite is a very renowned brand, we will consider this as a pro.
  • One of the most well-constructed audio interfaces in the market.


  • As this audio interface features its two combo XLR inputs on the front of the casing, the mic cable may get in the way of some controls while recording.
  • A lot of users reported that the audio interface may frequently build up static due to its metal casing and cause crackles in the audio.

Conclusion // Verdict

We can’t deny that the Scarlett 2i2 is the audio interface that comes with one of the best package of audio software on the list. Bought separately, they would surely cost you a few hundred dollars.

We should also say that the 2i2 has one of the best audio interface designs on the market if that’s something you’re looking up to. A great entry-level option for Logic users, Focusrite is a renowned brand so you can’t go wrong with it.

Check the Price on Amazon

#4 Focusrite Clarett OctoPre

Focusrite Clarett OctoPre

The Focusrite Clarett OctoPre is considered to be entry-level for the high end audio interface market. Compared to its much smaller counterpart, the 2i2, the OctoPre features a larger number of inputs and outputs.

Product Specifications

  • 2 Combo XLR/Instrument Inputs
  • 6 Combo XLR/Line Inputs
  • 8 Insert Inputs
  • 8 Line Level Outputs
  • 8 Dedicated Clarett Mic Preamps
  • Switchable AIR effect for improved clarity, inspired by an ISA transformer-based mic preamp
  • Word Clock and Optical Cable Connection
  • External Power Supply for Improved Performance

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • The insert inputs make it easier to connect dedicated external hardware and outboard gear, such as effects, to the audio interface.
  • The mic high quality preamps are optimized to handle extreme levels, such as with drum recording sessions.
  • The large number of inputs will make you able to mic and record drum sets easily.
  • One of the best A-D/D-A converters in the market, these will give you near zero latency.
  • The exclusive switchable AIR effect switch will give your instrument and vocal recordings the classic ISA transformer-based preamp sound.


  • The word clock and Thunderbolt 2 cables necessary for connecting the interface have to be bought separately.
  • Setting it up to work with Logic Pro X may be a little complex for those who don’t have any experience with this tier of audio interfaces.
  • A lot of users reported the ADAT optical doors in the back as being poor quality considering the price tag of the product.

Conclusion // Verdict

The Clarett OctoPre is designed for professional use and medium-sized studios. If you’re looking for an audio interface with a large number of inputs so you can record drumsets and small bands and groups into Logic Pro X, the OctoPre is probably the best option in this price range.

It is, however, not an option that is recommended to beginners and small home studios. If that’s your case, you’re much better off going with a smaller option such as the M-Audio AIR 192|14 and investing in other equipment such as professional quality studio monitors.

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#5 Universal Audio Apollo Twin MKII

Universal Audio Apollo Twin MKII

Universal Audio is one of the most sought-after audio brands in the market nowadays. Apollo’s most renowned feature is the UAD DUO core processing, which works in conjunction with UAD plugins to process audio dedicatedly. The Apollo Twin MKII is UAD’s entry-level audio interface.

Product Specifications

  • 2 Combo XLR/Line Level Inputs
  • 1 Instrument Input
  • Up to 8 Additional Channels via Optical Input
  • 2 Unison Preamps
  • 48V Phantom Power
  • UAD DUO Core Processing
  • Low Latency Thunderbolt Connectivity

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • The UAD DUO core processing makes it possible to use the exclusive, well-renowned UAD plugins with extremely low latency. This is only possible using the UAD interfaces.
  • The audio interface is bundled with a $1,300 value package including 5 of the company’s plugins that works perfectly with Logic Pro X.
  • The Unison High Quality Mic Preamps are one of the most renowned in the market nowadays.
  • The audio interface works seamlessly with Logic Pro due to its thunderbolt connectivity.


  • You can find options with a larger number of inputs in the same price range. This will depend largely on your needs.
  • The audio interface doesn’t come with a thunderbolt cable for connection, so it’s an extra cost.

Conclusion // Verdict

For those who can afford to pay a little extra for UAD’s unmatched professional quality, this is a very good choice to use with Logic Pro X. This is also a good option for mixing and mastering studios, due to the ability to use the excellent UAD plugins.

For beginners and hobbyists, however, the Apollo Twin may not bring that much to the table to justify its price tag. If you’re looking to record various instruments at once on a budget, there are options with more inputs for the same price range.

Check the Price on Amazon

#6 Audient iD4 MKII

Audient iD4 MKII

The Audient ID4 MKII can be used both as a portable and a desktop audio interface. The beautiful, slick design caught our attention and its virtual scroll feature is something we haven’t seen in any other audio interface.

Product Specifications

  • 1 Combo XLR/Line Level Input
  • 1 Instrument Input
  • Analog Inputs
  • 48V Phantom Power
  • Dual Headphone Outputs
  • Two Line Outputs
  • Virtual Scroll
  • Loopback

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • The two headphone outputs are capable of driving headphones up to 600 Ohms. This is impressive for an interface that small and portable.
  • The virtual scroll wheel feature allows you to use the main knob both as volume control and as a MIDI controller. You can control different parameters inside Logic and even write automation.
  • The audio loopback feature makes you able to connect other DAWs with Logic Pro X.
  • The audio interface is iOS compatible, so you can record on the go whenever you’re not using Logic, via software such as Garageband.
  • The audio interface is bundled with the ARC suite, a package featuring industry-leading audio plugins you can use with Logic Pro X.


  • A limited number of inputs.

Conclusion // Verdict

The quality and the design of the Audient iD4 MKII really surprised us. This audio interface has a lot of interesting features for Logic Pro X users such as the loopback functionality and the ability to use it on the go on your smartphone with Garageband – You will be able to open Garageband projects directly on Logic Pro X.

