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Ozone 9 Standard Review

Now we have looked into Ozone 9 before. In our Ozone 9 Advanced Review, we got to see the larger big brother to the Ozone 9 Standard.

Now everyone usually would want to have the bigger more inclusive option that comes with every bell and whistle. But not everyone needs all of those capabilities.

Bonus & Extras8

How We Reviewed the Ozone 9 Standard Plugin

Looking at Ozone 9 Standard, we want to include some of the key aspects from Advanced that are still available. 


Best for: Ozone 9 is best built for mastering final tracks once you have exported your mix.

It has the key pieces all in one place that you will see many engineers use on their own mastering chains. 


All of these features are available on the Standard version as well as the Advanced. Every feature put in here is a key facet that we believe is an important piece and should be noted. 

Match EQ

Match EQ
Match EQ

Now I believe I have seen this option on more than one iZotope plugin (I could be wrong) but I absolutely love it. It’s such a simple idea but can do so much to help your final product pop. Simply select the track, or section of a track, that you want your mixto sound like, and it will show you the differences and help you analyze what needs to be done.

Vintage Modules

Vintage Modules
Vintage Modules

One amazing piece that was not looked at in the Advanced review was the Vintage Modules. The Vintage modules have a limiter (inspired by the Fairchild 670), compressor, EQ (inspired by Pultec hardware), and Tape (inspired by the Studer A810). All providing classic sounds with a deceptively new sleek look.



Even though I work in audio, I am a very visual person. I love how the Imager module lets you visualize the placement and spread of the mix you are working with. You even get to shape the equalization response for each side and see how they are working together.

Master Assistant

Master Assistant
Master Assistant

Master Assistant is made to set you up for success. While it won’t do the entire job for you, it can get you in a place that saves you time. You can choose different aspects you want to be featured regarding the sound, how it pushes the track itself, and many other pieces.


Honestly I have yet to see iZotope disappoint any DAW user. It is compatible almost completely across the board with all major DAWs. 

If you are looking for tips when it comes to choosing a DAW or just want to learn more we have a great read available for you here

This plugin comes digitally to you as soon as you complete your purchase.


Pricing is not an issue in any way I believe. In comparison to the Advanced version, you pay about half with the Standard version. With what is available on the market today, I think that this is an amazing product and can be matched by very few competitors. 

Bonus & Extras

Ozone 9 is a new step for iZotope into the world of conserving CPU usage. They have cut down startup time, usage, and improved almost every aspect from the Master Assistant to the compressors and eq’s. 

More Than Standard

No matter whether you go with Advanced or Standard – the product sells itself. I own iZotope plugins myself and have no complaints with them. In fact it has improved my mixes and helped me add in new aspects that I would not have otherwise used. 

The whole module style within the plugin gives you ideas of what pieces you want to add in. I have had multiple occasions where I go in to select my compressor and suddenly, I’m messing around with a saturator or harmonies just to see how it sounds. I truly cannot get enough of iZotope’s products. 

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