That not to say about the amazing sound quality and great dynamic range. The Audient Console Mic Preamp and AD/DA converters proved to be one of the best on this list, with a very good signal-to-noise ratio. It has great potential to be the best audio interface for Logic Pro X.

Check the Price on Amazon

#7 Solid State Audio SSL 2+

Solid State Audio SSL 2+

Solid State Audio is a company that needs no introduction. SSL consoles are present in most professional studios around the world since the early ‘80s. With the SSL 2+ audio interface, the company brings home studios and artists an affordable way to get the legendary sound.

Product Specifications

  • 2 Combo XLR/Line Mic Input
  • 2 SSL-Designed Microphone Preamps
  • 2 Headphone Monitoring Outputs
  • Balanced Stereo Outputs
  • Additional Unbalanced RCA Outputs
  • MIDI Input and Output
  • Legacy 4K – Analog Signal Color Enhancement Inspired by Classic SSL Consoles

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • SSL is a very renowned company. You can’t go wrong with this audio interface.
  • Legacy 4K mode – The mode will enhance your signal inspired by the sound of the classic SSL consoles.
  • MIDI input and output will allow you to connect hardware synthesizers directly to Logic Pro X.
  • The audio interface comes with bundled software from SSL and Native Instruments that will work flawlessly with Logic Pro X.


  • That is already to expect coming from a company that is so renowned, but the price tag is a bit high. SSL’s sound quality sure has a great impact on price.
  • We personally didn’t like the plastic casing around the product.

Conclusion // Verdict

Solid State Audio quality is unmatched. This is a great audio interface for a Logic user looking to achieve a more analog feel to their productions with the software. The interface will work flawlessly with the DAW.

However, for beginners and those on a budget, the impact of SSL’s classic sound on the price tag may not make that much sense at all. You can get other audio interfaces with near the same quality for a bit less money.

Check the Price on Amazon
Audio Interface for Logic Pro X

Buying Guide – What to Look for When Buying an Audio Interface?

Here is a list of things you should consider when picking an audio interface to use with Logic Pro X.

  • Input Type – Audio interfaces nowadays usually come with both, but generally speaking XLR inputs are for microphones and Line/Inst inputs are for instruments in general. A lot of audio interfaces combine both types of inputs in a combo XLR style.
  • Number of Inputs The number of inputs on an audio interface will define how many instruments you can record at once.
  • +48V Phantom Power – A +48V phantom power option is essential for your recording quality if you want to use your audio interface with a condenser microphone. They shouldn’t be turned on when recording dynamic vocals, however.
  • Mic Preamps – The mic preamps are one of the main components of an audio interface. They need to ensure a crystalline and high-quality sound recording.
  • Outputs – Audio interfaces nowadays come both with a headphone output and stereo outputs (usually on the back) for connecting it to audio monitors.
  • Low Latency Monitoring – Latency is the delay between what you play and what you hear. Most high-quality audio interface have very low latency.
  • Compatibility – Make sure to check for Mac compatibility to ensure it works with Logic Pro X.


What audio interface works best with Logic Pro X?

Most audio interfaces and audio devices with a plug-and-play feature will work on Mac and therefore with Logic Pro X. The best one will depend very much on each user. For this article, we considered the Audient iD4 MKII to be the best one for a small home studio and self-recording musicians.

Does Focusrite work with Logic Pro X?

Yes. All of the Focusrite audio interfaces are known to work flawlessly with Logic Pro X.

Does the Scarlett 2i2 work with Logic Pro X?

Yes, the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 audio interface works perfectly with Logic Pro X.

Will I Need Any Additional Drivers to Use my Audio Interface with Logic Pro X?

No, most audio interfaces are class-compliant and plug-and-play, therefore they will have mac compatibility and work with Logic Pro X without the need for any additional drivers.


Audio Interface for Logic Pro

The Best Audio Interface For Logic Pro X

After reviewing these 7 audio interfaces, we divided our top picks into three categories: best overall, budget option, and professional option. Here are our top picks for the best audio interface for Logic Pro X.

Audient iD4 MKII USB-C Audio Interface

Best Overall – Audient iD4 MKII

The Audient iD4 MKII has the perfect balance between quality and portability. It will suit most producers and musicians looking for an easy-to-use audio interface option to record at home with professional studio quality.

USB Audio Interface for Recording

Budget Option – M-Audio M-Track Solo

At a very low price tag, the M-Audio M-Track Solo audio interface is the best pick for those who are on a budget. With this option, you will be able to record ideas and even full tracks directly into Logic Pro X with good quality.

Focusrite Clarett OctoPre

Professional Option – Focusrite Clarett OctoPre

The Focusrite Clarett OctoPre is an audio interface for those who are looking to record large instruments such as drum sets and also bands and groups. It will serve most medium to large-size studios using Logic Pro X very well.

These are our top picks for the best audio interface for Logic Pro X. Ultimately, the best option will depend on your needs and preferences, but all of them will work flawlessly with Logic Pro and the Mac system.

You should always take into account the factors we mentioned in the article when buying an audio interface, such as the number of inputs, outputs, and preamp quality. These elements will help you decide your best pick.

How to Buy

To buy the audio interfaces mentioned in the article, please refer to the link contained in each product topic. This link will take you to the Amazon product page where you can check more information about the audio interfaces and make your purchase if you wish.
What are your thoughts on the best audio interface for Logic Pro X? Do you use any of the audio interfaces we reviewed in the article? If so, please share your thoughts about it with us in the comment section below! Also, don’t hesitate to comment if you have any questions.